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May 28, 2009

The People vs. Tony Geary

I liked life so much better when I operated under the assumption that everything bad about General Hospital was solely the fault of Bob Guza, and that the lack of rioting by the cast was just an example of their professionalism. When a certain daytime icon began being destroyed in a systematic faction and became history-denouncing and unlikable, my first reaction was, "For the love of Xenu, Guza, will you stop at nothing in your quest to be terrible?"

Except it turns out that while Bob Guza ruins most things, he doesn't ruin everything and cannot be fully blamed for the curious case of Luke Spencer, since Luke's portrayer is the story's biggest cheerleader and has taken to the streets (or, more accurately, the soap mags, but the image of Tony Geary roaming the streets proselytizing about Luke's story arc is the only amusing part of this debacle) to chastise viewers who are unhappy with the way Luke has been written.

If you are perplexed by a Luke who cheats on Laura and chooses a mumbly grifter over his own children, prepare to get schooled after the jump!

"Luke has faced his mortality, and that changes people...[we've] reinvented him as a fuller, more mature man facing the end of his life...whenever that may be"

I literally cannot comprehend this version of Luke being described as mature. It does not compute. Unless he is using "mature" as "older". That I can see, especially since the average Port Charles lifespan is shockingly low.

"Through Ethan, who is so like him and who shares his demons and dreams, there seemed to be a perfect opportunity to really take a hard look at what he's accomplished, what he's failed at and what's left for him"

Dude, you don't need Ethan for that! Here, I'll sum it up for you:

What he's accomplished: ruining one of the most beloved legacies in daytime
What he's failed at: entertaining the ever-dwindling number of GH viewers
What's left for him: poorly written shenanigans

There you go! You can send Ethan back to wherever he came from now.

"It's interesting that fans have never been angry with Lucky for the way he's talked to Luke," Geary says in his character's defense.

That IS interesting! It's COMPLETELY interesting that my mind went to "sympathy" and "affection" before anger when discussing a character who has done little more than dare to be mad at the father who blatantly disrespects him, judges him, dismissively refers to him as having a dead-end life in which he raises other men's children and has a hearty chuckle at that time Lucky was kidnapped and brainwashed.

I completely love this justification, and by "love", I mean "can't compute because my brain exploded". "All of these people are mad at Luke for being a douche, but what about Lucky?!?! He's the mean one! He's mean and disrespectful and...he's mean! To Luke! Make him stop!"

"Whether or not Ethan turns out to be his son, the fact remains that Luke had an affair on Laura," Geary acknowledges. "Of course, fans aren't happy with that."

I could almost feel him rolling his eyes dismissively in that last sentence, perhaps because I am paranoid and have an overactive imagination.

"But you know what? It doesn't make him love Laura any less. This is the way life is. I've always known that Luke has had women on the side."

This is me speechless. Literally, all I could muster when I first read that was a shocked "...". I know he has mentioned Luke visiting hookers before and I either repressed it or wrote it off as some sort of hallucination. "This is the way life is"? If life means having one of the best couples in all of daytime set on fire for a tawdry and stupid, and boy is it stupid, story, I want no part of it. In fact, to quote one of the worst movies of the late 90s, I DOAN'T WAHNT YOUR LAHF, MR. GEARY.

"He grew up in a whorehouse."

Is this the new "Deke locked Sonny in a closet when he was younger, so please excuse the ensuing decades of terrible behavior"?

"I've said for years that he has successfully separated sex from love all his life."

"I've said it so many times! Why do I still have to explain this to you? God, you guys are lame."

"That doesn't mean he wasn't totally devoted to Laura."

Um...that is actually exactly what it means.

"I have always embraced challenging the fans"

Thank you for taking time out of your day to do this community outreach, Mr. Geary, and doing your best to educate the poor, dumb fans who don't get the genius of your new, dark version of Luke Spencer!

"But they have a tendency to want to freeze you in time. They want to keep that character what he was when they were happy."

This is highly reminiscent of Julie Hanan Carruthers accusing people who were unhappy with All My Children of rewriting the show in their heads and imagining stories that never actually took place. Like, what GH is doing with Luke is just too good and we, the fans, are just being selfish by not recognizing that. We're living in the past and it is totally cramping Tony Geary's style!  

