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April 28, 2009

What's This Feeling? Could It Be...Enjoyment?

While one stellar episode doesn't do much in terms of making up for weeks and weeks...and weeks of poorly written, circular conversations that managed to simultaneously bore, annoy and insult the audience and made a certain person become bitter, hate-filled and traumatized by the very sight of two of her favorite characters (part of me thinks that's a ludicrous overstatement, but the other part of me thinks it is a sad understatement), said stellar episode does, at the very least, make one remember what it feels like to watch an episode of General Hospital and say, "Hey, not bad!"

Pretty sad that it took an intervention to get me excited, isn't it?



But then again, I LOVE television interventions. I mean, intervention episodes are always golden (Exhibit A, Bailey's intervention on Party of Five*. Greatest episode of television...featuring orphans in San Francisco? I believe it is.), so I was predisposed to enjoy Robin's. The fact that it was filled with well-loved characters and Kelly speaking the truth and exhibiting concern and love for someone they all care about, and filled with actors bringing, if you will, it, was icing on the cake.

I did get apprehensive when Robin immediately went all RAGE-GRR-ARGH, but I guess that's a natural reaction to being cornered and it proceeded to be so, so good.

Like, Maxie admitting how worried she is about Robin

Maxie: I admire you a lot, Robin. I have since I was little. But lately, I don't really feel like I know you at all. You don't ever want to talk about Emma. You don't want to take her shopping or dress her up. And I know this is in the past, but I still don't completely understand when Emma was sick why you insisted that I take her to Mercy with Johnny. I was really scared and those doctors were asking me to make huge decisions and I didn't know what to do. I mean, I'm not her mother.

I love Maxie when she's not all mobbed up and obsessing over Spinelli and Jason, and when she gets to act like an actual person, with thoughts and feelings besides "OMGSPINELLIOMGJASON". Someone recently asked me why I like Kirsten Storms so much, because she's not a great actress. I don't think she's comparable to Nancy Lee Grahn or Peter Bergman, but there's something about her that's very engaging and people play off of her really well; sometimes it's not about her acting, per se, but what she brings out of her scene partners. Does that make sense? I am exhausted, so it might not. But anyway, Kimberly McCullough is one of those people that KS works really well with.

Robin was absolutely vicious with Maxie, but it actually made me laugh out loud.

Robin: I have always stuck up for you, even when you do the craziest things. So for you to sit here and tell me what a horrible mother I am is just ridiculous.

Mac: Hold on. Robin, Maxie adores you.

Robin: Maxie adores Maxie. And obviously we all agree that I'm a terrible mother, but I'm not the one that was walking around with a pillow under my shirt pretending that it was a baby for months, and then pretending to have a miscarriage. I mean, Elizabeth, how can you even be in the same room with her when she was giving your husband pills for months?

Hitting below the belt FTW! I will never get tired of reminiscing about the pillow baby. If only Robin had turned to Kelly and been like "You seriously didn't notice she was pregnant with a pillow? And you're lecturing me? For real?"

I also liked Mac's suburban dad pullover.


He said some smart things, too

Mac: You know, I raised you when Robert and Anna couldn't, and it was an honor. And I watched you face terrible situations with grace and honor. I know how strong you are, but you're not strong enough to overcome postpartum depression alone. Robin, you need to get help. You know, you need to commit to treatment before the postpartum depression does more damage to you and the people who want to help you.

and the pullover gave it some extra gravitas.

Kelly brought up some memories better left forgotten...

Kelly: I miss the good friend who i could always depend on to listen, a friend who saw me through some pretty dark midnights on the night shift

We all remember your dark nights on the Night Shift. Well, those of us who haven't repressed season one remember them.

And Matt was awesome like he usually is.

Matt:I don't know you as well as everyone else does in this room, but you were the first person to reach out to me when everyone found out that I was Patrick's brother. I was the best man at your wedding. I've seen how much you love Patrick and Emma, and they love you the same. And they need you to get treatment for this illness. Postpartum depression, it's treatable. Just get the treatment, please.

Jason Cook was a complete nonentity to me when he was on Days, but I have grown quite fond of him in this underdeveloped, tertiary role.

