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July 28, 2009

Watch Out Victor: Vivian Is Back In Town

According to our lovely part-time employers:

Another Alamain Back To DAYS!
It's official: Soap Opera Digest can confirm that Louise Sorel (Vivian) is returning to Salem in the fall. Look for her to hit town in late September. As previously reported, Crystal Chappell (Carly) is also coming back to the show.

Mallory could not report this news because she said "eeeeeeee!!!!!" so loud she popped a blood vessel.

As for me, I think Louise Sorel is awesome, but Vivian is from an era of Days that isn't my favorite. Though at this point they could bring back every character who ever irritated me, all at once, if it meant a little forward story movement and less screentime for all these snooze-worthy couples.  We shall see.


Hopefully it will be something like the original kickass Vivian, the one who introduced herself to the show by casually shooting a man to death and walking over his body, instead of the comic relief - or should that be "comic relief" - James Reilly turned her into.

I loved Vivian when she first showed up, then I quit the show because it went bonkers. So I hope she's more like original recipe Vivian. I just started watching Days again since I had quit back in the 90s. Yeah, it can be "meh" sometimes, but it doesn't offend me and make my brain and heart hurt like a certain mob show. I hope some of the returns of familiar faces give it some *oomph* and I'm willing to give them a chance in the meantime. I'd love of Days could prove that soaps aren't dead yet.

This is excellent news. Days was often unwatchable back when she was on, but Vivian was a lone bright spot. However, this will also likely mean more of Kate, who gives Marlena a run for the money in confusing orgasmic gasping for acting.

I LOVE Vivian! I totally just squealed!!!! This made my day!!

Oh, sweet baby flying spaghetti monster, YES!

If only Ivan would accompany her.

Yay! I love Vivian! I might have to start watching again. My fondest memory of Vivian was the impressionist statue of Kate that she had made for that banquet. Ah, the good old days, when Kate was stuck on a fishing boat.... Please no Ivan though, I didn't like him.

I'm with you, Becca. Vivian was prominent in an era of Days I was less than fond of. And I worry what these writers will do with any "good" character. But, I hope they surprise me and it turns out to be a really good thing.

Other Heather, you hit the nail on the head. IVAN!!!! They were the best pair. I wonder what her interactions with Philip will be like, seeing as how she gave birth to him. And a Viv-Kate fight over Victor and/or Stephano?!?!? EEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

OMG! Really? REALLY?! I love Vivian. Days first caught my eye during the Carly buried alive storyline. Maybe it's because I missed the "glory years" of the show, but that era is still my favorite.

She HAS to come back as the original Vivian. I really hated the show for what they did to her in the end. And of course Ivan has to come back with her, but they can't be married anymore. In the DOOL that exists in my head she divorced him, managing to keep all the millions he won, and he is now once again her devoted servant.

Forgot to add...yeah, I have to start watching again. It's been ages. I have no idea what's going on now.

Michael Sabatino is back now too!

april 2011

I love Vivian as many other do; she is just too much....she actually makes me laugh and God knows how much you need a laugh on this show!

I hope they do not change the personnality of Nicole, the "other" smart woman on that show, but in a very warm human way.

I cannot stand the very "intelligent & educated Taylor" who is so stupid in making decisions; you wonder if she has only a grade 3 instead of a degree in business administration!

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