"But life changes. People change. I think if they stick with it, they're going to be okay with it. If they're not, they're not and that's okay, too. I'm thrilled that they're going to be challenged."

"If the viewers we have right now are idiots who don't recognize sheer brilliance when they see it, that's okay. I pity them for living such sheltered, sad existences, but it's okay."

On Luke's ongoing battle with his son Lucky: "Lucky carries Luke's rage and his sense of justice," Geary says. "It's not the same sense of justice that Lucky has, because they come from different worlds. But they both have an inability to get on with things when they face something unjust"

That answer was a convoluted, unintelligible mess of vagueness. I especially like how quick he is to point out that Lucky doesn't have the SAME sense of justice as Luke, as if a shared sense of justice would mean that Luke caught Lucky cooties.

On What Luke has learned from Ethan: "To love life again", states Geary. "Luke has been looking at life as if it were over, the best years gone. He's not kicking it with the relish that he used to. Ethan is reacquainting him with the reasons he loves life. They're so amazingly connected."

First of all, the phrase "kicking it" brought to mind a host of terrible middle school memories wherein teachers would try their hardest to use slang they thought was in, and was invariably hopelessly outdated and cringe worthy. Stop trying to make fetch happen, Tony!

Secondly, if only there was something in Luke's life that he could love! It's such a tragic shame, isn't it, that he is unmarried, with no children and no siblings in Port Charles for him to love. No wonder he glommed on so quickly to this mysterious con-man. Childless, single orphans are very easy marks and obviously Luke was no exception!

Thirdly, his discussion of Ethan in this interview, and others, is always spoken in the most breathless and reverent tones. It makes me uncomfortable and reminds me of nothing so much as Bob Guza's relentless worship of Jason Morgan.

On Luke's attraction to Holly: "He'll always have feelings for her", nods Geary. "She's a con woman. She seduces men to get their money. He loves that about her. It's a turn-on".

RIP, The Real Holly Sutton. I'll always like you more than your Guzafied, poorly-written 21st century incarnation. At least we'll always have YouTube to remember how you used to be!

On what makes Luke and Tracy's marriage work: "She's his constant and is the best challenge Luke ever had," Geary remarks. "And I do believe that they have great, rough sex. I think they slap each other around and love it. Why do you think he calls her Spanky?"

I imagined a variety of horrifying explanations for the Spanky nickname and yet none of them managed to be quite as disturbing as the one offered here.


I think it's clear that my hatred of Luke is not going to end and is, perhaps, amplified by the fact that Tony Geary is so damn giddy about the direction Luke has taken, even if that direction is terrible.

Special thanks to Beth R., Simone and Charles for alerting me to this crime against humanity!


Honestly this has to be some kind of sick joke?.... or
Tony Geary is severely socially challenged (as in asperger's syndrome).. or
He hates Guza so much he is doing this with intention??.... or
He is angry at the world?, Genie Francis? The audience? WTH??? What would possess him to say such things?? Just trying to get a rise out of us repressed Americans??
TIA's in his frontal lobe??? (transient ischemic attack... like mini strokes... frontal lobe responsible for inhibition, organization, mood...) Is he so resentful of his success constantly due to being paired and hyphenated?? (Geez GEnie Francis seems like a class act.) Gosh how sad for him. He is either angry at the world, or so self centered he can't see it???.... and for his sake I hope it is the later... because then I guess he just wouldn't care about this horrible back lash.... and we should care now, why??? What a horrible way to end a glorious career!

I feel sad that Mr. Geary has obviously not had a love that endures. The whole "things change, people change" line is so trite and tired and wrong.. yes Mr. Geary things change and people change, but Love CAN endure... and even if it doesn't often enough in real life, it is certainly because of fantasy that we turn into daytime TV... knowing about Luke and Tracy slapping each other around during sex, or Luke getting it on with other woman "on the side" while Laura lay in bed at night waiting for him is CERTAINLY NOT the reason.Enough woman deal with men treating them like punching bags in real life... why on God's green earth would we turn into a stupid show to watch it??? The degregation of female characters on
GH these days is beyond appaling. Perahaps it is most difficult to swallow from you, Mr. Geary because Luke always seemed to treat Laura with such respect, with such high regard, he admired her heart, soul, mind... God did we know he had faults, but his ability to love so deeply, and be so respectful to Laura superceeded those faults and made it easy to look away. Now he's just a jerk like every other male character on this show (who happens to be front and center).
I am so sorry that Mr. Geary's personal cynicism has affected Luke Spencer. He's a character and he should be able to play him, and leave his personal opinions out of it... think with 6 emmy's that should not be too difficult?!?!