Liz was unspeakably gorgeous.


Not news and not pertinent, but it needed to be said.

And the ending was heartbreaking and optimistic all at once.

Robin: I cannot believe those horrible things that I said to Maxie and that Ialmost hurt Emma. And for all the pain that I've caused you, I am so sorry. And I'm really scared.

Patrick: I love you, Robin. And I know you can get through this if you want to. And if you do, when you come home, Emma and I will be right here waiting.


I was like, "That's RIGHT! I knew you two weren't always horrible!" 

[Because I am me, I do have a couple of quibbles. For starters, we lived through months of torture and heartache and hatred for, like, half an hour of quality. That is a terrible ratio! And also--and this complaint is shocking--the intervention was missing Sonny. Yeah, I know, I always bitch about Sonny needlessly being involved in stories and being terrible, and he and Robin did have nice scenes together already, but I still feel like he should have been there, if only for the "So, a mobster, a sex-addicted doctor and a police commissioner walk into a house..." jokes that would follow]

Nicely done, General Hospital. I assume that we have Awesome Writer to thank, and his/her good deeds never go unpunished, so we are due for another good episode in...mid-October.

*Can we talk about Party of Five for a second? IT WAS AWESOME. SERIOUSLY AWESOME. I feel like my Megan Ward love is, like, 65% because of Jill. And 30% because of her hair. Her innate awesomeness comprises the final five percent.


*bitch slap* Sonny was NOT needed. You're just so lucky you didn't say anything about Jason or I would have had to hunt you down.

As I expected, Liz served no real purpose in being there either. And no I don't count her looking pretty as a purpose. If they want eye candy there, it should have been male eye candy. Like say a shirtless Lucky.

Wait...what was I talking about again?

You did a disservice to Liz by only commenting on her beauty. I felt her comments about PPD robbing Robin of the chance to know her daughter and Emma the chance to know her mother was far more signicant than anything Matt or Kelly said. Liz also reassured Robin that she knew she was a good mother, words Robin needed to hear and words that I wanted Robin to hear before leaving for treatment.

Kels already bitch slapped you about Sonny so I'll let that one go. LOL!

I couldn't believe that I was watching GH. Kudos again to Awesome Writer. We all know Guza didn't write those emotional scenes.

KMc and JT were excellent. They made me remember why I fell in love with Robin and Patrick's romance. It was their chemistry and intensity, certainly not the crappy writing. I liked Mac and Matt's contributions the best. The Scorpio-Drake family should have a stronger presence on GH.

I also love the 'Bitch, please!' face on Liz in the shot of Mac in his pullover. Not sure if it had context, or if she was just working it out for future storylines, but you can see where Cameron gets it from.

I thought the Bitch, please look was due to Robin's comments about Maxie. I thought that was pretty funny during the show.

Awesome recap, the intervention was the only thing I chose to watch, although I was annoyed by all the Sonny/Jason scenes I had to FF through!

And I have to add, I love Party of Five (and I say this in the present tense). Reruns of it are aired in Canada during the day and I have been DVRing them. I haven't had a chance to re-live Bailey's intervention but I agree with you Mallory, it was well done!

I loved the pullover too!!!! Mac is so cute. He's totally the Dad I would have had a crush on in HS.

Maxie was wonderful, but I need a scene where she and Mac talk about what happened. He defended Maxie but still supported Robin, such a good Dad. And Maxie needs some Mac love after that intervention. And I need another scene where Robin apologizes. Not that she was wrong, just intentionally mean to shift focus off her own denial and that is not Robin. It was a great sister moment, it was painfully real and I long for that kind of drama on GH.

Plus didn't Maxie nearly kill herself as manipulation to try and keep Lucky hooked on her and the drugs? Not a great idea for a girl with massive cardiac issues. Oh Maxie, I love you and your nutty pillow baby. But I love her more that she seems past that stage. Ooops, I probably jinxed her now. A new dumb dangerous scheme will appear any episode now, SORRY.

And Kelly rocked. But your comment about NS1 and how dumb a doc Kelly was w/ Maxie was dead on funny.

