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August 29, 2009

Countdown to the Emmys: Day 7

Now it's time to take a look at the nominees for Outstanding Daytime Drama, a category as notable for its omissions (no Y&R? Boo! No GH? Ha!) as its nominees.

Soap Central has a look at the episodes submitted by All My Children, The Bold and the Beautiful and Days Of Our Lives that stood out to voters as the year's best:

All My Children

A series of tornadoes steamrolls through Pine Valley, leaving devastation and death in their wake. The storm collapses Zach and Kendall's beach house, leaving Kendall missing among the rubble and a pregnant Bianca fighting for her and her baby's lives. Elsewhere, Babe and her son, Little A, are trapped under a beam and Babe must make a life-and-death decision.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Due to the fact that it is a 30-minute show, The Bold and the Beautiful submits two episodes. These episodes revolve around Storm's decision to take his own life so that his heart may be donated to his sister, Katie. The reel is topped off with a dramatic flashback of black-and-white home movie-style memories of the Logan kids. In another room Brooke, Donna and others hear the sound of a gunshot. When they rush to see what happened, they learn that Storm has taken his own life

Days Of Our Lives

A plane carrying several Salem residents loses fuel and plummets towards the ground. Steven Johnson and John Black struggle to find a way to regain control of the plane. In the rear of the plan, Shawn Brady refuses oxygen so that the others will be spared. The plane eventually crashes and loved ones await word on the fate of those aboard the plane.

We don't watch B&B, and AMC is horrendous, so by default and with much regret given its overall boringness, we're both all about Days Of Our Lives this year. What say you, Serial Drama readers?


The Emmy ceremony is tomorrow night and our coverage will be a bit different this year. Becca is currently visiting family on the West Coast (CONVENIENT, isn't it, that she is in California at the precise time that Jason Thompson and James Scott will be in formalwear in a known location?). For some reason, the Daytime Emmys aren't considered important enough to air live on both coasts, (it's like they don't consider a ceremony that has called General Hospital Outstanding Daytime Drama in the past and often has the production values of a third grade play relevant or something!), so we won't be able to do our traditional tag-team liveblog. We'll allow you a moment to mourn.

We WILL however, have a Emmy roundup post after the show has aired in both time zones bringing you the handful of highlights and myriad lowlights that the show is sure to provide us. To satisfy your real time snarking needs, we will be having two open threads, for both the Emmy red carpet pre-show, which starts at 7, and the show itself, at 8, so you can all discuss the show to your heart's content, and we will both be joining as well. Three cheers for maddening, cheesy awards shows!


so where are they telecasting the daytime emmy's this year...Youtube?

ugh....The CW...less viewers than Youtube

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