My L&L ended in 2006 with Laura in her happy place and Luke saying he would be there with her until the day he died.. and that's the way it's staying for me. Shutting all this other crap WAY out!

Seriously WTF!!!

Doesn't he have a husband or long term BF somewhere? When, hubby better take a look at those recent comments that Cillann copied and all that eye-fucking going on and get to the set with a gun. Not that all of TG's crap isn't gross enough, we have a what, 60something guy with a woodie for a boy young enough to be his grandson. GROW UP!

I've always agreed that Luke had a horrible childhood which affected him deeply and that it should be explored, as is, acknowledging that the character is fucked up, not glorify him and his destructive behavior!

ITA with whomever says this storyline also ruins the great love of Holly and Robert, and Holly's character is completely destroyed.

Finally, uh, DEAD TO ME!!!!!

I re-read Tony G's article several times because I really couldn't believe what I read the first time. I hate Luke after 30 yrs of loving him. I finally accepted that they had separated Luke and Laura but this new revelation of Tony G's that Laura accepted his affair and he was separating sex from love--Tony G is an egotistical SOB. He has started to believe he is too good for the fans that brought him fame. I actually think he delights in spitting in viewers faces. He is basically OVER it. He hates his fans and you can tell he is doing all he can to tell the fans to "shove it" if they don't like it. He is masking his hate for the fans by saying they are being challenged. I am NOT challenged. I hate Tony G -this whole storyline and re-write was partly his idea. He wants to destoy the LnL legacy. I guess this is his final farewell anyway and he doesn't give a damn anymore--that is obvious.

Someone needs to rememind him without the Luke and Laura story he would have been gone in 13 weeks without Genie no one would have cared about Luke and we the fans have keep him there for 30 damn years he's and ass and watching him have a hard on for this new guy makes me sick save that for off the air watching him drool on tv makes me sick. Wow I am sure Genie is feeling the love he has said for more tham 30 years he's had for here and the respect he had for her and the Luke and Laura story run Genie and don't look back Mr. Geary is an ass but then again maybe you have know that all alone.

horrible horrible horrible ... i hate what they are doing to our show

One of the biggest problems with Tony Geary denouncing his role as Luke Spencer in this way is that it discredits the stories of so many of the other characters on the show. I am especially disturbed by the treatment of Lucky's character by TG and the writers. Whenever I think of Lucky, I am always reminded of how wonderfully he was played by Jonathan Jackson, and how the character has really changed quite a bit over the years. JJ as lucky was amazing and that's how I always like to think of Lucky, and Greg Vaughn is not bad, but no JJ. But the Lucky character and storyline is still redeemable, whereas Luke's character just does not seem to be worth it. How in the world can he throw away his "cowboy" and treat him so badly!? It makes absolutely no sense and it is insulting to viewers that he would treat his and Laura's son so badly and go as far as to want a new son! It makes me sick inside! Is anyone else also disturbed at the prospect of Ethan and Lulu paling around and Lucky being left in the dust...again?! Someone said above that Geary and the writers are surprised at how loyal people are to Lucky. Well Lucky is Laura's son as well and when they are on screen together it is awesome. Get rid of Geary and give us some good Lucky and Laura and Nikolas stories. I am so over Tony Geary and his huge ego!

I was horrified by most of this. Then I got to the part about Luke and Tracy having rough sex and slapping each other around and... what's worse than horrified? Because that's what I am right now.

I too am no longer a Luke/Tony fan. Me thinks he's a bit too full of himself. I am thisclose to totally giving up this show.

....."Luke has faced his mortality, and that changes people...[we've] reinvented him as a fuller, more mature man facing the end of his life...whenever that may be".....

The end of his life can't come soon enough frankly.

I'm sure his interview will only entice all those people still watching the show to turn off their sets. I know it has for me.

