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June 25, 2009

General Hospital SHOCKER

In a twist that nobody, and I mean NOBODY, saw coming, Ric Lansing, treated so often by the writers as either a complete afterthought or a convenient scapegoat for terrible things, left Port Charles in a dignified way. He wasn't humiliated yet again by Jason or Sonny. His unconscious body wasn't again traipsed around town. And, most shockingly of all, left town ALIVE.

This is the first time in years that General Hospital has surprised me...aside from the surprise I have on a daily basis about the lengths the show will go to to be terrible, but you know what I mean.


Ric: I'd love nothing more than to take you down, Ms. Miller, but unfortunately, I'm leaving Port Charles.

Patrick: When did that come about?

Ric: Let's just say, I got an offer I couldn't refuse.

Hee! And Rick Hearst got an offer from a soap who recognizes the fact that he's crazy talented and will presumably write for him, not letting him sit on the backburner unless the script calls for mustache twirling villainy or losing an argument against Sonny.

Claudia: Where are you going? 

Ric: Los Angeles. It's interesting work...and it's completely legal.

And he's too right about the, um, interesting aspect of his upcoming work in LA. His character on B&B is named Whipple Jones III! That is endlessly entertaining, far more so than most of GH.

The character of Ric was poorly written and underdeveloped, and completely saved by Rick Hearst, who was far too good for this show. And, as Beth R. pointed out, his goodness was rewarded with the show taking him out of the opening credits before his last episode. All together now: This effing show...


Whipple Jones III...aka Whip...another tribute to the genius of the writers who name the characters at B&B...Fabulous! Right up there with Ridge, Thorne, Darla, Macy....

Also in the this effing show column...no last scene for Daddy Ric and Kristina/Molly? I know he probably doesnt' recognize them now that they grew over night but still....

Good luck Rick! And congrats on moving on so fast they didn't have time to plot the inevitable Who Killed Ric storyline I feel was certainly coming later this summer. You are my hero for clearly screwing over Guza...That's right...I see the F.U. Guza in your smile there...Don't worry I won't tell him.

I really hope the B&B works out well for RH. He is a terrific actor and very handsome too :-) I saw him years ago on Wally Kurth's One Day With.... show on Soapnet and I found him to be a very down to earth loving funny dedicated family man. Oh yeah, and he has a really hot body.

I'm so happy he has a new job and is no longer being wasted at GH. I really enjoyed him as Ric when he had half decent scripts. He brought all he could to a role so horribly managed and written for most of his time on air. But his gifts as an actor always elevated his work.

Best wishes to Ric and Rick :-)!!!

I will miss Rick Hearst on my screen, but good for him. It was appalling the way GH treated him.

Yeah I couldn't be shocked because it just f'cking figures that his last scene isn't with someone logical. Like say his daughter or one of his ex-wives or his brother. And freaking Diane is the one to tell Alexis that he's leaving town. Because why would his ex-wife and the mother of his only child merit being told by Ric.

Freaking Guza.

Since this thread isn't about B&B, I'll just say good luck to Ric Hearst, as he'll need it on that awful show. But he was right to leave GH, they never did anything for him.

I will be surprised if they don't kill Ric off within the year. They will probably say he had a murder-suicide with Dillon, Ned, and Brooke Lyn Quartermaine.

I got a compliment for you - I've been crying my eyes out all today after the big news - first Farrah, than the King of Pop. I don't even watch GH - but reading your post made me laugh. Thank you...

Aww...Rick. You are amazing and magical. I wish you well.

I think Rick Hearst is amazing. And I am relieved to see that his exit wasn't as another mob casualty (although I suspect that his Y-chromosome may deserve a lot of the credit for that). But I am truly disappointed to hear that his last scene wasn't with Alexis or Liz. But, oh right, those relationships happened over a year ago, and the writers probably forgot them.

Regardless, good on Rick Hearst for getting out. I wish him lots of luck and writers who appreciate his talent.

Rick Hearst is an extremely talented actor and a stand up man who deserved a lot better from TPTB than he was given on a regular basis. For someone I've never met I really hold him in the highest regard (and that is rare for me). TPTB were idiots to think he would hang around on recurring until they decided to get their heads out of their butts. BB snatched him up and the thought of GH left in a lurch do their own lunacy tickles me silly. I'm going to miss Ric and Rick, but I really wish him well.

As for his send off, I really was expecting something a lot more ominous and aggravating, but thankful it was a pleasant surprise for me too. I almost got the feeling from the writing that TPTB realized they cut of their nose off to spite their face and hence were leaving the door open for a Ric & Rick return. I won't hold my breath but this is Daytime and anything can happen.

Well, Ric did say the show didn't get a lot of notice, so there wasn't time to even write one of GH's poorly thought out murders. I think that's probably the only thing that saved him - and his character for another day.

Although I don't know how they would have logically done it after everything Rick had done, I always thought that LIz was the true love of his life. It would have been interesting to see him try and win her back. Unfortunately, Rick had become the new AJ - no matter what he did, he would always lose, always make the wrong choices, and always end up at the bottom of the barrel.

i have to say that when i saw Rick Hearst's last scene on GH, i was sad. i started to tear up a bit cuz i truly loved seeing him on the show, but i am very glad to see he will be on B&B and given a much better storyline. GH will forever and ever suck!! i hope GH really does get canceled!! Guza and Co. EFFIN' SUCK!!!!!!!!!

Wait, they can take him out of the credits before he leaves, but they can't change the Camera Pan of Dead Guys in Tuxedos? WTFHLNE;B;AB;ABJV;KJB;ABJ;AJB;JB;KJB;JB;BN!

i am following RH to Bold. he is worth watch that show for.

Was that really Ric's last scene? I may be naive here, but what the hell will they do with the whole Claudia amnio thing in August? Not just that, but isn't Molly coming to
life" soon? WHY would they get get rid of him now?! These writers are f***ed up.

Was that really Ric's last scene? I may be naive here, but what the hell will they do with the whole Claudia amnio thing in August? Not just that, but isn't Molly coming to
life" soon? WHY would they get get rid of him now?! These writers are f***ed up.

In the photo, he looks like a young Stuart Damon there. What a fitting way to go out then.

Woo hoo!! I will now be adding B&B to the DVR. It can take the space that GH used to occupy. :)

Wow, he does look a bit like Stuart Damon. I like the cocky little smile too. I've never watched B&B, but maybe now I'll give it a go.

Loved RH's line about how he got am offer he couldn't refuse. Screw GH for the way they treated him. A two-time emmy winner for his work on that show and they bump him to recurring. Yet they offer NuMichael, NuKristina, Ethan and probably Dominic contracts. Good for Rick H for not putting up with the crappy way he was treated. I wish him lots of luck on B&B.

So GH can take him out of the credits on his last day, but they can't update the opening or get rid of that shot at the end where half the guys are no longer on the show. WTF?

I'm glad the Rick Hearst is leaving GH. I have been follwing him since GL and was hoping he could reprise his role of Alan Michael before the show went off the air. I swear he, LuJack, and Phillip where the main reasons I watched GL back in the days. Anyway, I'm a sucker for BandB so I will be continuing to follow Rick. Now I feel sorry the the viewers of GH because that probably means that awful spawn of Claudia will turn out to be another awful spawn of Sonny. I used to like sonny before he became baby dady to almost every one on the canvase. I guess Liz and Robin are going to get a ride on the Sonny train next since they are treating Megan Ward so terribly.

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