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August 14, 2009

Special Programming Note: My Antonio Premieres This Sunday

Last summer, Antonio Sabato Jr. reprised the role of Jagger on a show so well written and entertaining that it exceeded our (admittedly low) expectations and made us actually look forward to something soap-related.

This year, Antonio Sabato Jr. is...on a show that will also be broadcast on television.

Yes, following in the footsteps of such STD breeding grounds as Flavor of Love, Rock of Love, I Love New York, Real Chance of Love and Daisy of Love, VH1 has given us a new dating reality show, the cleverly titled My Antonio (really, what did Willa Cather ever do to you, VH1?), in which a bevy of large-haired, surgically augmented women compete for the affection of Jagger Cates himself.

We are both disgusted and intrigued, and since we both have low standards and a fondness for ASJ, we'll be tuning in for the season premiere this Sunday, August 16th, at 10.  Since we adore you all so much, we are sparing you a similar fate and will be providing a recap including screencaps!  Now why, you ask, would we screencap this travesty?


Because the show represents an in-depth sociological look at the struggle to find love in our modern world amidst myriad challenges, OBVIOUSLY.  And that is totally what we are about here. 


Heee heee heee! I am more excited about your recaps of this schlockfest than the wacky show itself. Bring it on ladies. The only thing that would have made all this even more entertaining is if one of you had infiltrated the show to get us all the behind the scenes insanity. Plus then you could have described in major detail what rubbing his tummy feels like ;-)

You can watch a sneak peek here:


I'm so pissed because it's horrifying in so many ways, yet I already know I'm going to watch every episode. It's like a car wreck I can't look away from.

And given the success rate of the above mentioned shows..I can only assume the reunion show will desend into the type of madness most soap writers these days DREAM of complete with a break-up/surprise hook-up. (Not that I totally remember the show where Pumpkin showed up dating "I Love New York" reject Mr. Boston. Or that I know what any of these shows/participants are. Nope. Not me.)

Thanks, ladies, for taking this hit for us. I intentionally skipped the part where you told us when it's on, because I know it'd suck me in (I mean seriously, I'm still kind of enraged that Daisy of Love and Charm School 3 never had reunion episodes) and I'm not certain my soul or my dignity could handle it.

I look very forward, however, to reading the recaps. And seeing the screencaps. Mostly seeing the screencaps.

Supposedly, VH1 doesn't plan on ever having reunion shows again after what happened at the Charm School 2 reunion.

Thanks for doing this. I love ASJ (and am pondering why the hell he needs a show to find love) so much, that I'm beyond terrified to actually watch this show.

Can't wait to read your recap - it was what I watched at 2AM when I couldn't sleep. It was SOOOOOOO bad but I wouldn't stop watching. The things we'll endure for our childhood crushes!

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