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May 28, 2009

The People vs. Tony Geary

I liked life so much better when I operated under the assumption that everything bad about General Hospital was solely the fault of Bob Guza, and that the lack of rioting by the cast was just an example of their professionalism. When a certain daytime icon began being destroyed in a systematic faction and became history-denouncing and unlikable, my first reaction was, "For the love of Xenu, Guza, will you stop at nothing in your quest to be terrible?"

Except it turns out that while Bob Guza ruins most things, he doesn't ruin everything and cannot be fully blamed for the curious case of Luke Spencer, since Luke's portrayer is the story's biggest cheerleader and has taken to the streets (or, more accurately, the soap mags, but the image of Tony Geary roaming the streets proselytizing about Luke's story arc is the only amusing part of this debacle) to chastise viewers who are unhappy with the way Luke has been written.

If you are perplexed by a Luke who cheats on Laura and chooses a mumbly grifter over his own children, prepare to get schooled after the jump!

"Luke has faced his mortality, and that changes people...[we've] reinvented him as a fuller, more mature man facing the end of his life...whenever that may be"

I literally cannot comprehend this version of Luke being described as mature. It does not compute. Unless he is using "mature" as "older". That I can see, especially since the average Port Charles lifespan is shockingly low.

"Through Ethan, who is so like him and who shares his demons and dreams, there seemed to be a perfect opportunity to really take a hard look at what he's accomplished, what he's failed at and what's left for him"

Dude, you don't need Ethan for that! Here, I'll sum it up for you:

What he's accomplished: ruining one of the most beloved legacies in daytime
What he's failed at: entertaining the ever-dwindling number of GH viewers
What's left for him: poorly written shenanigans

There you go! You can send Ethan back to wherever he came from now.

"It's interesting that fans have never been angry with Lucky for the way he's talked to Luke," Geary says in his character's defense.

That IS interesting! It's COMPLETELY interesting that my mind went to "sympathy" and "affection" before anger when discussing a character who has done little more than dare to be mad at the father who blatantly disrespects him, judges him, dismissively refers to him as having a dead-end life in which he raises other men's children and has a hearty chuckle at that time Lucky was kidnapped and brainwashed.

I completely love this justification, and by "love", I mean "can't compute because my brain exploded". "All of these people are mad at Luke for being a douche, but what about Lucky?!?! He's the mean one! He's mean and disrespectful and...he's mean! To Luke! Make him stop!"

"Whether or not Ethan turns out to be his son, the fact remains that Luke had an affair on Laura," Geary acknowledges. "Of course, fans aren't happy with that."

I could almost feel him rolling his eyes dismissively in that last sentence, perhaps because I am paranoid and have an overactive imagination.

"But you know what? It doesn't make him love Laura any less. This is the way life is. I've always known that Luke has had women on the side."

This is me speechless. Literally, all I could muster when I first read that was a shocked "...". I know he has mentioned Luke visiting hookers before and I either repressed it or wrote it off as some sort of hallucination. "This is the way life is"? If life means having one of the best couples in all of daytime set on fire for a tawdry and stupid, and boy is it stupid, story, I want no part of it. In fact, to quote one of the worst movies of the late 90s, I DOAN'T WAHNT YOUR LAHF, MR. GEARY.

"He grew up in a whorehouse."

Is this the new "Deke locked Sonny in a closet when he was younger, so please excuse the ensuing decades of terrible behavior"?

"I've said for years that he has successfully separated sex from love all his life."

"I've said it so many times! Why do I still have to explain this to you? God, you guys are lame."

"That doesn't mean he wasn't totally devoted to Laura."

Um...that is actually exactly what it means.

"I have always embraced challenging the fans"

Thank you for taking time out of your day to do this community outreach, Mr. Geary, and doing your best to educate the poor, dumb fans who don't get the genius of your new, dark version of Luke Spencer!

"But they have a tendency to want to freeze you in time. They want to keep that character what he was when they were happy."

