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May 12, 2009

You Take the Good, You Take the Bad...

Of course, in this case, the good is rare and happens almost entirely offscreen, and the bad is blatant and setting on fire something you grew to love but whatever, you take them both and then you have an amalgamation of confusion, pain and fleeting happiness known by its more common name General Hospital.

The Bad: Kate Howard

There once was a time that I never thought I'd use "Kate" and "bad" in the same sentence unless I was saying something like, "It's too bad that GH completely squanders Megan Ward's potential" or something unforgivably dorky like, "I've got it bad for Kate".

When she and her condescending attitude and haircut that launched a thousand Google searches came to Port Charles, she was like a breath of fresh air, with her awesomeness and her uncanny ability to make Sonny Corinthos not only tolerable, but watchable. And then she got shot twice and didn't have the sense to get the hell out of dodge, and that was confusing...and then her wardrobe became way less It Girl than it was Golden Girl, which was unbecoming for a fashion editor in the 21st century, unless hugely padded shoulders and clothes made out of aluminum came back and no one told me...and then all of a sudden the writers got shiny new toys named Sarah Brown and Lisa LoCicero and were pretty much like, "What the hell's a kate? Actually, don't even explain it to me because I don't care", which led to months of out-of-character moping and hysterical scenes hiding the DVD about Claudia's role in Michael's shooting for no real reason and then the news that Megan Ward was bumped down to recurring because who'd want to watch an entertaining character when we could watch a dangerous lunatic and a camera-phone picture taken of a scanned copy of a Xeroxed picture of Lois Cerullo, am I right?

And now we're stuck watching Kate steal layouts from her own magazine before she will, in all likelihood, be written off of the show completely.


This show hurts my feelings, is what I'm saying. I have no doubt that Megan Ward and her pretty hair will rebound nicely, but still!

The Good: Nancy Lee Grahn

There are no adjectives to fully describe the awesomeness of Nancy Lee Grahn. Awesome is an understatement, and fantastic doesn't quite do it justice. In case you need further proof of this, check out her interview with TV Guide*, which is filled with hilarious quips and truth-telling. I can't even pick my favorite part of the interview, but, as we all know, I'm partial to people mocking the sainted hitman

Nu-Kristina is going to be obsessed with Jason Morgan. Discuss.
Quel surprise. There’s a long line of women with that problem. I don’t think he’s going to take advantage of the situation, though weirder things have happened on our show. I can see it now. Jason Morgan: Mobster-slash-Hero-slash-Savior-slash-Pervert.

I need some sort of ornate I ♥ NLG banner with sparkles and text that glows and plays "The Wind Beneath My Wings" to truly convey how much I adore her.

*Thank you to Beth R., my official soap news source, for the heads up!


Being Mallory's news source or actually working...i'm taking being the news source! And is that a hint i send a lot of stuff your way?

and Mallory? I've been going around quoting that part of the interview all day long since I read it. i'm calling random people and just leaving voice messages about "Jason Morgan:Mobster-slash-hero-slash-savior-slash-pervert". Words can not do that quote justice.

Much like words can not do the stupidity of the Kate steals her own layouts plot. GLURG!

Love the Facts of Life Reference! A little Jo Tootie Natalie and Blair always makes life better no? Now I am going to be singing that theme song for hours :-)

NLG for President of ABC Daytime!!!!!!!!!

It was really weird reading an interview by someone involved with ABC Daytime that wasn't filled with lies and BS. It's the first one in a long time that didn't fill me with rage and sadness. On the contrary it was intelligent, honest, hysterically funny, witty, and a pleasure to read. NLG is one of the reasons I still subject myself to GH. She is too wonderful to leave behind even in the dreck that is GH.

To further prove the above point beyond any and all hideous lie filled and viewer blaming interviews by Hanan Caruthers, Frons, Guza, and Sarah Brown etc..... I also remember the recent interview ABC exec interview letting viewers know they would be seeing on air references to the recession on their ABC Soaps.

Is that why Claudia paid off her asassin after he failed to kill Jerry Jax and also injured St. Jasus in the last car bombing with a bonus payment of 500,000$? Seriously? A half a million dollars for a failed hit? Wow, no wonder Jason won't give up his job. That kind of money pays for a lot of black t-shirts and bbq chips for Spinelli.

I know that was a few weeks back, but it really annoyed me. That was an obscene amount of money. And I've watched enough news and mob movies to know how severely unrealistic that was.