Liz worries me. Is she back into scary overdone hilite mode or do you think the lighting techs are still adjusting to the HD? Sonny looks less tangerine so I hope Liz gets her hilites under control just to be safe.

Is anyone else here disgusted by the judgemental humorless psychiatrist? Between all the wacky PPD symptoms Robin was given, the terrible writing, the way medication was bad mouthed, and now this judgemental shrink... I worry viewers have a more negative understanding of this disorder now. Guza needs to lay off medical story lines, he just can't handle the responsibility.

And speaking of bitch please looks, there is a new satirical video on youtube where Serial Drama is central and very important to the stars. Check it out, Cam and Emma Chat by tvaddictsoapcrazy.


-hope the link works, first time trying that trick-

-love all the creative vent videos, more every day!-

I love Scrubs. Hate the GH writers. I appreciate that Robin is getting serious help about a month past time thatnks to that waste of airtime month long bio toxin story. I don't appreciate and sort of resent Patrick who almost off the bat became a craptastic husband who didn't help, support or provide a safe place for an ill Robin to lean on. You know be strong for Robin. And has the character never heard of Paternity Leave. No the writers had to drag this out and make Patrick a weak, whiny, gossipy husband while his wife is clearly ill. Obviously there is excellent treatment for Robin but how are the writer's gonna fix Patrick back. I am gonna need to see some major husbandly devotion, unconditional support and takes Robin's side against all comers Patrick. You know the way Robin has always been ready to fight the world for him almost since the day she met Patrick.

It was a long overdue moment in this looong story arc. But it was way too short. In any really decently paced and written show, the intervention scenes should have been parceled out over a week's worth of episodes. I mean given how many months of STUFF they have thrown at Robin with the ppd, it's ridiculous that the intervention was done in one day. And no good bye scene with Emma and about a 30 second good bye scene with Patrick...sigh. GH doesn't know how to properly pace their stories to wring out the maximum angst/drama. They spend too much time emphasizing buildup and not enough actual follow through.

This ppd story had so much potential, especially given the caliber of actors they had tackling it in McCullough and Thompson, but as usual the writers and producers wasted the opportunity. It makes me sad to think of the lost potential. One of the things that was and is great about Scrubs is that they are a realistic couple and deal with real issues. I wish tptb could have let this storyline do that for them. But seriously given how hamfisted they were with the liver transplant arc, the aids exposure arc, the monkey virus arc, the toxic balls arc, the HIV pregnancy arc, etc...I should know better than to expect anything tolerable when this regime deals with medical stories. We needed Sri Rao on the case for this one.

I have to agree that the episode was really well done. Do a few minutes make up for months and months of horror? No, but it was without a doubt one of the best scenes over the course of the entire s/l.

To be honest, I would have been over the moon with pretty much any scene that resulted in Robin finally committing to her treatment, but I think what I loved most about the scenes is that everyone spoke calmly, rationally and respectfully to Robin while they stayed on message. Robin can't solve her PPD on her own and she must commit to her treatment. That was the issue and the issue wasn't cloudy with other stuff which has been one of the prevailing problems with this PPD s/l. Overall, there has been too much extraneous garbage thrown in distracting viewers from the real issue of PPD but not today.

My only major gripe is that Robin and Emma didn't have an emotional goodbye scene. This story really was about (or at least it was suppose to be about) Robin not connecting with her daughter because of her PPD. A final scene between mother and daughter would have brought that point home and added the perfect touch to a good day.

I loved Bailey's intervention on "Party of Five." At the end, wen Claudia told Bailey that she loved him the best, I found myself in tears.

Sarah, IMO Mac needs to tell Maxie some hard truths about herself not continue to coddle her. Both Mac and Robin have enabled Maxie's bad behavior for years. They have not call her out or demand that she make better choices. I wish that it had not take Robin getting ill for one of them to confront Maxie about her crap.

BarbE, Patrick's lack of support of Robin from the beginning is part of GH's 1950s attitude towards writing stories.

You know for once my criticism of this show was at a bare minimum for the first time in a long time,

I really enjoyed the intervention... enjoy and GH *shudders* in the same sentence!? god this is a strange new feeling.

