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May 21, 2009

Well, I Will Give Him This: I AM Watching Out

...I am just watching out for Jamie Luner for all the wrong reasons.


I tried so hard to be open-minded about Jamie Luner's Liza. I did! And then Charles Pratt gave a bunch of interviews about how awesome she is compared to the rest of the cast, who he apparently has no use for, and then the thing with the panties happened, and then she just wasn't onscreen for, like, weeks, and it was during those weeks that I found the recast to be the most plausible.

But I have finally decided to give up this hope and optimism and giving people the benefit of the doubt. This is not Liza! It would actually have been far more believable (and hilarious!) to bring her to Pine Valley as Cindy Lubbock than to try to pass her off as Liza. Way to go, Pratt, yet another opportunity squandered!

Everything that Liza is supposed to be is just not...there with Jamie Luner. I don't buy her as Colby's mother. I don't buy her as Adam's ex-wife. I also don't buy her as a lawyer, which isn't really a Liza complaint, but another WTF? to add to the large pile of WTFs that this show inspires. And why does her face not move? That is a horrible thing to say, I know, but this show confuses me and confusion makes me catty.

Above all, I do not buy her as a peer of Jesse, Angie and Tad. Darnell Williams? Handsome and never ages. Debbi Morgan? Gorgeous and never ages. Michael E. Knight?...is hilarious. All three are fabulous in their own way, but none of them are remotely in the same age bracket as Jamie Luner and they look absurd with her!





When she was talking to Amanda about how the last time she saw Amanda, Amanda was yay high and had baby teeth or whatever, it was equally absurd, because this Liza and Amanda are probably closer in age than Liza and her classmates are supposed to be.

ALSO, her plot to "have" Amanda's baby is completely asinine.

ALSO, Jamie Luner and Thorsten Kaye have anti-chemistry.

ALSO, this

Tad: Oh, come on. Don't be unfair. I was timid. I was tame. I was palace eunuch. Different times, different man. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the "grab what's most important in life" Thaddeus Martin. I'm -- seriously, give it a shot.

Liza: Don't threaten me with a good time.

made me have flashbacks to Rock of Love, memories of which are better left unremembered. Again, this show leaves a trail of failure behind it.


The only thing to add to your expertly worded "absurd" is glurg!

'Again, this show leaves a trail of failure behind it.'

and a trail of tears for what we've lost...

This hack had Liza Colby, Liza Freaking Colby say, "Don't threaten me with a good time?!" Seriously? This is so damn sad.

Hmmm, if I recall...Colby returned to PV after being on the run from Adam for a few years as a "sorased" teenager....

So, if she wasn't with her Mom, Liza, all that time...then who was she with??? WTF. Liza is saying she hadn't seen her since she was a BABY??

Double yoo. Teeee. Efff??

Hmmm, if I recall...Colby returned to PV after being on the run from Adam for a few years as a "sorased" teenager....

So, if she wasn't with her Mom, Liza, all that time...then who was she with??? WTF. Liza is saying she hadn't seen her since she was a BABY??

Double yoo. Teeee. Efff??

I love to read your comments about AMC. They are dead-on in describing what Pratt has done to trash this show.

And it can't be said often enough . . . thanks for pointing out that Jamie Luner and Thorsten Kaye have anti-chemistry (something I didn't believe was possible with TK). JL's Liza is a horribly, horribly bad miscast.

Jamie Luner is to acting what Charles Pratt is to writing, so when I read about this recast the stench of lame-ness was all over it.

The only thing that would make me tune into this lost cause at this point would be if they put Ken-Dull and Liza in a room for an entire episode and had those two engage in an act-off.

I'm guessing it would end in a dead heat for last place.

So true, Mallory! In addition to her constant vamping -- does anybody really need to work THAT hard to appear sexy -- what is up with the Southern accent? Liza Colby is a Northern blue-blood, even if Marian's libido lowered her standing among the Tylers and Nelsons, and Luner's southern drawl is just another confusing aspect of the recast. Sorry, but Jamie Luner sticks out (and not in a good way) among her AMC colleagues. Since it is May, in his own words, Pratt is clearly responsible for this debacle.


Kudos Mallory...

JL is horrific. ITA with whomever said that Luner is to acting what Pratt is to writing, because they are both horrible.

She looks like she's trying to remember what her lines are in every freaking scene. I guess she's too busy trying desperately to play sexy, even with Colby.

She is not and never will be Liza Colby. She's just a really bad new character that Pratt created for the sole purpose of turning viewers stomachs..

No chemistry with anyone.

No maternal vibe with Colby and it speaks volumes when the bad recast Colby, dances circles around the worst recast in the history of daytime UnLiza..

They need to cut their losses and get rid of her or put her in every scene with Ryan.... Then FF would be much easier..

Wonder when Pratt's Princess, Ms Jamie No Ass Kisser, But Pratt's Luner will start teaching the cast a thing or two.....

Worst recast in the history of daytime teamed up with the worst writer in the history of daytime..

AMC is doomed...

Absolutely SPOT ON, Mallory. This is not just a horrible re-cast...it is horrible casting in general. TK, DW, MEK are talented actors who can make just about any scene work with just about anyone...yet not with JL. There is no emotion from JL...she just delivers her dialogue very dead pan. As far as being a "sexy vixen"...she is trying way too hard. Instead of coming across as sexy, she comes across as trying to "act" sexy. This character is just like the character of Ryan to me...FF material.

Totally agree on all points. Ole *Turbo* is non-talented, anti-chemistry, rigormortis-like and absurd.

And hate hate HATE her big-ass moth wing eyelashes.

I've been a Jamie Luner fan for many years and I'm still upset that they cancelled Profiler. She was the best thing about that show. I don't normally watch any daytime TV but I've been checking out AMC whenever I can because of Jamie. I have to agree that the storylines are bad and the acting is bad but c'mon people, everyone falls into this category. I sit there giggling that any of these people actually get paid for doing this crap. And they all look like they're just reading lines. Jamie Luner can be a great actress when given the right material but she certainly won't find any on daytime TV.

I love Jamie, but I think they should give her better story lines. But honestly I like her on prime TV much better. I hope she does go back to Melrose Place with a better story line or some other prime time show.

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