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August 09, 2009

Trying Optimism On For Size

Olivia: Let’s talk about me. I don't like pretending that I don't know you, okay? I gotta see you here. With Johnny, over at Kelly’s, with Sonny, I gotta pretend that you're some thug named Dominic that I've never met before and not my baby, who I love more than anything in the world.

Dominante: Okay, you gotta stop worrying, ma. I-I'm trained to do this, remember?

Olivia: Well, I'm not. I'm not. I don't know what I'm doing. I give you up, these people find out who you are, they will kill you.

Dominante: Look, I have infiltrated the Corinthos organization. I'm on the brink of a major takedown. It’s a little late for you to suddenly decide you don't want me to be a cop.

Is it too much to hope that when Sonny learns that he has another son, a son who looks to be in his mid-30s, at that (Dominic Zamprogna is great, actually, and I am enjoying how he works with Lisa LoCicero and Julie Marie Berman, but the age thing is distracting me. Although it doesn't take much to distract me from General Hospital and I do gladly welcome any and all distractions that come my way), and then finds out that his son is a COP, the most loathsome, undignified and evil profession of all, that he melodramatically decides to end it all? While it does seem unlikely, I figure that he is a drama queen and prone to using violence to deal with trauma, so it could happen! Let's all hold hands and dream!


I'm so thrilled Dante's a cop, I might just start watching GH on a semi-daily basis! Let's hope Sonny doesn't somehow magically "convert" him to the mob with his brainwashing greasiness.

Good god. If ever Christmas came early, it would be that day.

1) sonny looks more than old enough to be his dad

2) while it would be awesome if the kid really takes his mob father down (for real: either jail forever or dead)

3) it will not happen - the kid will come to "realize" that sonny is just misunderstood and really a good mob guy!

yep been there done that. only dif is that sonny can't sleep with this undercover agent.

It IS too much to hope, but I am holding out my hand - let us all join hands, cross our fingers and toes, and dream.

I thought I WAS dreaming when Dante said he was a cop! I had to rewind the Tivo 3 times to make sure I heard it right. Could it be that they are going to make a cop into one of the good guys, that Lulu will fall for one of the good guys,that good is not boring in PC.....wait I must be dreaming.....

Oooh, thank you for this, since I FF through all that stuff. Now I might watch once in a while. BTW, Dominic earned his acting chops on Battlestar Galactica, which is why he's so good. ;)

1. I looked up Dominic Zamprogna on IMDB...he turned 30 in April.

2. I looked up Lisa LoCicero on IMDB also...she's 39. ROFL. Also discovered she was in Rush Hour 2. Now I know where I'd seen her before.

3. Maurice Benard I also looked up...he's 46. Old enough to be Dante's father if Sonny was also 16.

4. Cleaning the kitchen counter was more interesting the other night than GH, although I must admit to enjoying Dante.

5. I too hope Sonny doesn't brainwash him to the mob. I'd like to see a stand up guy for a hero and a real good guy win for a change.

I just want to cry. Another cop or fed that will turn for Sonny the Magnificent Mobster. I wonder how long before Dante joins his Papa in the family business. Maybe we should set up a pool? We could donate the money to a charity.... like a policeman's fund or something ;-)

I used to think GH couldn't survive without Sonny. Not that I didn't want it to, I just thought he was too tied to the fabric of the show. Now, I don't think GH will survive much longer WITH Sonny - they HAVE to write the character off, at least for a while, if they ever hope to reestablish the moral core of this show.

And what I find really funny about Olivia, is that she is all about the dangers of the mob and them killing her son, but she's making out with two different guys from two different mob families. STUPID.

Sonny will act just like Luke does at the fact that his son is a cop when he finds out about him. Being a cop is an act of BETRAYAL! (as Sonny likes to always yell)Stupid ass show.

While I love this twist, because it means one more good guy in town (and one less mobster), you're all exactly right -- he'll end up finding out Sonny's his dad, his heart will soften, and he'll switch sides. Just like Hannah did.

Yeah, Cindy, it is completely possible for MB to have a son that age from a teenage relationship, but I feel like DZ seems older than 30. Not that he really even looks old, but maybe it's how he carries himself? Or maybe I am just critical for no reason, as is my wont.

To all of you haters trying to inject things like "reality" and "Guza logic" into my big dream: Hmph! Just let me dream of the wonder that would be Dominante taking Sonny down!

Actually, DZ does look a bit older than 30, but then I keep thinking anyone under the age of 30 is 12 years old, lol. I thought it was my age showing...I was kind of surprised to find out his age actually worked. But I think it might be more because he comes off more mature than most of the other people on the show. He might be what's known as an old soul. It also may partly be because he was introduced during the influx of SORAS's teens as well. Or maybe it's the fact of Lisa LoCicero playing his mom that has all of us skewed on his age.

For the record, if Sonny's police officer son were to unapologetically and permanently bring down Sonny -- preferably with the help of Mac and Lucky, but that may be asking too much -- I would start to watch GH again. So, ABC Daytime, you can inspire at least one person to return to their formerly favorite guilty pleasure or you can continue to hemorrhage viewers. You're call.

ACK! Sorry for the second post but I committed my own grammatical pet peeve. YOUR call. Not "you're".

I was going to give Guza credit for having a genuine twist, but then I remembered...didn't Guza already do something more than a little like this before when Carly's dad turned out to be a FBI agent who specialized in mob-busting?

With that in mind, I predict that, once Sonny finds out, the father-son conflict will fuel stories for a couple of months, stories that may actually be halfway decent but will peter out before they hit any definite climaxes, assuming there will be any in the first place. Then Guza will get bored, Dante will be put on the backburner and thrown a story once in a while if the actor's lucky or get demoted to Lucky-status if he's not, and once a month there will be a scene or two about Dante trying to bust Sonny on something or Sonny bemoaning the irony of his son being a cop until Dante is inevitably either written off or violently killed.

You know Chad I can see that scenario happening...especially if the "next future of GH" actor shows up.....however I have a feeling what will actually happen is this...

Dominanate starts to feel sorry for Sonny...sees him as a "great father" to Morgan and Michael.....his partner or superior officer or lets be honest here...Mac and Agent Raynor (Remeber him? Allegedly he's still in town) will be made to seem completely over-zealous in pursuing Sonny...and when the BETRAYAL of olivia not telling Sonny about Dominante is made known.....why Dominante will destroy his career as a cop to get back at evil Olivia and protect this great father he's just getting to know.

So, I might have to admit I was wrong when I mocked the hotsheet for saying this secret would make the Sonny-daddy reveal 90 billion times more interesting. Although not totally wrong, because, c'mon, 90 billion? Exaggerate much ABC?

But this was intersting. Or at least it would be if it wasn't pretty much the same as the Luke-Lucky thing, except both the son and the cop are "undercover". Plus, I totally agree with all the rest of my fellow viewers (and former viewers) that ist's pretty much a foregone conclusion that he will drink the mob Koolaid and go to work for Sonny, or at the very least, protect him from prosecution.

Stupid, stupid GH.

The problem with the age thing is that Dante LOOKS 30 (or even older), but my guess is his character is supposed to be more like 24. Sonny & Olivia are probably written as pushing 40. Dante just looks way too mature to play Olivia's son and it makes their scenes together ridiculous.

Before they brought him on the show I was expecting Dante to be in his late teens and compete with Michael as Sonny's #1 son, but the writers sent us this guy that looks the same age as his own mother. Every time she calls him her "baby" and he calls her "ma," I crack up.

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