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May 02, 2009

Programming Note

I am breaking my self-imposed internet/soap opera ban to tell you two things:

1. That I am on a self-imposed internet/soap opera ban until Wednesday, which is the official end of the semester, which means that at that point all of my papers and projects will be turned in and I will actually have a moment to spare that doesn't consist of me saying "WHY IS THERE NOT ENOUGH TIME IN THE DAY TO DO ALL OF THIS?" Do you know how bad this week has been? It has been so bad that I started to cry when I was making coffee this morning, and I found myself saying yesterday, "I wish I were watching All My Children" !!!! That's when I knew life as I know it had taken a turn for the worse.

That is a roundabout way of informing you that I am days behind on soaps and will not be watching or posting until Thursday or Friday (The Young and the Restless viewing readers are like, "And this is different from other weeks how, exactly?" Which...I know! I am the worst! Especially since it has been SO GOOD. It makes me happy. Imagine that, a soap making me happy. And writing about it would go a long way in rehabilitating my current image, which is a younger version of Maxine from Hallmark cards, but see above re: WHY IS THERE NOT ENOUGH TIME IN THE DAY TO DO ALL OF THIS?"), so Serial Drama will be quiet on my end until then. If there is breaking soap news, or highlights/lowlights of the week that you think I should know about, you can feel free to email me! (Yes, email does not fall under the ban. I need to have some semblance of normalcy so I don't go full-on Jack Torrance in The Shining)

2. While breaking my self-imposed internet/soap opera ban, I figured I'd go all out, and went to Facebook, where I was greeted with this ad:


I nearly broke my finger when I vigorously clicked the dislike button! Secretly crushing on Spinelli? Keep the hate speech to yourself, Facebook. GH has ruined cake, babies and now Facebook! Bastards!