This is highly reminiscent of Julie Hanan Carruthers accusing people who were unhappy with All My Children of rewriting the show in their heads and imagining stories that never actually took place. Like, what GH is doing with Luke is just too good and we, the fans, are just being selfish by not recognizing that. We're living in the past and it is totally cramping Tony Geary's style!  

"But life changes. People change. I think if they stick with it, they're going to be okay with it. If they're not, they're not and that's okay, too. I'm thrilled that they're going to be challenged."

"If the viewers we have right now are idiots who don't recognize sheer brilliance when they see it, that's okay. I pity them for living such sheltered, sad existences, but it's okay."

On Luke's ongoing battle with his son Lucky: "Lucky carries Luke's rage and his sense of justice," Geary says. "It's not the same sense of justice that Lucky has, because they come from different worlds. But they both have an inability to get on with things when they face something unjust"

That answer was a convoluted, unintelligible mess of vagueness. I especially like how quick he is to point out that Lucky doesn't have the SAME sense of justice as Luke, as if a shared sense of justice would mean that Luke caught Lucky cooties.

On What Luke has learned from Ethan: "To love life again", states Geary. "Luke has been looking at life as if it were over, the best years gone. He's not kicking it with the relish that he used to. Ethan is reacquainting him with the reasons he loves life. They're so amazingly connected."

First of all, the phrase "kicking it" brought to mind a host of terrible middle school memories wherein teachers would try their hardest to use slang they thought was in, and was invariably hopelessly outdated and cringe worthy. Stop trying to make fetch happen, Tony!

Secondly, if only there was something in Luke's life that he could love! It's such a tragic shame, isn't it, that he is unmarried, with no children and no siblings in Port Charles for him to love. No wonder he glommed on so quickly to this mysterious con-man. Childless, single orphans are very easy marks and obviously Luke was no exception!

Thirdly, his discussion of Ethan in this interview, and others, is always spoken in the most breathless and reverent tones. It makes me uncomfortable and reminds me of nothing so much as Bob Guza's relentless worship of Jason Morgan.

On Luke's attraction to Holly: "He'll always have feelings for her", nods Geary. "She's a con woman. She seduces men to get their money. He loves that about her. It's a turn-on".

RIP, The Real Holly Sutton. I'll always like you more than your Guzafied, poorly-written 21st century incarnation. At least we'll always have YouTube to remember how you used to be!

On what makes Luke and Tracy's marriage work: "She's his constant and is the best challenge Luke ever had," Geary remarks. "And I do believe that they have great, rough sex. I think they slap each other around and love it. Why do you think he calls her Spanky?"

I imagined a variety of horrifying explanations for the Spanky nickname and yet none of them managed to be quite as disturbing as the one offered here.


I think it's clear that my hatred of Luke is not going to end and is, perhaps, amplified by the fact that Tony Geary is so damn giddy about the direction Luke has taken, even if that direction is terrible.

Special thanks to Beth R., Simone and Charles for alerting me to this crime against humanity!


Um, uhh, hmm, ehh... there are no words.

Oh wait, I found one: eww.

There was a time when I thought combing Tony Geary and Variety Blues was an insult to Tony....but now I think it's a bigger insult to the subtle genius work of James Van Der Beek.

I have been images of Tony wandering in on set and seeing the fan response as largely pro-Lucky and going "huh? but...but...lucky's a cop.....why do they like him?" and that explanation for Spanky has given me non-stop nightmares. i've not slept for two nights.

Dont' forget it's totally shoking the audience isn't taking lucky to task for not being a better son to inspire luke to be a better father!

He is thisclose to making me appreciate Maurice Bernard and Steve Burton. HE'S MAKING ME FEEL DIRTY!

I won't even touch Geary's comments on L&L but I will say I was disgusted by his comments about Tracy and Holly. Gross. Ewww.

To think I used to love Luke and actually respect Anthony Geary. Those days are long since gone--never to return again.