I thnk it's safe to say that Geary is exactly why Genie will never return (as long as that ass is still around) to GH.

He's totally threatened by her popularity.

If Genie's Laura could return and stay written as the character we know, I'd take her in a heartbeat over Tony's self indulgent, dilusional statements and rewrites and furlough both Tony and Luke to Amsterdam forever.

First, I want to say I have NEVER been an L&L fan! Although I did not watch GH during the L&L days (viewer since 1990) I have heard enough about them and I am aware they became a couple in part, because he raped her. So for me, their great love story never interested me. Plus, I usually find the character of Luke annoying and more recently appalling. His treatment of Lucky and Tracy IS unacceptable.

Secondly, I agree with some of the comments posted by Sarah:
"Seriously, I also think that maybe a lifetime of living in the closet has driven him insane. And that is no joke. The way he feels about women, soap fans, L&L, his onscreen family, NuHolly etc.... all screams "I have screwed up feelings about women". And his view of his onscreen sex life vs. his on screen love life says the same disturbing things. He has serious issues. And the way he explains the intentions and actions of Luke off-screen are a sad mess. Some of this confusion for him the show and the fans are due to the wild inconsistencies on GH. And TG is only on set half the year at most, so for him it must be even more confusing. SO he has a whole other show going on in his head that we and even the writers don't know about."

Guza consistently poops on GH's history and spits in the face of long-time fans/viewers. So with that being said, I am not surprised TG is either suffering from egomania and is delusional or he is comfortable and in agreement with Guza re-writing history and Guza's insatiable need to destroy couples. Also, I find the whole interview laced with TG's lust and admiration for Ethan (Nathan Parsons) which is probably, partially responsible for his clouded perception.

Personally, I would love for TG to retire with that Emmy nod (roll eyes) he received this year. Guza has successfully ruined the history of L&L so what more is there for Luke to do? His constant companion of late is a bottle or glass of alcohol and sitting in an empty bar with one employee is getting old.

I say good-bye TG and good riddance. You will not be missed. IMO.

TG is clearly out of his mind and therefore I am ignoring him for now. (I will however ask for a bleach martini to get rid of that Tracy/Luke mental image TG set)

My biggest problem comes back to this: Why are the clearly insane actors even allowed to be anywhere near the writer's room? What producer/network executive approves of this? There seems to be a MASSIVE breakdown behind the scenes.

So as much as I'd love to rail against TG and call him an idiot (which he IS) I can't let this all rest on his feet. They may be his TERRIBLE, COMPLETELY WRONG ideas and viewpoints but a whole bunch of people had to approve it to get it to air.


If my choice was this mess of a mass character assasination or the ACTUAL assasination of all characters involved...I would gladly take a memorial clip-filled week for my once beloved veteran faves - Luke, Laura, Holly, Tracy & Robert.

No wonder TG hated Wendy Riche...she didn't give the actors the green light to ruin and define the characters based on their own fantasies.

Hey now, I take personal offense at your criticism of "Varsity Blues"! What's not to love? Bad southern accents, Jon Voight practically chewing the entire set, whipped cream bikinis, pigs as pets, sex education teachers as strippers - GENIUS! I think you owe The Beek an apology!

Oh yeah, and Tony geary sucks.

On a more somber note, I was privileged enough to be able to see Genie and Tony in person at SSW back in 2006. Both of them were gracious and very thankful to the fans. Genie, in fact, was so touched she was crying when she saw how many people turned out for the event.

At that time, I remember thinking what a class act both of them were. Now, while I still feel that way about Genie, I have to wonder what has made Tony so bitter towards all of this. I'll never in my life understand actors who disdain what makes them popular. Considering 90 percent of the actors in Hollywood are unemployed, anyone lucky enough to get a job that is successful and affords them a good life should be eternally grateful for it. I hope Mr. Geary would consider this before he shoots his mouth off to a magazine.

It sounds like TG really hit a nerve, just look at the number of comments. More and more people are disappointed with the show. This isn't a glitch folks, all of these repeated digs at history, destroying of characters, lack of strong storylines, symptoms of a MUCH bigger problem. GH Sucks right now.

