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April 22, 2009

I Have Faith That He Is a Hypocritical Ass. I Think That's Different, Though.

I'm going to have to talk about yesterday's GH, because if I have to think about today's, that will mean focusing on how bound and determined this spectacularly untalented and possibly vindictive writing team is on destroying everything that was good about Luke and Laura (the central couple in the history of this show, for those who are new), on the fact that I seriously think they are setting up Carly's 78th miscarriage, or on Ingo's mustache.  So instead, let's turn to the mobster (by which I mean hero!) at the place that used to be the heart of this miserable show. 

Sonny:  You weren't expecting this.  Neither was I.  I'm not gonna terminate a pregnancy because it's inconvenient.  Goes against my faith.

In strict keeping with the faith theme:  For the love of all that is good and holy, what the fucking fuck is wrong with the people who write this show?  (Um, I should probably have led with the fact that I'm not very good with the whole "being devout" thing.)  Anyway, let's go over the things that Sonny has done that are apparently not at all against his alleged faith:

  • terminating people
  • terminating people because they are inconvenient to him
  • employing a hitman to terminate people
  • employing a hitman to terminate people because they are inconvenient to either him or the hitman
  • getting divorced four times
  • holding a gun to the head of a woman (Bonus irony points: her name was Faith) and threatening to kill her while calling her a whore
  • having A.J. beaten up and hung from a meat hook in order to steal custody of Micheal
  • using prostitutes
  • drugging Karen to get her to be a stripper at the strip club he owned and in which he employed underage girls
  • cheating on most of his girlfriends
  • getting a woman pregnant while she was married to someone else

And yes, I know there is a slight possibility that Sonny was supposed to appear hopelessly un-self-aware saying that and that I'm supposed to recognize his internal disassociation or whatever but . . . NO.  I REFUSE.  I will not give these writers any credit whatsoever.  Unless it's for, like, that recent measles outbreak or the open-toed boots trend.

Shout out to regular reader Dawn, who pointed out the hypocrisy of Sonny's quote in a comment to Mal's post yesterday.  Thankfully I read her comment before I watched yesterday's episode, so I was prepared enough that I didn't go into a Soap Opera Rage blackout. 


you know the second i heard that line my mind went...oohhh that will get Becca and Mallory typing.

Yeah, Sonny is a hypocrite, but he have his good points, yeah right, but the Guza era sonny is a jackass killer, but the Labine era he was a bad person, but the did have the great relationship with Stone and Luke and Laura and hot relationship with Brenda and Carly before the whole mob obsess show. Yeah, Sonny, you are the one to talk about faith when you also married a mobsters' daughter for power, uses and abuses women, have bad tempers and is over judgmental to everyone. But Guza will take the show into total ruined into the point of no return.

I'm not a huge fan of organized religion. I loathe when people use god or their faith to diminish and discriminate against others. That goes for all religions in my book. And I'll never believe that any god approved the waging of any war. Just my opinion after millenias of faith "approved" wars. In fact, when the Pope says things like educating Africans and dispensing condoms to them won't do anything to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS I kind of wish Catholics would rise up and make some MAJOR changes. That guy really pisses me off. But I understand within any religion people falter and have issues with their faiths of choice.

However, Sonny is not a pick and choose Catholic (insert religion of choice here) like millions of others. HE IS A VIOLENT KILLER! A MOBSTER WHO MURDERS THREATENS & DESTROYS FOR HIS OWN FINANCIAL GAIN. His spawn w/ Claudia is worth sparing but to hell with all the others he has killed and will kill etc... It's totally disgusting and I don't think the writers have a clue. Or that they give a shit.

I hope it's on Youtube. If not I hope you remember the following show from the late 90's. It was Michael's baptism! Such a farce. Jason playing Daddy, Robin knowing the truth but lying (the beginning of the end for her). Carly claiming PPD and being offscreen in real life for her own baby's birth. On screen they called it PPD but really she just freaked out and wasn't sure how to be a Mom and keep up with the dozens of lies and schemes she had going so she dumped the baby on Jason and went to Florida for a vacation on his BLOOD MONEY!

Anyhoo, Jason named the kid after his own hero, MUMBLES, who was in hiding while Jason was BOSS. And he had a baptism. Now here is the delicious part.... The Quartermaine's all crashed the blessed sacred event...he he heeee. Thinking Michael was Jason's Son they wanted/insisted on being there. Edward kept making cracks about the voodoo Catholocism and how bogus it all was. The Q's didn't want this but tried to be quiet so Jason would not have them forcibly removed from the church. And every time one of the body guards of Jason's or Jason himself made the sign of the cross or said amen Edward and the Q's would roll their eyes! IT WAS FANTASTIC.

My Mom reminded me that Guza may have been writing for GH then. WHich you may be shocked by considering the humor in this episode. But the truth is he once wrote several good stories and episodes. He was the "Clink Boom" author wasn't he? So the question is what the hell happened to him? My opinion is that he created Carly and agreed to cast SB in the role. And THAT was his downfall. Carly ruins everything she touches. That is my firm belief and I see no reason to question it even all these years later. I mean hello, she ruined Jax!!!!!!

