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July 13, 2009

Dear Song: No, I Most Certainly Would Not Like It

The last 45 seconds of General Hospital today made me want to vomit.  That is all.


Sonny always makes me want to vomit.....but yes today even more so....

Back to my Lucky/Liz playing cuddle bunnies happy place.....

I have about six GH episodes on my DVR to watch and just because of this comment I had to FF to the ending of today's episode. Sonny and Olivia are just... ugh. Let's just hope this doesn't end with Olivia being knocked up by Sonny again. I can just see Guza getting excited about this plot twist "Let's see, Sonny can get Olivia pregnant and it will be AWSOME because Sonny doesn't know he has a son with Olivia. A son that is also hitting on his daughter with Alexis and almost shot his son with Carly! I'm using a lot of twisting and plot development and a bunch of other literary stuff. Who's awsome? I'M AWSOME!"

Just... ugh.

"Don't fight it." Oh, Olivia. Please fight it. Preferably with a gun.

Intrigued, I decided to watch today's GH and fast forward to the last 45 seconds. Now, I would give anything to have a partial lobotomy if it meant I never had to have visions of...that....ever again.

It was bound to happen sooner or later.

Yeah, that was very vomit worthy. Olivia is such a freaking hypocrite. She doesn't want Dante to know Sonny and yet she stays in Port Charles where her son is eventually going to come find her.

Not to mention the fact that they keep rewriting history to accommodate Olivia and Sonny's "love story." First, Sonny was using Olivia to get to Kate. Now, he has this amazing love for Olivia??? Give me a break.

And MB and LLC have no chemistry, whatsoever. None at all.

I didn't catch the full 45 seconds, because my eyes instinctively squeezed themselves shut soon after the nastiness began. EW.

Makes me want to vomit too! *goes back to Scrubs happy place*

I'm just glad it's not Carly. They could have given Johnny and Olivia a few months, good grief.

This is why I want VM to stay far, far away from this show. Sonny is just nasty!

Sonny to Olivia-"Don't fight it."

Attn Frons & Guza: Regarding the above quote, that was scored by the most nauseating song you use weekly and think is sexy even though it is the least appealing song EVER. We really swoon at the magical daytime romance you provide when the married moronic mumbling "master mommy making" murdering misogynistic mob boss quotes RAPISTS while once again cheating on his wife/lover/girlfriend etc..... so fucking romantic and sexy.

Gee, thanks assholes for that reminder you are responsible for murdering daytime drama on ABC. SHAME ON YOU BOTH.

See how you like it Guza & Frons....

The viewers of ABC Daytime to you G&F-"Shut up and lie still you talentless fuckers while we tune out your programming in massive numbers so your ratings plummet even further into oblivion so all your shows are cancelled making both of you and your evil minions unemployable forever, just lie still and take it like the nasty bitches from Bensonhurst you are!"

Did you enjoy that sweet sexy talk gentlemen?

(sorry if that was too offensive, but I was beyond disgusted by today's shitfest, made even more vile after Friday's brief respite into entertaining soapy fun) (i did indeed e-mail a note very similar to this earlier today to every abc daytime address i could find)

I havent watched in months, but I know I am pissed about it without even watching it. Amazing how this show has that affect on me. All I know is that he has slept with Claudia and now kissed Olivia when he is/was supposedly in love with Kate. I just... sigh. I hate this fucking show. It has become so craptastic its not even funny.

I'm not watching this show right now, but I take it that they played the gut wrenching "would you like it" song again.

Oh man.

I'm so glad I turned off my DVR for vacation last week. I've yet to feel any desire to turn it back on. In fact this little tidbit solidifies my resolve to cut it loose.
I actually enjoyed Johnny / Olivia. Shame. If anyone should have been a Sonny-truth-teller it should have been the girl smart enough to hide his secret son and stay far far away for 20+ years. But of course we couldn't have THAT. Any woman would fall all over herself to sleep with Sonny, right? Right? Gee I hope so say TPTB since that's what we're basing out entire show on....

I hate that "wouldja like it?" song, it's so sleazy. But then so is Sonny. He practically manhandled Olivia, is it too much to hope she slaps him? And Dominic/Dante even jokingly suggesting Claudia sleep with him? YUCK.

I didn't think it was vomit worthy...

But, then again, when it goes by in milli-seconds, there is no time for the gag reflex to kick in!

Praise be the fast forward button!

This. Show. Reeks.

the only thing that was interesting about yesterday's GH was scrubs. and yes, I know that they were only mostly background scenery yesterday and had only like 2 lines, but man they were all touchy feely with each other which made them look even hotter than normal, and normally there really Hott! Kimberly and Jason are really comfortable with each other! anyways, as for the rest of the show specially the ending...it was just disgusting period. But even as background scenery Scrubs still stole the show and made it watchable for me.

I felt so violated. I was watching in FF and it was still a violent assault on my eyeballs.

Is there someone I can sue for this? This...this reckless and horrific act of indecent and horrible and vomit-inducing behavior? I think we could do a class-action lawsuit. If all the money that ABC Daytime has to pay out means that GH will be canceled, well, that's just a burden we'll somehow have to deal with.

I actually did vomit last night. There are a lot of things I can take. That kiss is not one of them. It was so gross and I had to see it as well as listen to that nasty, cheap-ass song. They play that crap with Sonny and Claudia, too, so I'm wondering if someone is trying to tell us something with the nature of both these relationships. Ew,ew! I'm cringing again.

Liz was absolutely cute yesterday with her "Gee, I feel so left out." I'm just wondering if it will ever occur to Maxie that the bad blood between her and Liz was all her doing. She acts like Liz crossed her when it was the other way around. Much like Carly. I actually started liking Maxie, but it's been two steps forward, fifty steps back for a while now. I will say I liked her performance with Lulu. Diane was fun, too. Rebecca......was not.

I wanted to rip my eyeballs out and set them on fire. It. was. disgusting.

She was flopping around like a fish outta water. Nasty.

Let's all be thankful that this song, and head writer Guza, were not on the canvas for the Luke-Laura rape storyline. Or heck, the Liz-rape storyline.

That is the ONLY thing I can imagine that would be worse than what we were subjected to yesterday. Blargh!

Sonny needs to be put in a coma and never to be seen or heard from again.

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