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April 20, 2009

Liza With a...Seriously, She's Supposed to be Liza?

I decided today, in part of my ongoing quest to be a better, less judgmental, more serene person, that I am going to totally give Jamie Luner a chance to grow into the role of Liza without me making snide comments about how Marcy Walker is the REAL Liza, or how there must be something off about her because she's friends with Charles Pratt. I mean, the woman was on Melrose Place AND Just The Ten of Us AND all kinds of Lifetime movies. These things have brought so much joy to my life that I think it's only fair to actually give her a chance, and not in the half-hearted way I usually give people chances, but an actual, real chance. I mean, Cindy Lubbock alone gives her a fair amount of street cred as far as I'm concerned.

BUT--and there's always a but when it comes to All My Children--the show is making it almost impossible for me to go into this Liza recast without being completely jaded.

  • It is now hard for me to watch Jamie Luner without thinking of the immortal phrase, "[the rest of the AMC cast are] the ones who have to watch out". And then I kept wondering throught the episode if the actors onscreen had taken Pratt's advice and watched out. Like, did David Canary and Susan Lucci do a double take? "Jamie Luner's onset! Let's check ourselves now". My imagination is far better than anything happening on the show...
  • I do not buy Jamie Luner as Brianne Moncrief's mother in any way, shape or form.

  • Related: I do not buy Brianne Moncrief as the daughter of Jamie Luner and David Canary. A piece of driftwood and a wooden block, maybe...

  • Seriously, how painful was the phone call between Colby and Liza? The stilted tones, the inability for Colby to convey anything other than sweet blandness? Painful, and I am dreading the inevitable highly emotional confrontations between the two

None of those complaints are insurmountable, and I am mercurial enough that next week I'd probably be over them, but the the thing happened and it was just...wrong. You know the thing I mean. The thing with the sex on the card table that involved Zach taking off Liza's panties.


With that, all hopes of being non-judgmental flew out the window, along with hopes of being able to watch any future Zach/Liza scenes without a mental soundtrack of "EW. Ew. EWEWEW. Ew" running through my head...


Yes, Mallory we have now gone into SLEAZE instead of Love In The Afternoon. The scenes between Zach and Liza were soft porn and there was absolutely NO CHEMISTRY, NO FIRE, NO ANTICIPATION FOR THE NEXT SCENE WITH THEM. It was just.....GROSS.

Gotta agree with ya Mallory and I don't think there is anyone who can say they LOVE Zach/TK more than I do but I accidently saw some clips of this and simply cannot watch itEVER again TK deserves better than this sleaze they are writing for him and for that matter all this crew deserves better than this hack sleaze writer....

AMC Director "Get a closer shot of the panties being taken off!"

Camera Operator "Really? IS this show on Cinemax at Nite now?

Oh yeah, totally in agreement with you Mallory...this was so absolutely beyond ick! I want to keep watching this show but don't know how much longer I can hold out, there is just so very little left.

The Zach and Liza sex scenes were laughable at best. But the panties coming off, was over the top gross and nasty. I am having a hard enough time taking NewLiza seriously as it is because of the fact that it's not MW who is IMO the one and only Liza, but now with these gross sex scenes with Zach, I think I am officially unimpressed with NewLiza and all I can say is, I hope Zach washes his hands (among other things) and gets himself tested for STD's ASAP. EW, just EW!!

And to think Pratt thought these scenes were sexy. The man truly has no clue, but we already knew that.

Ewwwwww. Are Pratt and Guza competing over whose show can be the most gross? I thought Claudia/Sonny skanking it up was the worst, but Pratt shows that there is no level to which he can't sink to. Yuck!

Ew...did Pratt watch LimoSex for inspiration?

I daydream about logging into this site to read the news that everyone from Frons on down has been fired.

That is all.

I am amused that Liza apparently now has a Southern accent.

I agree that the phone call was painful but can't lay all the blame on Brianne M. Jamie Lunar had a COMPLETE lack of emotion. I've read my grocery list with more feel than she said "you're my daughter, and I love you". I almost expected her to ask the waitress for the salt or something. And, added to the fact that NuHorrorLiza was telling it to NuJake, another dismal recast, didn't help either. But Brianne M. saved the 'day' with her scene at the end her father.

Zach and Liza get the award for pure filth in the afternoon.

Who the hell would touch the panties of a complete stranger, and then proceed to screw this woman with no visible protection, and then go into a hospital to visit your sick infant son without taking a damn shower?

Zach now looks like a skanky greaseball next to his Sliza.

I'm officially scarred for life. Images like that are why I don't watch AMC or GH anymore.

Oh and there was that other thing that happened on AMC last week that I happened to come across when flipping through the channels. It was a moment between a certain Amazingly Awesome Legendary Diva and Pine Valley's resident sleazeball jerk. I'm not sure if the icky thing that was being insinuated happened because I didn't stick around to find out but just the image of it maybe happening was enough for me to lose my breakfast, lunch, and dinner. ICK!!

Where the hell is the AMC that I use to love to watch?

