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June 09, 2009

Not Gonna Lie: I Totally Cried

I know it is an insanely overused plot device, that I should write a 14,000 word rant against any soap ever doing another baby-switch or baby-death storyline EVER again (And I still might!  Get me a couple of vodka lemonades and another few horrible episodes of GH and I will be off and running.), that the pacing of this story especially Rafe's pseudo-adoption of Grace was bizarre, that the close-up on the actress baby after Grace passed away was icky,


that it appears from ABC promos that Days is totally ripping this story off from OLTL (which -- purely by coincidence! -- Days' head writer used to be the head writer for), and that the fallout from Grace's death is not going to be nearly as soapy and interesting as it should be....but dear readers, I do not have a void where my heart should be.  I teared up when baby Grace died today!  Especially when Sami and Rafe lost it.

SamiCrying RafeCrying

Tears weren't streaming down my face or anything, and I think that some of my over-emotionalism was probably due to residual distress over my neighborhood convenience store's fountain soda machine being out of Coke Zero syrup this afternoon (will nobody think of the under-caffeinated children?!), but nonetheless, I welled up.  Am I alone?  Because for real, I liked this episode so much that I didn't even hate Daniel.  What is wrong with me?

Picture 10

Elvis, much like your daughter, I must inquire,


Are you serious?

Also, on a side note:  These kids are going to end up in med school with Max.


Non-crappy screencaps courtesy of Sheryl's Days of Our Lives Screen Caps.


They really did it, huh? They really killed off a baby for the sake of ratings.


Is there anything more expressive on Earth than a Soap Baby?

Damn, soaps having a higher infant mortality rate than the Middle Ages.

I totally cried. I have never liked Sami and though I have always respected Ali Sweeney's talent, the character has been on my fast forward list for years now. But since being paired with Rafe, I have found her watchable and interesting and I have totally gotten caught up in this story. I agree that Rafe's intended adoption angle was weird and horribly written and his sister's constant vague references to this being 'like last time' is frustrating, but it still managed to be soapy goodness.

On a side note, is it weird that I kept looking at that sweet baby and worrying about her being held by someone who was obviously distraught as Alison did such a a great job? Also, that she looked beautifully healthy and the fact that she was about to die seemed ludicrous? I know there probably wasn't a good way for it to seem otherwise, but it took me out of the moment at times. Maybe they could have shown the baby a WHOLE LOT LESS or something?

Alison Sweeney turned in an impressive performance. On a shallow note, I appreciated her willingness to forego the perfect makeup and truly look the part.

You didn't even hate DANIEL?! Wow, you really did like this episode.

I can't believe yet another soap baby has been killed off. What must writers meetings be like? "You know what we haven't done in a few months? Killed a baby. That's exactly what we need to spice things up". And then of course the actors do such a great job that it becomes engrossing and proves the writers right. Blerg!

That baby was a great little actress. It reached out for Will, was calm as can be--which made it all the more heartbreaking when she "died." I hate the killing of child characters for ratings, but I had to admit that Rafe, Sami, and even Nicole's reactions really got to me. Elvis's robe was the comic relief.

You have to give Days one thing they do death really well.

Not that well... no one (except Dr Tom) remains dead in Salem.

Here's hoping they bury Grace in the same swampland "stillborn" Chelsea was interred.

Honestly, Sami and Rafe are the only thing on this soap I'm enjoying. That's shocking because I use to hate Sami back in the day and yeh, I cried. I thought they wouldn't do it, but they did.

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