Another sad moment was when Carly called Dr. Lee Dr. Kelly several times in one episode. Kelly is the character's first name. Obviously the writers, actors, stage managers, and show runners have all forgotten about Minae's character so much that even her name being inverted several times in one episode went unnoticed. Ouch. I don't know about you, but I know my OBGYN's name ;-)

Facts of Life references are always welcome. In fact, Monday's episode of OLTL was titled The Facts of (One) Life (to Live). ;)

Nancy Lee Grahn is my she-ro. I simply adore that woman. It made me a bit sad when she said they had beaten her down in her interview. perhaps that is because of how completely I can empathize with that feeling. She was otherwise quite hilarious.

Poor Kate/Megan. Both women deserve better than this utter stupidity.

That interview is amazing but I have to say this is my favorite part: Back in the old days you would have stomped into [exec producer] Jill Phelps’ office and said “WTF?"
I so wouldn’t do that now. I no longer have any interest in that. [Laughs] They’ve beaten me down. I’m tamed.

So funny, just the slightest hint of bitchiness but not enough to get called out on it.

Jackie Zeman also gave a great interview recently on awfulness that has plagued daytime. You can read it here: http://www.soapoperasource.com/features/interviews/one-on-one-with-jackie-zeman.html

My favorite part is when they ask her about the current state of soap operas. Here's part of her answer: I feel sad that the daytime industry is struggling to stay afloat. Decisions today are all about money. The ratings are low, and yes it's true that many people have tuned out. Many people have told me that they fast forward through the shows when they are not interested in the characters or the story.

Another great blog about current state of GH. First how Kate is being written and how Megan Ward is being treated by this sorry show is as you describe it 'Bad'. Yes many young female fans really wants to get behind a dangerous lunatic who slept her way through an entire family than a woman who build her career up by hard work. Second, NLG's interview is greatness, so truthful it's refreshing to read. Love that line about "Jason Morgan: Mobster-slash-Hero-slash-Savior-slash-Pervert." I hope Nancy will not be sent to detention again for insulting the Golden child.

Ahhh... I love NLG. she cracks me up. I think my fav part was her comment about Molly being 87.

Concerning Kate... Let's hope this SL is better then her DVD search and JoMax dating service. After seeing todays scene I think it may be good. In fact I think it's already better than the Michael story. It's time to mix it up a lil. Who knows, maybe we'll get some Skate out of it (which in turn means less Clauson and/or Solivia...SWEET!!!!)

I totally agree about Kate/MW. There's no way this storyline makes any sense if Kate's just sabotaging Crimson for the heck of it. Why on Earth would she sabotage her own magazine that she dreamed of starting for a long time?? Not to mention that she probably wouldn't get her old job back at Couture because why would they want to hire her back?? She could do the same exact thing to that magazine. So, basically, Kate's destroying her own career here for no reason. And, for her, a woman who's career means everything, that makes no sense whatsoever.

Here's hoping that there's some underlying reason for Kate doing this.

If you've never done it before, try telling just one day's worth of storyline to your husband/boyfriend/best friend/significant other who doesn't watch the show. Be sure and do it with a straight face, just to see how they react. I did it last night, and the results were hysterical.

"Honey, you won't believe what happened on GH today. This kid, Michael, he's having brain surgery. Long story...so anyway, his heart stops during surgery. They revive him, but his parents are in this waiting room just a few yards from where he's having surgery, because, you know, they always put waiting rooms really close so the family knows what's going on. So they are able to hear when a nurse, who isn't even part of the surgical team, runs around yelling for blood and such RIGHT in front of the family waiting room."

(At this point, my husband is frowning deep enough to leave a permanent indentation in his forehead.)

"So the parents get all worked up about this and decide that they MAY want to stop the surgery!"

(Moving around uncomfortably on the couch now.)

"So they call up the operating room. Yeah! There was a phone right there. I didn't know they had those! So they ask to speak to the doctor, and he puts down his instruments to talk to the mom!"

That's it. Hubby's had enough.

"What the FUCK? You can't call doctors during a SURGERY? How the hell would you even do that anyway? How do you get the NUMBER? Call 411 and ask for the OPERATING ROOM at General Hospital? He's elbow deep in some kid's head, but the parents can just say, "stop, enough brain twiddling?" Why the hell do you watch this shit?"

Oh the fun. Try it! Today, I'm going to tell him about the woman who owns a magazine, stealing her own layouts to give to a rival magazine, BUT, she drove all over town with it first for no apparent reason and then brought it back. There may be actual hair ripping....

2 things: I feel really bad for Megan and her character Kate who I used to love so much for a lot of reasons, one of those reasons was cause she made Sonny like able. I just hope Megan quits and moves on to bigger and better things. Second thing is I really absolutely LOVE Nancy. She always speaks the truth about that shit fest called GH. just LOVE HER!!

Bobbie was on today -- OMG -- am I the last person on earth to mention this but WHAT HAPPENED TO HER FACE? I didn't even recognize her ... I used to LOVE Bobbie! (Forgive me for the all caps -- I'm just so ... so ... horrified).

