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May 08, 2009

I Need To Harness These Psychic Powers For Good!

REALLY, General Hospital? This is the comment of mine you chose to go running with?

Wednesday, I say: Soul-killing in a different way is the continuing adventures of Nikolas and Rebecca of The N.Y.C. Makeup Shelf At CVS. It depresses me with its boringness. We actually watched them paint a room today. Thrilling! At one point, when Nikolas was very carefully painting one particular part of the room, I was afraid we were in for a long montage set to some caterwauling, folksy song.

Yesterday, GH does this:

Am I going to have to start phrasing all of my GH-related hopes and dreams as though I am afraid they could happen? Is that what it will take for GH to listen? "I am afraid that there's going to be a lot of character development for Matt!" "For a second, I thought we were going to have a whole week without Sonny and Jason onscreen!" Because I'll do it.


Freaky! But sadly hilarious. When that dopey music started I almost fell off my chair thinking of your post. Then the Prince fell in the bucket and now I hate Nikolas as much as Luke.

I don't think its a good thing to know how Guza thinks though. Be careful. You don't want his stupid brand of evil infecting your cranium.

The JJ and GF interviews were dead on and spoke to the GH we all loved so much. Bravo to knowing GH viewers aren't retarded morons w/ no memory. TVGuide Canada is a mega source of GH awareness. They also had that interview w/ Sarah Brown where she proved herself to be as big of a delusional liar as Guza, Pratt, Carruthers and all TIIC of ABC Daytime.

Mark Teschener (GH CASTING DIRECTOR for 20 YEARS) just did an interview for SOD or SOW. The funniest bit is how he openly admits how Manny Ruiz, Anthony Zachara, and James Craig were all short term one week to one month bit parts. But then once they got onscreen everything planned and written was thrown out the window so they could all be long term main characters. Guza and Phelps demanded they all be put on longer contracts. Guza can never let an opportunity for evil, crime, mobsters, murder, and mayhem to rule the show.

Nothing against those actors, I think they are all amazingly gifted. And they also out act several of Guza's favs!!! But GH is not COPS or the Sopranos Lite!!!!!

So Psychic Serial Lady Mallory, what does the future hold???????

Would a regal Cassadine really have all those tattoos? Nothing against tats, of course; they just don't seem very Nikolas.

The only thing more boring than watching paint dry is watching those two paint. Yawn. I had to turn it off.

I think I grew old and died during that clip. Would someone please kick my desiccated corpse out of the way, and slap a warning onto that clip that reads "May cause death by boredom"?

Ummm, is that the first time Tyler Christopher has ever sipped from a bottle?

Worst. Scene. Ever.

Why won't they just let Rebecca be Emily? Maybe she spent the last year on Helena's island with (non-track-suit-wearing) Alan?

Hey Mallory can you harnass that gift for a week of Cameron sightings? Or at least a week where Claudia and Sonny DON'T remind us of the nastiest sex ever to be had?

That was hilarious! The only entertaining thing about that painting montage was the fact it led to your post! Why, oh why, are we subjected to this?!

I'll admit I'm also bitter because as a Scrubs fan, it pisses me off that they got not even a tenth of fun and sexy hijinx for what supposed to be their honeymoon period, but we get subjected to this hokey crap for a couple that is actually not a couple. Just bring her back as Emily and be done with it already! The foreplay is not arousing anything but yawns right about now.

What's that about Remily's make up? Don't you know that it's part of ABC daytime's kit-o-magic? Smoky gray eyes turn NL's Emily into Rebecca, thick black glasses turn OLTL's Jessica/Tess into Bess, AMC's Ryan removes his shirt and we're not supposed to notice that he's still an ***. ABC, character transformations... as superficial as the scripts.

I actually posted a blog commenting that paint drying was more interesting than watching most of GH. Now the Nik/Remily scenes. Freudian scriptwriting? Poor GH writers.

The dumbest thing about the whole situation is that Remily said the room was "old and dingy" and that's why she wants to redo it. You mean, the room that was just barely [I]built[/I]? In the building that is completely new from the ground up? That room? Are we all supposed to forget it was blown up and rebuilt? Or is Remily stupid? Or what?

Be careful with your powers. Through Guza's mind, "I am afraid that there's going to be a lot of character development for Matt!" would be translated into "Reveal that Matt is a serial killer and/or a mob hitman on his downtime."

Be careful with your powers. Through Guza's mind, "I am afraid that there's going to be a lot of character development for Matt!" would be translated into "Reveal that Matt is a serial killer and/or a mob hitman on his downtime."

Chad is right, poor Matt :-)

And Pepper is right too. They wanted Kelly's rebuilt exactly the same for Bobbie sake or something, that came from a discussion between Luke and Mumbles post fire bombing.

However, how spectacular are the mob bought contractors to be able to rebuild Kelly's so exactly right down to the menu board that is still amazingly written in Ruby's chalk hand writing?!?!?!

COME ON! GH IIC, listen to GF and JJ, we viewers are not in comas nor are we stupid or incapable of memory. Your characters are the stupid brain damaged memoryless coma freaks, NOT US.

