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August 28, 2009

Introducing Our New Guest Blogger, Louise!

Yes, One Life to Live coverage on Serial Drama. Let it never be said that we don't listen to your polite requests! It might just take us...a really long time to listen to them. Give a warm welcome to Serial Drama friend Louise, who will be sharing her thoughts on the current goings on in Llanview!



Louise started watching the ABC soaps back in 1985 when Tracy James and Stick planted a bomb in Llanview that ended up only killing themselves. She knew she was hooked for life when Tina, Viki, and Dorian discovered the letters Victor Lord left for each of them in Llanfair’s secret room (one of many). She generally gets out of trouble at work by insisting that she has D.I.D., but recognizes it’s harder to pull off when you don’t have a name that easily rhymes with several other names.

Her likes include long-distance trains, big cities, dogs (especially boxers), baseball, Kate & Allie reruns, conveniently timed bouts of amnesia, fried tofu, scary movies, hair metal anthems, summer camp, really funny plays with no intermission, the B train, triple weddings, VH1 dating shows, mockumentaries, and ale. Dislikes include tourists who stand blocking intersections and take 10 minutes to make a decision, winter, golf, camping, Michael Vick, mobsters and their hitmen, pretentious people, tapered pants, and the smell of cat litter.


Well, Hello Louise!
(& Yay OLTL on serial drama!!)

Yay!!!!! OLTL coverage. Best show of the worst, you know?! Excited to be reading.


welcome, louise. I like baseball and summer camp too!

Welcome, Louise!! I, too, love big cities and dogs and truly despise winter, pretentious people, tapered pants and the smell of cat litter. I look forward to your posts. :)

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