This show pains me. I had to take it off of my DVR and out of my life. I seriously can't watch what they are doing to Kate/Megan. When did Megan Ward become the pimp to boring characters? And when did characters like Olivia and Claudia steal her storylines? And who the fuck decided to make this entire show about Claudia and her redemption because A.. it's not working, and B.. it is making me resent the fact that I ever bragged about General Hospital having a good storyline ever. How do you create a character as fabulous as Kate Howard and then kill her slowly and needlessly? How do you make me hope that Megan moves on in order to sacrifice her and my sanity and nerves? It is so pathetic! And it makes me really disappointed that anyone writing a tv show could be this legitimately retarded. I want my Kate Howard back damnit!!!

Ain't that the truth! Megan Ward / Kate (and her legion of fans) have been nothing but thrown under the bus for well over six months now. THANK YOU for addressing this glaring travesty so elequently (as usual) that GH would assume ignore.

Her look, class, style, professionalism and sexy on screen chemistry with MB - won me over from the moment she burst through Sonny's door. Yet, since the contrived and extremely disturbing MOC between SLop, not to mention the completely, hypocritical, unjustifiable, BS cousin, they call Olivia - GH has done nothing but leave me feeling like I've been stabbed in the back and with each and every HOlivia scene they just twist it deeper and deeper. The unjustice has no end. I'd like to think they will come to their senses and make Dante, Connie's kid ... but that is giving the morons that be far too much credit. So alas - I'm done with GH.

Megan Ward deserves soooo much better! You go girl!

I knew from the moment Olivia hit the scene, she was brought on to tear down Megan's character piece by piece until she was ruined, Guza style. Being shot twice and still loving Sonny only made it worse. They didn't write her character true to form. Any other Kate Howard would have walked all over Sonny and out the door.

And why must they continue to dress Claudia like she's a sleazy time traveler out of the 80's, with horrible faux leather jackets and tight lace T's, like Cher in the movie Mask?

Mallory! So much truth you speak about Kate Howard (Megan Ward) and GH's idiotic, sad treatment of both the character and the actress. The absurd characters on which they choose to focus is nothing but unsound decision-making. The continued low ratings illustrate that.

The NLG article in TVG was great! Have loved her since her days on Santa Barabara.

Mallory, you are once again singin' my tune. It's great how you say everything I'm thinking, but with humorous criticism, and yet not necessarily ranting, but gets the point across. So much WORD to everything that's written in your blogs! This one, particularly about Kate Howard,is so true (sadly).

Even further proof that NLG is made of awesome and does more truth-telling than anyone else on that show. That interview was brilliantly sardonic and mildly sarcastic. I loved it. I feel like having drinks with her and just talking to her would be beyond fantastically funny.

Tabby, that is the best description ever of CladiHo's style. It truly captures the bizarre hideousness of her wardrobe. Add in the jet black dyed hair and she is styled exactly like Cher's character in Mask. We have all tried explain how awful her look is, but you really captured it perfectly.

The only difference being Cher's character in that movie was a complex loving flawed wonderful troubled strong brave woman and mother. And Claudia is noxious evil with a powerful sense of selfishness unless it relates to her incestuous love for her bro Johnnie.

Bravo Tabby, nice reference :-)

Still not watching but still reading your blog. Love the postings. NLG is a smart cookie. She knows how to wait out the disaster GH has become. Keeping my fingers crossed Sri Rao will be hired as head writer soon.

I haven't commented in forevs but that interview brought tears to my eyes. I love NLG and I have loved NLG since I was 15 and, fed-up w NBC Daytime, made the leap to ABC.
I'll say it again: LOVE. HER.

I am right with you on the Nancy love!!! She's been one of my favorites for years.

NLG rocks! No question about it!

As for Kate Howard, I think you're being a bit harsh especially when you have Claudia, Olivia and Rebecca running around town. Kate had the makings of an outstanding character, but the writers are not interested in writing outstanding female characters. Alexis is an exception, but even she's had her moments. Tracey is another exception but her devotion to Luke is a major turn off. Carly is a joke. Sam is so much better without Jason, but the impending Jason/Sam reunion will inevitably result in the whinning crying annoying Sam resurfacing. Robin is pretty much ignored and the few times she was given a storyline, the writing was so bad it made me wish they had just continued to ignore her (for example, HIV+ pregnancy and PPD). Liz is milk toast. Lulu is too selfish. Maxie needs to mature. I wish the women of GH had more opportunities to be strong and powerful.

Check out this MW interview on soapdish radio. She's pretty frank. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/stardish/2009/05/15/Megan-Ward-Returns-to-Dish-with-Stardish


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