I don't really know much about AMC history or the character Liza, but isn't she like Tadd and Jessi's age? She is supposed to be like in her late 40's or early 50's and blonde with blue eyes right? HOW THE HELL are we supposed to by this woman who looks like she is anywhere from mid to late 30's as Liza? seriously how stupid do they think the audience is? I have nothing against the actress, I happen to like her but couldn't they have created another character for her to play instead? cause at least then it would make sense, Oh right I forget that they have moron's as dumb as the idiots who ruin I mean run GH writing this show. all I kept thinking was WTF?

This woman is NOT Liza Colby. I will never accept her in that role. I have had it with this show. I have been a faithful viewer for over 30 years and I have never been this hateful toward AMC. Liza is not a redhead and she would never sleep with Zach. She cared about her daughter and her friends. Who is this bitch?!!!

As someone who used to think the Lubbock Sisters were pretty damn hot back in the day (oh, the teenage fantasies I had!), even I was disgusted by this. And I've got a pretty high tolerance.

The wrong show got ashcanned.

Man,have TIIC whored up this show or what? This new Liza is making Krustal look like a class act-I don't even remember Hoebilly Momma sleazing it up like this when she first appeared on screen. What makes it worse is that Liza is a long time character,with loads of history-and like so many historical things, she's dead to me. She will be known as Thighza Whoreby,RIP(Rut in Peace) around my house now,if I'm ever unfortunate enough to catch this clap,uh I mean WATCH this crap accidentally. Thanks,TIIC at ABC-I'm not watching this show until you give AMC a huge shot of antibiotics/penicillin,cause otherwise,I'd be afraid that I might catch something that will rot my brain-I wonder if the CDC should get a heads up about this show? Since it's the equuivalent of visual syphilis and all,and it's too late for Gardusil.

Obviously I tuned them out because I managed to miss the panties thing when I watched. Or maybe my brain had blocked it out to protect me. Way to prod my repressed memories to the surface.

Brianne is not great but umm....JL was pretty flat to me too. I sense their emotional confrontations shall be less than stellar. Maybe we can pray that David Canary is there to insert some emotion into the scenes. That is if he isn't too busy being intimated by the awesomeness that is JL.

At this point, it seems clear that Pratt and Guza are competing in a serious game of one-upsmanship in some sort Sleaze-Off.

Added bonus: The fans are the ones who suffer why they get their rocks off.

Sweetgjb in answer to your question, yes Liza is the same age as Tad, Jessie and Angie. They all went to high school together. This is so stupid. How could Agnes Nixon allow this to happen?? Does she still have any input on how her legacy characters are written or re-written?? I give soaps another 3 years at the most and then they will be all gone.

Oh man. All I could think about during the card table scene was, "MY GRANDMA WATCHES THIS SHOW!"

She looks like she should be Adam's daughter, not his ex-wife!
I am sorry but JL is just *too* young. (Hopefully, she will be gone in a month).

I am glad that I no longer watch this show... & I had felt sorry that you had to watch so that I didn't have to... but now I take those feelings back b/c of what you just did to me by showing me that pic. I feel like a piece of me has just died.
I am literally sick to my stomach (I hope it wasn't that awesome piece of cake I just ate? ...Oh gosh, did Pratt just ruin Choco-cake like Guza did last month? ...They really ARE in competition). Anyhoo, thanks a lot, Lady. Misery, company, & all that jazz thanks you too.

kinda smacks of carly/sonny LIMO SEX!

Who is in charge at this insane asylum. Obviously the inmates have taken over. AMC used to be so good. What on earth happened? I'm very dismayed. It's like losing old friends, but I can't keep watching and hoping it will get better. WAKE UP AMC. Go back to the basics, or you'll be history. You can't imagine how many people are leaving this show in droves. This new nonsense isn't bringing viewers to the show, it's turning them away! No one but Marcy Walker can play Liza. At the very least you could have tried to get someone who resembled her. And get rid of Ryan Lavery!!! I hope someone at AMC reads this!!

Once I saw him take off her underwear, I literally screamed in horror and fumbled for the remote to change the channel. I CAN'T un-see that!!!!! EWWWWW!!!!!!

Has Pratt watched Skinemax one too many times?

That's the only explanation I can come up with after seeing that screen grab.

Thanks loads. Now I have to go scrub my brain, if you'd excuse me...

Oh dear lord. So glad I missed that. So, so, so glad. The screencap was enough, though I bet it doesn't come close to inducing the kind of horror your all went through watching the whole thing.

WTF with this show? WTF

Wait. I have a question. Zach doesn't KNOW Liza? Wasn't he on screen before Liza left? Liza was a starting partner in Fusion and was around for a long time after. I'm pretty sure she was still around AFTER Kendall/Ethan, so I believe she and Zach must have crossed paths at some point if not at least he would have seen pictures of the founders of Fusion. None of this makes sense.

Curious...you're so funny...expecting things to make sense in Pratt-land. So cute!

If it happened before Pratt came on the screen..it's just better off pretendign you totally re-wrote the history of AMC in your mind because what you watched happened surely didn't happen.

Lisa sure adds lots of class to the cast of AMC. She is beautiful and talented. Has bedroom eyes. She could make Tad happy, if that is possible.

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