Sign me up as an official member of the I Hate Tony Geary Club. I'd think he was smoking a crack pipe but even people under the influence make more sense; I think he's had a lobotomy. So much to refute: How dare he state that Laura accepted his tryst. How dare he speak for a character that is not his. He has joined Guza's boyclub of hating women. A man who cheats on his wife and has unsafe sex. Brilliant TG. Great destruction. TG shows no respect for Genie Francis (who was happy on another soap in NYC) when the audience did not accept him as Bill Eckert and wanted Luke back. He has stated he could not do Luke without Laura so she was fired by ABC and forced back to GH. Great respect you've shown her Tony. And what about Jane? TG decides Tracy and Luke have rough sex with slapping? I can see he has been drinking from Guza's Cool-Aid of women being gum on the shoes of men to be scraped off from time to time for a little decadent and sleazy fun.
Tony, your comments are vile, insulting, dehumanizing to women. To announce that this is a "mature" Luke shows me you don't give a shyte about the viewers. To announce that the viewer needs to be "challenged" by a rewrite of 30 years of a story you and Genie sold us...a legacy and franchise you repeatedly stated you would protect...is pure CRAP. We don't want to be challenged; we want a respect of history and characters with good storytelling and organic growth, not regression. Please go to Amsterdam. And please do us a favor, STAY THERE. RIP Luke Spencer.

I... Tracy.. Spanky....yuck. I don't know how a coherent sentence would work with that one.

I have to say the title of this post cracked me up. These days Luke deserves to be on trial for his awfulness and this interview amplifed the awfulness x 100.

Also loved the "stop trying to make fetch happen" yay Never Been Kissed!

Tony Geary needs to remember that WITHOUT Genie Francis and the love story of Luke and Laura, he'd just be another HAS BEEN WASHED UP *OLD* ASS SOAP STAH. Oh wait, the minute he shit on Luke and Laura fans, like myself, he became that. Mr. Geary can eat shit just like Robert Guza, Jr. I have no words for this actor that is ENAMORED with his younger co-star. Did you see the picture of Geary and Nathan Parson's above from SID? Oy vey, Geary is blushing like a giddy school girl. I digress, when an actor wants to write the show and re-write, I don't know, HISTORY, it is time for their pampered ass to get the HEAVE-HO!

I want to unread that. It's coming at us from all sides!

Your comments were spot on. I used to adore Tony Geary, but this story and in particular this interview have put the final nails in the coffin of Luke Spencer for me. I say let Tony leave GH on a permanent vacation. Bring Genie back and give her a story, but under Guza, I shudder to think of how he would throw her under the bus.

The worst thing about this is that Geary actually thinks this is a great story. He just doesn't get it. TPTB at GH don't get it. Which is why they will never overtake Y&R and why they will continue to bleed viewers.

"I don't like to be Luke without Laura. She is his heart and his humanity. I don't want a major storyline without her.... I don't want another romance. I'd rather lay low in Genie's absence and protect the Spencer franchise. She's the only woman for Luke. They're not going to do any affairs--we're not going down any of those usual roads. He can flirt with everybody--and he does, shamelessly--but the man is not going to violate those vows. No way. The marriage will be on hold, and I'm OK with that as long as we've got the family. She's got part of the family--Lesley and Lesley Lu--in one place, and I've got Lucky here, so we'll never close that door. There's plenty of stuff to do. I can always support other storylines. I'm not that concerned about it. Hopefully, Genie will do what she needs to do for her family and still want to come back."

TV Guide website, May 14, 1997

That is a QUOTE from Tony Geary before he lost his frigging mind. Here is where I found it. http://www.mcamy.net/geary/quotes/geary4.html#laura

I honestly don't know what the hell he is thinking.

He was pretty good in UHF...as an ALIEN!

hallelujah Kat! I knew I hadn't imagined that quote.

Also, it is a sad day when I can consider Sonny a better father than Luke, and wonder if even Claudia is too good a woman for Luke.

