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April 08, 2009

Finally, Something Worth Blogging About

I just cannot get motivated to even mock Days of Our Lives lately, let alone recap it in any detail.  It's so blah, so boring, so filled with characters I don't really give a crap about.  I admit that it has its moments -- Sami and Rafe are a surprisingly fantastic match, even in the midst of a dumb storyline -- but not enough to justify the fact that the ratings are actually up.  (I'm choosing to believe that with skyrocketing unemployment, there are just more people at home, and when you lose your job you cut back on cable so you only have the networks and really, what else are you going to watch?  Where I live, Days is on against All My Children.  I mean, it's not Sophie's choice, but . . . it's a tough decision and it involves lots of long-lasting pain, okay?) 

The unjustly-emboldened-by-rising-ratings writers killed off Tony, AGAIN, totally unnecessarily, and didn't even have the decency to involve Anna.  Bo's asinine psychic visions continue.  Phillip's brain is apparently being affected by Jay Kenneth's Johnson's terrible haircut, because lil' Phil is messing with Stefano.  EJ is alternately dull as dishwasher and a rageaholic and Nicole has been drained of everything I found interesting about her.  Stephanie is pretty but mostly useless, Kate is psycho and mostly useless, Chloe is a moron and mostly useless, and Lucas is fulfilling his historical role of being just plain useless.  None of these things are interesting enough to justify blogging that would require tearing myself away from many more intriguing things, like switching my closet out for spring, picking the options for my hoped-for future Prius online, and making fun of the American Idol contestants with Mallory.

ANYWAY, something yesterday finally pulled me out of my Days doldrums and inspired me to blog again (though only briefly).


That's right, an offscreen hero threw simulated creamed kale at Melanie.  Contrived?  Sure.  Cheesy?  Absolutely.  Uninspired and totally predictable?  Yes siree.  But OH MY GOD, so satisfying.  My soap-viewing life would be complete if on Days every day it was just 44 minutes of people throwing stuff at Melanie.  Now that would be a sweeps stunt I could get behind.

Screencaps courtesy of Sheryl's Days of Our Lives Screencaps.


Ahaha, first time I have ever seen a 100% result for a poll.

And the nurse in blue behind Melanie used to play Laverne on Scrubs (the sitcom, not the GH couple). I'm sure she's wondering how she ended up playing second fiddle to the horror that is Molly Burnett.

I knew it was the kale! (What else could possibly have been considered good about yesterday?)

Girl, Days has been ridiculous for a couple of years. I say this even the return of Nicole, who I once adored. However, I would have loved to have seen Melanie get hit with crap!

Snoooooooz. Oh, sorry. That's in reference to Days, of course, and not your witty commentary on what used to be the show formerly known as Days (many, many years ago). I feel bad that you girls are chained to these shows as they sink.

I like your justification for the ratings rise on Days, and it makes some sense. So what does that tell you about GH that those ratings keep going down?

The kale was hilarious.

As for the show (I fall in the demographic where ratings are rising) I figure enough of us have been through the train wreck movie generation (Dirty Dancing - good; Showgirls - OMG; Battlefield Earth - nuff said) that we can't tear our eyes away from this as it marches towards an inevitable (we hope) end. After all, if DAYS was going to wrap it all up (as has been rumored for years) wouldn't *you* want to know who ultimately wins the gold ring - Stephano, Victor (not likely) or the Brady Bunch.

The only bright spot on Days is watching Sami and Rafe, most of the time I fast forward through nearly everything. The writers have ruined Nicole, who should be enough reason to watch on her own. I'd much rather watch her drunk and cooing to her rat-faced dog.

I wish days would bring Steve, Kayla, Shane, Kim, John, Marlena, Tony, and Anna. I'm so sick of Dr. Dan & Chloe.

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