Yes, Lisbeth, you are correct. GH is a wound that has been festering for a long time. This is not a glitch; more like the last straw of what viewers are willing to have rammed down their throats.

i have been reading soo many of these comments in regards to TG's interview and i must say i agree with a majority of the people's comments here. TG has one hell of a nerve to go on bashing the history of Luke and Laura!! i never knew what jerk he has become! what the hell has come over him to spit on the history of the show like this? Seriously!

I am very, very bitter and upset over Tony's remarks! some of it was very disturbing and it paints an upsetting view of who he is in real life! i couldn't imagine him saying these kind of remarks over a decade ago!

all i can say is that TG should just leave GH once and for all! Don't pass GO and don't collect $200! heck, don't win even the emmy this year! if he does not win, THANK GOD! that's for sure he won't be robbed of an emmy this year! one of the other deserving soap actors should win it, IMO!!

And another thing, if he has been feeling this way for quite some time why doesn't his ass GIVE ALL THOSE EMMYS HE HAS WON PLAYING "LUKE DICKWAD SPENCER" BACK?!! I bet you dollars to scotches that he guzzles that won't be happening any time SOON. Still a PUNKASS FOR THAT ARTICLE.

I am just heartbroken. I have recently been rewatching a lot of old Luke and Laura clips on Youtube and the contrast is staggering. Luke Spencer is dead to me.

Your post cracked me up, and i completely want to join the I hate Luke Spencer fan club and while your at it is there a I hate Tony Geary one... i read an interview he did in 97' he said there will never be an affair he doesnt want to play any other romance ... where did that go. he thinks just because he might die soon Luke Spencer has to be butchered. What a jerk.

Geary hates women and is gay and frustrated by his fall from stardom. In trashing Luke and Laura he has trashed himself. Farewell and Adieu - never return from Amsterdam.

It's a wonder this man's ego can fit through a door! The only challenge this s/l poses for the viewers is continuing to watch this crap. They have taken the greatest love story in the soap world and reduced it to a rapist running a long con on his victim. Why the PTB let a part-time actor dictate the outcome of a story is beyond me. Could it be the GREAT ONE is sour because he hasn't made big in primetime or the movies? He thinks that he can piss on soap watchers and we'll ask for more, well I have news for him! This week I stopped watching GH. As long as the egomaster (TG) is on the show, GH will be dark for me. If he thinks he's doing Nathan a favor, it might backfire on them all.

but...but this is the DarkerAndEdgier luke!

it's such inane bullshit, really. tony geary has finally lost his mind.

Tony G's newest interview is even worse to me. He is trying to put out some of the fires he started when he said the fans wanted him "frozen in time" and the audience needed to be challenged. Now SOD has slammed him because of the outrage he caused over the Ethan/Luke storyline that he loved so much and it was partly his idea to trash LnL. I personally dislike Tony G and his ego. Luke--well, I watched him in November when GEnie Francis returned for a short visit. She made him watchable for a short while but after that he was the same boring drunken Luke. I'm disgusted with Luke and TOny G. Hopefully both of them will not return. They can have Luke get a terminal illness and die in Singapore a poor broken man. Yeah!!!!

Tony G, please go to Amsterdam and decide you are going to take early retirement. It seems you are suffering from a huge ego and severe dementia. Suddenly Tony G is way too important for his fans or I should say Luke and Laura fans. Without Genie Francis, I can't stand Luke. Tracy and Luke bore me but Jane Elliott just reads the lines they give her. Tony G has become one of the most hated men on any soap and he deserves it.

One of the many problems with GH is that there is no long-term planning. Everything is hit and miss.

Add to that a hack of a HW who has run out of ideas and who lets the divos tell HIM what to write...and you have a show whose cancellation I can only wish for.

TG is an actor, not a writer, as much as he imagines himself to be the next Shakespeare. He has no business doing anything BUT achting.

Actually, what I would prefer is that he move to Amsterdam, permanently.

GH needs to fire EVERYONE running this show, along with that idiot Frozo who lets Guza run amok with lazy, horrid, plot-point writing.

Tony Geary needs to wake-up and realize that he is on a soap opera. His job is to entertain not challenge viewers.

And, frankly, if Tony Geary wants a challenge, he could see about encouraging Guza to write storyline around the kids and family that he already has. The family that Luke has, that Geary phones in scenes for.

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