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August 25, 2009

Countdown to the Emmys: Day 3

"Let's pretend to be Emmy voters for the week" continues, this time with a look at the gentlemen up for Outstanding Supporting Actor

Bradford Anderson (Spinelli, General Hospital)

Our Take: Well...this at least is a light and humorous clip that the Emmy voters might enjoy after sifting through the more dramatic reels. It's just...okay, we can't even pretend that we'd give this a second thought, because it highlights exactly what we can't stand about Spinelli--the babbling, the nicknames and the inability to read social cues. For all of our bitching about Spinelli, we readily admit that Bradford Anderson is a very talented actor. It's just a shame that he didn't choose to showcase that fact for the Emmy voters.

The other four actors, and your chance to vote, after the jump!

Jeff Branson (Shayne, Guiding Light)

Our Take: This was a pretty fantastic submission: emotional, engrossing and subtle. The last part may prove to be Branson's downfall here, since the Emmys have a tendency to overlook the subtle, quiet actors in favor of Capital-A ACTING and scenery chewing. At the very least, he totally redeemed himself in Mallory's eyes after his ill-fated stint as Jonathan Lavery on AMC. It may not be an Emmy, but that is still quite high praise!

Van Hansis (Luke, As The World Turns)

Our Take: Last year, we were really impressed with Hansis's reel in the Younger Actor category and he's equally impressive here. The relationship angst felt palpably real, and there's just something seriously likeable about him, which may not be Emmy criteria, but it should count for something.

(The Zac Efron hair is questionable, though)

Vincent Irizarry (David, All My Children)

Our Take: Vincent Irizarry is almost good enough to make you forget that David's suicidal breakdown is over a daughter that he barely knew and who wanted nothing to do with him. He's a very good actor who gave a very good performance. These scenes were pretty much the entirety of his time on the show during the Emmy eligibility window, but we can't fault him for that. Bonus points for reminding the Emmy voters that Babe is dead, which will surely put them in a good mood and perhaps vote in his favor!

Jacob Young (JR, All My Children)

Our Take: Another AMC actor shrewdly decides to make voters happy by reminding them that Babe is dead! Jacob Young gives good grief, and this is even more impressive since his scene partner might as well have been a block of wood, for all of the emotion Amanda Baker provided.


alright...so far the internet hates me and hasn't let me say this but i will try try again...I am persistant like that...

Minus roughly a zillion points to Bradford Anderson for selceting a clip where the dreaded Blog Wars was referrenced. That brought back flashbacks. I was living in fear of a Winnie related episode..i had almost surpressed that.

That being said...and by that stellar math....Jeff Branson or Van Hansis should win if there is any justice in the world...which there's not...so it so wont' happen will it?

Beth - don't get too exicted the actress playing Winnifred didn't air until 2009 so that wasn't eligible for the 2008 period that these Emmy's are honoring (yes, 8 months into the year and we are JUST rewarding last years work). Anderson may get nominated for something related to Winnifred next year.

JC- that might be due to the fact I get completely confused over the time line Daytime Emmys use....I have fully prepared myself that next year it will probably be the fantasy episode of Spinelli and winnie. Because the soap gods hate me.

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