This show has not jumped the shark -- it has cut itself multiple times to draw blood and dived headfirst into its gaping maw.

I weep.

Amanda- don't forget his steller work in The Disorderlies...opposite The Fat Boys. Why Oscar didn't call then......

Thanks for the quote Kat. It's amazing what a difference 12 years make. I remember the Luke of the 90s when Luke and Laura were both looking forward to the birth of their daughter and the devastation they felt when they thought Lucky was dead. But now we are lead to believe during that time Luke cheated on Laura, thought it was funny that Helena faked Lucky's death and that he was forced into living a domestic life. I hope Genie never returns to this show after the way Luke and Laura have been destroyed. Let's hope Tony Geary goes on his usual vacation and doesn't return. And do us all a favor and take Ethan with you.

From his opinions to his insights to his rambling nonsense it is now clear to me what has really happened to TG. Somewhere around the year 2000 his on stage bottles of booze were switched from iced tea to the real thing. And all that constant downing of scotch and whiskey that Luke loves more than breathing has severely pickled TG's brain. He is in reality the real victim of brain damage at GH.

Seriously, I also think that maybe a lifetime of living in the closet has driven him insane. And that is no joke. The way he feels about women, soap fans, L&L, his onscreen family, NuHolly etc.... all screams "I have screwed up feelings about women". And his view of his onscreen sex life vs. his on screen love life says the same disturbing things. He has serious issues. And the way he explains the intentions and actions of Luke offscreen are a sad mess. Some of this confusion for him the show and the fans is due to the wild inconsistencies on GH. How can an actor keep track of history and motivations if the past is always changing, vanishing, or being rewritten totally differently for no logical reason. And TG is only on set half the year at most, so for him it must be even more confusing. SO he has a whole other show going on in his head that we and eveen the writers don't know about.

Case in point-Look at this second version of NuHolly. In 2006 she was happy to kill half the town for money. Even Robin, who she once loved. Now she returns and Mac and Robin and Patrick are all thrilled to see her? And Lulu nearly died too Luke, or since Ethan's arrival does he not even care if his Laura born kids die? Because Lucky nearly died in that virus mess as well. And his "ex-bro-in-law" did die!!! WTF?!?!?!??!!? Just because it sucked and was stupid and it was hated Guza acts like it never happened. And the fans are just supposed to be cool with that shit?

Case in point #2 for today-Why is Patrick so kind and warm to Claudia? A few months pre Emma he was all smiles with her at Jake's while Claudia bashed Robin. And today he warmly greeted her and had a chat about comas while addressing her as Mrs. Corinthos! Uhmm.... she railed cruelly to your wife about her HIV and is a vile human being. WHat up w/ that Patty? Me? I think Guza gets away with this shit because Claudia is a woman and his version of Patty cannot be anything but "friendly" with all women. I wouldn't put it past Guza to write an affair for Patrick w/ Helena!

In summation, heinous interview made me both sad and nauseated. Your post made it better, thanks. And GUZA STILL SUCKS TOXIC BALLS.

Tracy is his best challenge ... Luke treats Tracy for what she is to him, a bank vault. He makes Tracy look like a desparate women willing to settle for anything.

Tony Geary obviously does not care anymore and it's time to leave GH and the glory days of L&L behind. Oh wait, he already has.

If this is what Laura would have to come back too, then I hope Genie Francis never set foot on the GH set again.

Senility, alzheimer's, egomaniac all come to mind in describing this very delusional actor. I will tune in to this year's Emmy broadcast just to see if he's booed by the fans when his name is announced.

I really don't understand what's gotten into Tony Geary, unless there was some unpublicized threat to his very sweet gig and kissing up to the showrunners is his attempt to play nice. I have always liked his interviews because he seemed smart and like he really took some ownership over the direction of his character. He also seemed to have tremendous affection for Luke and Laura's history. All of that is missing now. It's truly bizarre.