How about using that power to get Guza fired. Repeat after me, "I thought for sure Guza would have been kicked to the curb."

This hurts me. Deeply. If this is all they can do with Nikolas might it not be time to retire the character until a real writer comes along. I hate this mother effing show.

Also, be careful with your power. "A week without Sonny and Jason on screen" could translate "Sonny and Jason's lives are taken over by their previously seen (more) evil twins."

yup. no doubt about it. the most interesting thing in that clip WAS, in fact, the paint drying on the walls.

How about this one:

"I'm afraid they're going to start utilizing their own terrific vets instead of picking up one from ATWT."

"Ummm, is that the first time Tyler Christopher has ever sipped from a bottle?"

LOL Sarah, I was thinking the same thing!!!!!

When I thought the Nadine plow patent story was awful, I didn't think it could get any worse, and then it did.

I never thought I would say this, but I stopped watching the show. Still enjoy your posts though. I will start again when they stop the useless slaughter of characters' personalities and histories. When are Guza's and Frons's contracts done?

I almost wretched when I saw Nikolas chug-a-lug from that beer bottle. And he came down on Mike for coming into Embecca's room, and yet he did the same thing. Do the writers think we really want to see madcap painting hijinks from these two??

Does anyone have a link to the GF and JJ interviews that people often reference here?

Whenever the GH is getting me down, my little head likes to think of an alternate reality, GH: Rochester. Whenever the Sonny stuttering, Luke slaughtering, Nikolas slumming is getting you down, think of the magical world of Rochester, to which we can import the remaining few good characters, where the massacred, beloved legacies have been hiding out (I miss you Alan and Georgie!) and where Brad the carpenter can be adorable and dreamy without fearing mob bullets/annoying behavior.

OMG, those scenes are just - painful. I fast forward right through them. Even in double chipmunk speed, it's not entertaining to watch these two fumble around painting a room to schmaltzy music.

I will say that Natalia Livingston always looks like she's high or has had a couple of hits of Jack. I'm sure she has to get through that dreck. At least that's what I'm hoping. Because of the vapid, blank expression is her idea of acting, I hope Guza is planning another mob hit - and soon.

Tyler Christopher also looks like he's nursing a sprained ankle or some other such pain. Oh wait - it's delivering his so-called lines that are causing it. I hope that beer was real. He was probably sipping because he didn't want to end up too drunk too fast. He still had wacky painting hijinx to get through! Eegads.

Thanks for letting Mike join in on the humiliation, he of five-minutes-a-month screen time! What is this, the Facts of Life house? I didn't listen to the dialog, but clearly, Mike was all up in Emily's "gothic eye look" giving her the "we don't have young men in our ROOMS at KELLYS young lady" speech. Geez.

I stopped my marathon fast forwarding long enough to see Alexis - she of TEN minutes a month of screen time. I love her. Sigh. She seemed as shocked as I was that about Rebecca's new look!

How one special girl, afflicted with a head-bobbing, lurching disorder, managed to pain an entire room, grope around on the floor with a clutsy prince, shower and get the paint out of her hair and fake eyelashes, shop for and buy fabulous accessories, bedding and furniture (which was delivered the same day, too) and decorate with said purchased items - ALL IN ONE DAY!


My apologies for my misspellings, added words, missing words, etc. in my post above. That's what I get for posting with no coffee yet! Ack!

Over a decade ago when I used to watch GH in real time quite often, I used to be shocked by the clock. I would be watching in rapt attention deeply engaged to the characters and the stories, then seemingly out of nowhere I would catch a glimpse of the clock and see that their was only one more segment left for the day's episode. I would get so upset, desperately wanting more.

I have a similar problem now. If I have the show on in real time while doing paper work etc... I never watch in real time without it being background to something more interesting like paying bills, washing dishes, shaving my legs..... Now when I catch a glimpse of the clock I am still horrified. I am shocked to discover there is a whole other half hour of this dreck to watch. I ask myself how it is possible that all that Luke destruction and Mob nonsense and NuEmily head shaking could have all happened in less than 30 mins.

GH controls time. Old GH is like Sex time. It can never last long enough. Current GH is like HS Chemistry lectures. They feel like they last longer than I have actually been alive.

That montage is just...GLURG!

I refuse to watch the show but am curious: Has Alan made an
appearance recently? I loved Alan and sure do miss my Nedley.

I see a couple other people mentioned Nik drinking beer out of the bottle, and I have to concur. Are we really supposed to believe that the same Nikolas whom Nadine teased about his impeccable manners just a few short months ago actually chugs his beer like a frat boy?

I can't help but to think that if it was Robin and Jason, you would be squealing and talking up the cuteness of them. *shrugs* To each his own, I guess. I thought they and that were adorable and a welcome respite from, "Blahblahblah - Michael's surgery - blahblahblah..." "Blahblahblah - Carly's broken uterus - blahblahblah..." and "blahblahblah - Spinelliiiiiiiii call me Maximista - blahblahblah."

Whoops, meant Patrick, not Jason. Sorry!

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