I think everyone said what needed to be said and i gotta say i felt another emotion other than hatred for the first time in months, there was this achy feeling in my heart when Patty Cakes spoke to Robin and a kind of stingy feeling in my eyes (I'm ashamed, but then not as ashamed as you should feel Mallory for that Sonny comment)

Mac is adorable I wanna give him a hug and then put him safely in my pocket, Matt... I'm really liking this guy, he has no annoying qualities that I’ve noticed so far (so I’m just waiting to see how long it will take tptb to ruin him)

Who knows we may get lucky and get another ep like this in 6 months or so : )

Finally the episode we were all waiting for. Kimberly and Jason were awesome as usual. So happy to see Mac and Matt there. I only wish that GH could have devoted the whole show to the intervention. That would have been a powerful show. But, since this is GH we all know the mob has to be present in every episode. Hopefully when Robin comes back we can go back to some scrubs lovin.

Liz was the weakest link and the most unnecessary person there. I just like that she said that Robin was a good mother. All of what she said should have been directed at her BFF Patrick.

I liked the scenes. They should have been longer, and I'd have LOVED to see Robin rip into more than just Maxie. This is her last chance to do it for a while. I'm pleased with what we did get though. Kimberly was great and played such a good range of emotions in such a short amount of time. The whole time, I KNEW the intervention was needed and that it had to happen, but I still had this urge to want to take her away from it all. I give Kimberly props for making me feel that way.

I thought everyone at the intervention should have been there. I also loved Robin ripping into Maxie. I loved it, esp. since Maxie does the exact same thing to others when something isn't going her way. I like the girl. But if she's going to be a bad girl, she should take just like she dishes it out. Besides, the only people she ever listens to are the ones who love her. I loved Liz telling Robin that Emma deserves to get to know her mom, b/c Robin is just awesome.

I did a double-take when Kelly mentioned the night shift b/c I want to forget that season existed.

Snaps for referencing Party of Five, b/c the the intervention epi is exactly what I was think about last night and that led me to think about MW's awesomeness. This is the first epi I've enjoyed in a long time and it's all b/c of the intervention!

as much as I hate how they have written this story for the most part, I was pleasantly surprised and happy about Robin's intervention yesterday. It was tough to watch but I'm glad it happened. I really liked the fact that everyone had a chance to tell Robin in there owns words how much she means to them and how important it is for her to get help, and how if not for herself only but mainly for Emma. they were all powerful and moving comments. I did feel bad for what Robin said to Maxie, and I really hope that when Robin comes back they have write her apologizing to Maxie. I'm glad that she is n treatment and I liked the last scene between her and Patrick, I just wish that they had shown her having a goodbye scene with Emma as well, and I wish that there was a kiss between her and Patrick but concidering how much damage they have done to this storyline, I say yesterday's intervention was a much deserve and needed pleasant surprise.

The intervention was pretty well done, but I agree with everyone who is saying more time should have been devoted to it. Count me in as one of the people who loved Robin ripping in to Maxie. First of all, I thought it was such a realistic response to an intervention and I thought Kimberly played it just right. Second, Maxie really needs someone to call her on her crap because she is getting to be as unbearable as Lulu.

I loved seeing Mac. He's really the best dad on the show. And I wish Patrick would also continue with therapy because he really did not handle things well and his actions also negatively impacted their marriage.

I too loved Robin slamming Maxie, but for the fact that to me it was her rock bottom. . .Maxie was right. Robin wouldn't talk to her like that. I hope they have some nice emotional make up when she gets back.

I gotta agree on the Sonny missing. But unfortunately after the token scene of Sonny encouraging her to take her meds, he was woefully absent on this storyline. . . one that made perfect sense for him to be involved in. . .likewise Jason. Sheesh. They can never get it right.

I stopped watching GH when it started having Jason not being in his son's life. SO I must comment and say I LOVE coming here and reading about GH so I know what's going on. Reading your site is more better than watching the show.

Love reading about Mac's pullover, Liz B*tch face and beauty and Matt just being mentioned.

