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June 03, 2009

The Days of Their Lives Are Apparently Very Long and Not That Interesting

One of my dog’s favorite toys is a cow, which instead of the traditional squeaker has a little box that makes a loud “moooo!” when you squeeze it.  He has had this toy for years, yet every time it makes that noise, he does the classic head-half-turn, doggie “WTF?” expression that every dog lover knows.  Then he gets super excited and does the dog equivalent of laughing – thumps his front paws up and down until I throw the toy for him.  I love it.  I routinely squeeze that toy just to see that reaction.  And it never fails!  Year after year, the moo cow puzzles and delights.  "Moooo!"  ::doggie confusion then glee::

I think, as is always the case when I wander like this, it’s obvious where I’m going:  The Daytime Emmys are my moo cow toy.  No matter how many times I experience them, the bizarreness is new and exciting.  And ultimately they bring me much joy (usually from making fun of what people wear on the red carpet).

When I checked in a couple weeks back, poolside from the tropics, to see Mal’s post announcing that Days of Our Lives had been nominated for Best Drama Series, I totally did the doggie WTF head turn.  And then I laughed.  THIS is the state of soaps today?  Goodness.

But then, I remembered that Best Drama Series is based on only one or two episodes submitted and is frequently actually “Drama Series That Does Not Suck as Much Either as it Used to or as the Other Shows Do,” I have decided I am fine with this nomination.  Particularly if the submitted episodes were the ones surrounding Grandpa Brady's death.  Does anyone know if they were?  And regardless, what are your thoughts about this presumably-unexpected-by-everyone-who-actually-watches-this-show nomination?


In fairness, even now, long after Shawn Brady has passed and the image of Patsy Pease's mangled visage has mostly faded from my memory, I enjoy a few things on Days.  (Please keep in mind that “enjoy” is really more “am not bored to tears by.”  And also "a few things on" is really more "21% of.")  These things include:

  • Sami and Rafe.  People, I do not know what special powers Galen Gering brought over from that show about magical dwarfs and witches, but I approve.  The man has provided the only 30-something, non-boring good guy in Salem in as long as I can remember.  And he and Allison Sweeney have fantastic chemistry, to the point where I forget how much I wanted to slap Sami’s screeching face a year or so ago. 
  • Victor back in charge.  I love Victor as the slightly evil puppeteer.  That is what he was when I fell for this show back in the 80s, and John Aniston works that angle like no other.  Kiriakis vs. DiMera is turning out to be far less lame than I feared.  Stefano is kind of toothless this time around though, no?
  • Phillip and Stephanie.  Sure, the fact that Steve and Kayla aren’t around for Steph’s engagement, and that the engagement happened after almost no build-up, suck.  As did the horrendous held-captive-in-the-morgue plotline.  As does the fact that Phillip appears to no longer have a fake leg, nor anything but a tiny smudge from when he was shot at point-blank range in the chest like three years ago.  As does the fact that Stephanie was parading around the Kirakis mansion in what my mother would adorably call a "nightie," as if it was perfectly acceptable resort wear.  But go with me on this:  These two are pretty, and not entirely annoying. 
  • The baby switch.  I still don’t approve of the whole idea, but in execution it hasn’t been as horrible as I feared.  I am worried about Grace, though.  Are they going to kill her off?  Will this show sink that low?  Why do I ask questions I don't really want to know the answer to?

The problem is, the reason the show still isn’t what we in the olden days called "good" is that there are still so many things that are boring like whoa.  These include:

  • EJ
  • Nicole
  • Melanie
  • Lucas
  • Chloe
  • Daniel
  • Will
  • Mia
  • Lexie
  • Abe
  • Bo’s stupid effing psychic visions (THIS is what you do with the lone remaining supercouple you have on canvas?)
  • Pretty much anything else that's going on, because I can't even be bothered to remember what they are.

And there is still this situation.  

EJ hairEJ hair2

Could somebody tell me why he must hurt me like this, when I ask so little of him?  Was being a sex god really so difficult? 

The only good news is that there are rumors, shared by commenter Charlie after my last post about this unfolding human tragedy, that James Scott has cut his hair.  Praise be!  But in the meantime . . .

I suppose I should just be happy that one of my shows isn't aggressively horrible (see Hospital, General).  "Mostly boring" seems like high-quality television by comparison.  Oh my god, I've just figured out the thought process of Daytime Emmy voters.  This is horrifying.  It's like sympathizing with terrorists, or something.  Quick, fetch me my moo cow.

Screencaps courtesy of Sheryl's Days of Our Lives Screen Caps.


i'm not sure if Days submitted those scenes...but Peter Reckell totally did for his nomination.

My understanding is that Days did submit one of the plane crash episodes (I presume it was the one where Grandpa Shawn died). Maria Allen Bell from Y&R did an interview and she said she was on the voting committee and all the shows submitted "event" episodes (except Y&R apparently) and that was Days only "event" last year that would qualify.

I find it highly ironic that Days got the nomination for an episode where Dena Higley was allegedly not the headwriter (since it was during the strike) and Ed Scott was still the co-executive producer, and the episode featured 7 cast members no longer on the show. Somehow that just sums of Days.

As for the show itself, there are some good things (or at least less bad things) and some very bad things (starting with James Scott's hair, followed by Jay Kenneth Johnson's hair when it is in his face). However most of the problems could be solved just by allowing Brady to wander around Salem dispensing wisdom with his shirt off. The Chest of Magnificence can probably cure cancer and bring world peace (much like Megan Ward's hair used to be able to do).

I am totally geeking out over Sami and Rafe. I really like them. EJ seriously needs to bring back the hotness of years prior. Why torture us? Him and Nicole are a snooze together so we may as well have something pretty to look at while he's on screen.

Thanks for the shout out. If I hear anything more, I will let you know post haste.

Also, I've just been watching lately for Wes Ramsey...not so much for his acting, just to look at Wes Ramsey. I've learned not to ask for much from this show either except to be thankful it's not GH.

DAYS submitted the plane crash episode where Grandpa Shawn gave up his oxygen as the plane was going down. Peter Reckell submitted an episode right after the plane crash where he learns that Grandpa Shawn is dead.

That makes sense. Thanks for the info, JC.

esp13, how could I have forgotten shirtless Brady? He has gotten me through some slow episodes. I start looking for shins to kick when they put him in scenes with Melanie, though.

rafe is the best looking guy on tv, and with those eyes, smile, and voice, he can be on screen the entire show. a nice, sexy man on soaps! what a novel idea. the other guys on the show, even in ff, are boring, keep bo and send the others packing. well, you can bring back patch.

I understand your frustration with the Brady/Melanie scenes, Becca. Particularly when there was any kind of attempt to put some romantic edge to the scenes (like, the nausea inducing kiss). I don't mind so much when there is more of a big brother/little sister vibe between them.

Mostly I'd like Brady to get an actual story which involves him spending most of his time shirtless. That would solve many problems with Days very quickly.

Am I the only one who found Owen and Stephanie's morgue scenes hilarious? When he caught her trying to stab him with scissors, and they "struggle" -- very stiffly -- while he perks "Stephanie, I never knew you were a violent person!" and she whines "I'm not uuuuusually"?! I haven't laughed so hard in weeks. Rolling Steph into a morgue drawer, while she cried "Noooo!" like 10,000 times? Comedy gold! I'm not even being sarcastic.

Umm, anyway, I just had to confess that to someone. Love your blog!

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