And it goes without saying that words cannot express how much I hate what the writers have done to Luke, and by extension to Laura. Assholes.

This makes me feel nauseous. Literally.

I don't know, I feel like Tony Geary has always disagreed with the fans, and has enjoyed doing so. I am more bothered by their completely changing the character of Holly than this revelation that Luke cheated on Laura. That could be because I'm not an L/L fan, though.

Also, this is why I try not to read actors' interviews as a general rule. 9 out of 10 of them don't really know what they're talking about.

I agree with *everyone* about Tony Geary. He's apparently lost his mind. I hope Genie never comes back or doesn't come back until Guza, Frons and Phelps are fired. This whole Ethan/Holly storyline is crap and I, for one, don't believe any of it.

Luke and Laura are *epic* and no dumbass interview and crappily-written story is going to change my opinion.

I don't care what they do with Ethan. Holly needs to leave and take her stupid story with her. And TG needs to *never* come back to the show. I'm sure Amsterdam would *love* to have him full-time.

This whole thing is so repulsive.

"Why do you think he calls her Spanky?" *shudders*

This better be a very late April fools joke. If not then, I never thought I'd say this, Mr. Geary needs to not come back after his next vacation. Let Luke and Laura die with the little bit of dignity they have left.

After reading that interview, I was repulsed and may have actually thrown up in my mouth a lot. I thought long and hard before responding to Mal's great blog comment and truthfully I am at a loss for words.

Never before has a soap actor told me as a fan so directly "FU." How do you respond to that? What is there left to say? It is pretty much the period on the conversation. So for the moment until I can come up with a wiser more insightful response, "FU, Tony Geary."

TG has stated that for the first time in YEARS, his excitement over the Ethan storyline has made him NOT want to rush to his long vacation. TONY, LISTEN UP: for the first time ever, we not only can't wait for you to go but we hope you never come back.

I want to rip out whatever lobe in my brain is responsible for retaining the memory of Tony Geary saying Luke and Tracy like it rough.

I heard that marijuana is legal in Amsterdam. Perhaps Mr. Geary has been indulging a little too much.

If Tracy/Luke have really rough sex, I feel sorry for Monica and Edward having to hear it...

And TG is a complete idiot whose character is washed out and should never, ever return.

I can't believe it. But:

1) Tracy deserves a helluva lot better


B) I hope Laura DOES come back, and has a crazy mad love affair with Scotty (Scott of the Lucy years, not the irrationally dastardly years).

I'm sorry, but TG has earned a place for himself next to GUZA. I don't like using such strong language, but there it is.

[QUOTE]"But life changes. People change. I think if they stick with it, they're going to be okay with it. If they're not, they're not and that's okay, too. I'm thrilled that they're going to be challenged."[/QUOTE]

Oh really? Given the piece of sh#t storyline TG has, I'd say that it's not THAT much of a challenge at all. And that pretty much goes for all of the other stories on GH right now. Way to crap all over your own legacy character,and drag down Genie's Laura at the same time.

I'm heart sick with the way Holly Sutton has been ruined. Yes, watch old school Holly on youtube, if you want to see who Holly really was. I have no idea what this incarnation of Holly is supposed to be.

I'd love to see Tracy Q walk out on Luke and turn him out on the road. Seriously, when would TRACY QUARTERMAINE put UP with this crap off of a man?

Guza has taken nearly ever woman on this show and molded them to be mob loving whores, or ridiculous charicatures of what a woman is...in any real relationship.

Hello? WTF is happening to Robin Scorpio? She comes back from treatment and literally on the same day has to deal with some guy showing up on her door step to let her know he might be her brother?

Ok so Lucky and Liz are back together now?

There's no build up for any story. Everything happens within a few episodes. The stories are not believable. The actors looked tired and pissed off to me.

I think it would be a good thing if GH closes shop for good. Or just give me Night Shift. They've ruined everything about GH. Everything.

I thought Luke Spencer was the wanker, but maybe he isn't the only one...

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