PS OG Carly/SB and current Carly ruined Jax and now we even have Claudia, further proving my belief/theory.

PPS The videos are on Youtube, in two parts. I highly recommend watching them. Michael's Baptism 1&2, there is even a boy's choir and Reginald and even Lila! It doesn't get much better.

I want to play Scruples-The Game of Moral Dilemmas with the GH writing staff. I'd be guaranteed a win everytime.

Duh. Abortion is bad because it ends the life of an innocent person. Sonny & his employed hitman certainly never kill anyone who is innocent. Therefore God shall continue to smile upon their faithful devotion to Him & His commandments(namely the 6th one).

Especially because said hitman refuses to take off his shirt. He may kill people but he values modesty & the use of sex solely for procreation so all is right with the world.

Is it wrong that I wish Sason to be smoten?

sublime website/love this tart post/everything about sonny makes me cringe or sick to my stomach and i used to enjoy him although i never found him sexually attractive like so many others/will be back for more soon/thanks

Other crimes Sonny has committed against his faith:

-Treating his father like a piece of crap 90% of the time
-Breaking Frank Smith out of jail
-Disowning his sister
-Faking his own death
-Wearing a velour track suit
-Kidnapping Johnny Z.
-Eating Ruby's meaty chili on Fridays during Lent

Sarah - I'm pretty sure the difference between Guza then and Guza now lies all at the feet of the Executive Producer. Old Guza had Wendy Riche as EP. She knew when to put her foot down, reign him in and make sure there was more balance in the show. Jill Farren Phelps, the current EP, seems to have little to no control and lets Guza do what he wants. Of course, there is also the matter of Brian Frons the micro-managing head of ABC Daytime....

(Granted this backstage stuff is all based in rumor but it seems to follow the quality of show I have seen on screen for the last 10+ years so I believe it)

Lizzie I could not agree with you more about Wendy Riche. And the existance of Frons. When Guza wrote legitmately good stories....he had Wendy who told him when to stop it..and Felicia Mimi Behr who for all her faults...at least seemed to understand she was in charge of soap operas and not HBO knock offs.

Plus the matter of back then..Guza was not a producer as well. And who here thinks he tells himself no. He got the producer credit when he came back after Megan McTrashish. And THAT was pretty much the start of the crap we see today.

See, I have a different take on it. I think Sonny's character IS supposed to be hopelessly un-self-aware! I think we, as the audience, were supposed to be aware of the irony of the statement, that he wasn't aware of. I think he truly would believe that it isn't ok to have an abortion, because it's against the catholic faith, but is blissfully unaware that all the other crap he pulls is as well. Sonny lives in a fantasy world, where he is in charge, and he is essentially judge and jury. If it's ok with him, then it's not a sin, but if it's not ok with him, then watch out!

The problem Jason has with all this is he actually gets that what he does is wrong. . . but does it anyway (he didn't get it at first, but after 13 years I don't think we can use that excuse anymore).

He has said before that he and Sonny don't get to have a nice life, they don't get to have happiness because of what they do. . . he has asked Spinelli just exactly which part of HIS life he wants to emulate, the killing, the constant lonliness . . .what?

They are really missing the boat here with not having Jason have a crisis of conscience . . . we know Steve Burton can handle that acting. . . he's done great stuff before (not recently but hey). He should totally start having flashes of conscience a - la Jason Quartermaine (because that guy wouldn't be able to take what his alter ego has done). Would be a great storyline, but I doubt these writers have the subtlety to handle that properly.

Thank you for the shout out Becca. :-) I just could not let that one go. I was literally banging my head on the coffee table when he said that. This show sucks.

there is nothing that Guza writes anymore concerning the Heroes (Sonny, Jason, and Carly) that saddens me, however, what they put into Luke's mouth yesterday made me Black out from ANGRY SOAP OPERA RAGE!!! When Luke told Tracy that he's almost always been unfaithful to Laura I just about flipped!! WTF!!! That is NOT the L&L I remember (Yes, I know about the rape, but I also know that it was re-written and addressed). No matter what Luke did or was back in those days, the one constant was his love for Laura! God, I HATE this EFFING SHOW!!!!!!!!

yeah sonny is vile. i hate this effing show

-Eating Ruby's meaty chili on Fridays during Lent

you know I HATE this show, and have been on a sabbatical for more than a year, but since I read about soaps I'm always stumbling into something GH related. The story lines are bad yes, the characters are the hugest most disgusting hyprocrites I have EVER come across, but what KILLS ME what does me in, is the Propping!!!
You've watched the quartermaines dismantled to prop mob, Jasper Jax, dismantled to prop mob, Jerry Jax theE NTIRE PCPD and I hear now Ethan whats his face some NEW fresh of the stroll hair model is getting Propped over Lucky Spencer... "ladies who MUST watch" ... you have my condolences

To Sarah's post: WORD!

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