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August 11, 2009

Surely I Hallucinated

It is very hot here, so I'm sure I had a minor heat-induced stroke that caused me to only THINK I saw Joe Isuzu (perhaps he occasionally goes by David Leisure) overacting the hell out of his debut as Salem's new district attorney today.  Right?  Right.

May I also blame the heat for not having blogged about this show since approximately 1998?  Cool.  I mean hot.  Very hot.  Excuse-worthy heated hotness.


Much like Guza and good writing...I have never thought David Leisure and subtle understated acting went together.

I wanted to make a joke about Joe Isuzu and went to Wikipedia to see if he had a famous catchphrase I wasn't remembering, and instead I found this note, that, while not at all related to the post, amused me:

Joe Isuzu may have had a "twin sister" Joanne (actor David Leisure dressed in a dress, pantyhose, wig and high heels) who appeared in a 1988 advertisement because she "loved her new Isuzu Trooper II."

Sounds like the perfect character crossover for Days. Like Kristen/Susan/etc but with minor characters. If James Reilly was still with us, I'm sure this would actually happen.

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