I loved the intervention because it reminded me just a wee bit of old school GH. Families, friends, togetherness, support, etc. GLAD Sonny was not there. WISH somehow Anna could be more involved.

Still don't care for the poorly written story. As a person who had PPD it's really awful. So much could have been done with this and Kimberly is a good enough actor to have worked with more of a story line.

Thank you for this blog and your honesty. Even though you're ZOMG HATERZ!!11: http://boards.soapoperanetwork.com/index.php?showtopic=29948&st=120

I agree with most of what has been said, except I wanted Sonny there as well (and yes, even Jason) more so than Liz IMO. I was waiting for a scene with Robin saying good-bye to Emma but if they did that, there would have been no time for hearing about Caryl's blood disease FOR THE FIFTHY time!!! Big disappointment..Patrick saying good-bye to Robin (had the feeling when director yelled cut, KMC said see ya and skipped out of there..can't blame her)
Right now, praying that there is a Maxie/Robin scene..apology and recognition that Maxie is trying to change..hate to see her progress derailed myself.

I refuse to be ashamed for wanting Sonny at the intervention! REFUSE!!!! At least we can all agree on the awesomeness of Party of Five...

Sarah, thank you so much for that link! It put a much-needed smile on my face. Three cheers for Cam and Emma!

Veronica, ha! Thanks. We are either haters, or too biased to be critical, depending on who you talk to. You can't please everyone, I guess!

i loved this scene too. have to admit that it made me tear up. but it was too short for months of bad storyline.

Maurice Benard would've made a nice contribution to the intervention, i think, esp with his history of bipolar. but it was still stellar.

Sadly, someone needed to say that stuff to Maxie long ago, without her being able to shrug it off as Robin's PPD. I've never seen a character more in need of a bitchslap of reality since...Lulu a year or two ago. Mac has always been so tough with Robin, and then coddled the hell out of Maxie. I guess because she was so delicate as a little girl, with the transplant. Maxie should have had an intervention long ago and it's past time for her family to start calling her on her stupidity.

Unfortunately, the way they've written the story made most of those scenes seem very hollow. Hard to relate to Robin's family saying how much this affected them when Mac/Maxie were mostly absent from this story and when they were, interacted with Patrick, not Robin. Hard to really cheer Liz on about how much she's sacrificed caring for Emma when 1. they have a nanny, and 2. it's Patrick's 1950's mentality that one must have boobs to render childcare that have her there in the first place. The POV they chose, the stupid misogynist tangents they went on, the dialogue they wrote, the lack of research, the horrible awful therapist, have all added up into one giant mess that is best forgotten and never spoken of again - like NS1, and the rest of GH.

Very nice commentary, and I agree with most of it. However, Sonny's exclusion does not bother me because, whatever his bond with Robin now, he is no longer central to her life (nor Robin his) in the way he was during her relationships with Stone and Jason. Robin was able to speak with Sonny and Jason during her PPD precisely because they are outsiders now, fond of her, concerned for her, but no longer intimate with her on a day-to-day basis.

Overall, I was pleased with how carefully worded the dialogue was regarding the other characters' love and support for Robin, because it could've easily turned into a "let's gang up on Robin" session. And Robin, for her part, once she finished her tirade at Maxie, calmed down and actually listened (btw, I liked that Robin said what she did to Maxie, because both she and Mac have given Maxie a free pass for years; I hope the opportunity arises for Robin and Maxie to have a real heart-to-heart when Robin returns).

As annoyed as I've been with Liz's involvement, I did love what she said to Robin about her missing so much of Emma's life, and I liked that she pointed out that Robin was not a liar. Honesty is a hallmark of Robin's character--to a fault, sometimes--and for her to be lying about taking her meds and attending therapy is a giant red flag that, apparently, Robin finally recognized. That Liz admitted to being an enabler was unexpected, but I'm glad she did.

This storyline has been, at best, inconsistent (and, at times, nonsensical), but the recovery process has been well-written (thanks in large part to PPI's advisement, I'm sure) and has really saved the story, IMO.


Party of Five The Intervention Full Episode

Colleen, you have brought joy and glee into my life. THANK YOU!!!!

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