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August 12, 2009

The B-Word

Years of watching General Hospital, and recent months of All My Children, have made the word "betray", and all of its forms, my second most loathed word in the English language (first: moist, much like Lily Aldrin; third: Babe), so when Zach opened up his truth-telling tour with:

Zach: You betrayed me. You broke my trust, you broke my heart. I can't let it go.

I involuntarily rolled my eyes, snorted and groaned, which was quite nearly tragic, as I was drinking water at the time. I could have died! This is the second time this week that AMC has nearly put me in physical peril, in addition to mental anguish. Watching this show is hazardous to my health!

It's not that I am opposed to Kendall and Zach airing their grievances and honestly, openly discussing the ways they've hurt each other. I think that's necessary in order for them to have anything approaching a normal relationship. Or at least as normal as a relationship can be when the male partner is keeping the female partner locked away in a secret room.

But--and there's always a but when it comes to AMC, and the but usually begins the sentence "since this is Pratt's AMC, we certainly can't hold out for anything approaching quality"--in order for that to happen, BOTH of them need to vent. It can't just be Zach throwing the word betrayal at Kendall and contemptuously throwing her past transgressions in her face. What ever happened to tit for tat?! [Vulgar "tit for tat" joke redacted because it is more fitting for a discussion of Babe and Krystal Carey than it is Zach and Kendall--Ed.] I want to see Kendall confronting him about his (many) sins, too, especially when he gives her a crystal clear opening to do so!

Zach: You gave yourself to another man.



Frankly the writers are going to have to dig their way out of one hell of a black hole to make me enjoy this couple again anyway.

This is still nothing compared to Corinthos-brand "betrayal," so that should provide some... comfort?

*le sigh*

That's really all I can do with these two. Seriously? Seriously. Kendall betrayed Zach? Wasn't this long after Zach kissed her sister's fiancee before their wedding? The same sister that he impregnated on the sly and never told his wife about? The same wife who awoke from a months-long coma to find out about all of the above events? A coma caused by a heart condition only remedied by the death of her aborted-fetus brother? The death caused by her beloved, two-timing (with sperm) husband?

I just want to make sure I've got all my facts straight for the steaming pile of cow poo that is this show. Ugh. Just ugh.

In my dictionary, when I look up the word betrayal, there is a picture of Brian Frons. When I check for alternatives I find the words Pratt and ABCD.

As far as Kendall feeling betrayed about Zach killing her brother, it's hard to feel betrayed when you've never been told.
Just another Pratt loose end that may or may not ever be addressed. Does Pratt even remember Josh?? A bigger betrayal to all of us, cast and viewers alike is how Pratt & Co. view the charactors as nothing more than plot points. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR....


I keep waiting for Zendall to get all warm and fuzzy again so someone can tell her HOW her brother died.

And honestly it was so soapy for them to stand on either side of that door and touch the it .. wait, that was done already with the gag inducing CrazyAnnie and equally crazy Aiden at OakHaven ..

I can't do anything but sit here and giggle at this because I don't watch AMC enough to care. You two are my eyes and ears for this show. :-)

Sadly, I believe that Zach's reactions are typical of any man whose wife has "cheated" on him. I am not by any means justifying or excusing Zach's words, but considering how men in real life react to women who cheat on them and how women react, I'm not seeing Zach's actions as so surprising. Too many dead and/or battered wives/girlfriends in real life suggest that Zach's behavior is sick, but normal. Thank God, I was born female!

In Zach's world, giving sperm donations is not the same as hiding the salami in his bed with another man. There is truly a reason that men are from Mars, and women are from Venus. I seems to go back to a time when women were possessions (and they still are in Pratt's world) and chastity belts were fitted to ensure fidelity. Sick?! You bet.

While I want to see both Gabrielle and Josh's death addressed by Zach and Kendall, I doubt that Pratt will address either. First, he has no talent to write anything complex or compelling. Second, if he did, then he would have to acknowledge that women are not simply chattel that serve at the pleasure and whim of their masters. Third, he can't write it because Bob Guza, or someone else, hasn't already written it for him to plagiarize.

It must be really scaring living inside the head of Charles Pratt, Jr.

I agree about Zendall on AMC. I do think Kendall needs to beg for forgiveness but so does Zach. However Kendall and Zach have at least talked about the Gabriella situation and he has explained etc ect. I don;t like that Zach killed Josh and Kendall never thought to ask hoe hwe borhter died. Are we supposed to assume she still doesn't know. unfortunatley TK might not make the mover to LA so a lot might be left unresolved...as aleways.

Let me say that I wish he had been a bit more diplomatic with Kendall- but having said that, I disagree that he killed Josh with the express intent of harvesting his heart. I saw it as defending people in a life & death situation- end of story. And while I don't like that he donated to Bianca, I never saw that as the equal of what Kendall did with Ryan. After all, the lesbians were not supposed to use the donation without telling him- that's on them, IMO. That is not infidelity, no matter how much you wish it were.

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