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September 28, 2009

A Tale of Two Reactions

When trusty news correspondent Beth R. let me know the epic news that Greg Vaughan was let go from General Hospital and that the role of Lucky will once again be played by Jonathan Jackson, I didn't know what to do. I let out a muffled shriek and all I could type was "OMG!" (Seriously, when I posted this on Facebook, I used OMG six times. And that was after deleting a few more because I didn't want to seem COMPLETELY unhinged).  I may have even flailed, which I usually only do ironically.

This is BIG NEWS. And I had A BIG RESPONSE. Two big responses, actually. It went a little something like this:

PRESENT DAY MALLORY: I cannot believe that Jonathan Jackson is back. I can't. I never thought that would happen.


PRESENT DAY MALLORY: I KNOW, it's completely crazy. And unexpected.


PDM: I KNOW! Remember when there was that rumor when Genie Francis came back for Luke and Laura's 25th anniversay (in a story that the writers predictably and epically botched) that Jonathan Jackson would be back, too, and I got really excited and then it didn't happen?

14YOGHFM: Remember when Jonathan Jackson won, like, a million Daytime Emmys?

PDM: I do remember that.

14YOGHFM: And remember how his birthday is May 11, and you're also born in May and he's a year older than you and you thought that was just the coolest?

PDM: I am chagrined to say that I do remember that his birthday is May 11.

14YOGHFM: And how you used to have three hour long conversations during and following GH where you and your friend Jill would talk for hours about how adorable Lucky and Liz were?

PDM: Yes.

14YOGHFM: And remember when Lucky "died" and you cried so hard that your eyes were still puffy and bloodshot the next morning and you considered staying home from school?

PDM: ...vaguely. But poor Greg Vaughan! He has shafted so spectacularly, so many times by the people in charge of ruining--oh, I mean running this show. See what I did there?

14YOGHFM: Yeah, I got it. You didn't get any more clever as you aged, did you?

PDM: He was always the show's afterthought, losing to everybody, and Jason most of all, when he could have been a leading man. And now he's gone! But what a classy man he is.

14YOGHFM: That's true, he is.

PDM: He was so gracious in talking about General Hospital! And so pretty!


14YOGHFM: He was pretty in his Tweet?

PDM: Well, I'm assuming so, since he usually is. And oh! This means no more scenes of him being hot and adorable with Cam and Jake.



It's going to be so weird seeing them with a different Lucky. I was just going to say, "I totally can't picture Jonathan Jackson as a dad", but he actually is a dad. And he's married to Hannah.

14YOGHFM: Ugh, Hannah. Hannah sucked.

PDM: Hannah DID suck. Oh. Another weird, possibly awkward thing--I don't know if I can buy Jonathan Jackson as a cop.

14YOGHFM: Yeah, but he's, like, an awesome actor and can, like, make people believe anything, so I'm sure he will really sell himself as a cop.

PDM: Do you think this will make Bob Guza give up his insane belief that the police are the root of all evil in the world? Or do you think it will be like, "Oh, psych, Lucky's not going to be a cop anymore, he's going to be [insert name of career not as reviled as cop or doctor here]? Do you think the writers are going to nip this Nikolas/Liz thing in the bud? Oooh, do you think it will be weird to have Lucky and Lulu played by people pretty much the same age and then have their brother Nikolas who...is not exactly looking as youthful as the two of them? Do you think this is going to be the start of an epic revitalization of the Spencer family, and that maybe Lucky will stop being shunned by his father and sister at every opportunity? Or do you think this is a classic Guza bait and switch where he dangles something shiny in your face and gets you all intrigued and excited, and then he shoots it all to hell?

14YOGHFM: ...remember when you had at least twenty articles of clothing with sunflowers on them?

PDM: Are you deliberately changing the subject because even the biggest, Jonathan Jackson loving part of me knows that the current GH powers-that-be can ruin anything without even trying and that if I get my hopes up even a little bit my heart will wind up broken in a major way?

14YOGHFM: ...you had a sunflower hat and everything!

PDM: Shit.



I too am about to devolve back into fangirl mode. Except that I was in my 20s during that time. You have a better excuse.

JONATHAN JACKSON! Maybe this will finally get TG to cut down on the vacation and actually act?

That having been said...this had better be the first indication that this gross Nik/Liz stuff will stop RIGHT THIS EFFING MINUTE.

I'm not going to lie, I feel REALLY sorry for Greg Vaughan. While I watched clips of JJ's Lucky and thought he was amazing, Greg's Lucky was the only one I knew and I thought he was great... when the writer's actually gave him something to work with.

But there is a slightly optimistic part of me that thinks this could work. Tony Geary and Jonathan Jackson have great chemistry, so maybe TG will remember how to be a capable actor!

You know the kicker? Only General Hospital could bring back one of my favorite alumnus actors, and piss me off so much that I give up the show entirely before he even airs. Because this is douchebaggery to the utmost degree.

GH and I are OVER.

I am of one mind: this sucks! Jonathan "I still look like a 17-year old instead of a grown ass man" Jackson? Okay. He's a good actor, except for that pesky problem of being unable to convince me that he's an adult. His stint on the Sarah Conner Chronicles explained why he hadn't made it big or even medium in Hollywood--he's stuck in a baby face mode. Not even obnoxious facial hair can allow me to take him seriously as an adult human male. I am so glad I no longer watch this crapfest of a show.

It's also sad because this is going to just toy with a lot of people. I know many people are fans of Jonathan Jackson, but this is still a show on ABC Daytime home of Bob Guza, Jill Phelps and Brian Frons, it's going to be a goddamn nightmare.

I'm still all confused....I'm not going to lie. I adored JJ back in the day. And i too was in my 20s so yeah it was a little creepy. and he and Becky have chemistry that can't be matched. And Guza is totally obvious so clearly yeah I think Nik/Liz is so on the death throws now.

BUT..Greg has been there seven years. And worked HARD to make Lucky is his own. He was given crap the entire time and never once complained. (ok maybe twice..but still twice in seven years? With what he got?) He's the sweetest. He's gorgeous. He and Brady are the most adorable father-son pairing on TV right now. (God who wants to go give Brady a hug when he finds out???) and this thing reeks of shady since Jonathan first day on set is THURSDAY. Woo way to give a guy who's been with you seven years and did just about EVERY silly promotion you asked him time to say goodbye to his friends and co-workers!

plus Guza lost all inetrest in Lucky when JY failed to take off like he predicted. He totally wrote Lucky badly so he wouldn't be seen as a hero and someone who should be center instead of Jason and Sonny. I don't think he's magically going to change his opinion now. All those storylines where the internet chant was "Wouldn't havwe happened if JJ was still playing Lucky?" Well they did happen. Are we just supposed to forget that? Lets also not forget that Jonathan spoke out about the insanity that was Ethan is Luke's long lost son.

and I also realize hiring respected actors doesn't change the fact the writing is still by and large crappy. JJ is not coming back to the writing he had when he left.

I love Jonathan Jackson. Love. But what has happened to Lucky in the past five years doesn't work with him. Can you imagine him with Sam, of all people? So gross.
I just don't understand how this will work. And it must be that he hasn't actually watched the show himself in awhile, because I cannot fathom how anyone could return to this particular circle of hell after witnessing what they have done to Sarah Brown.

thank you ande...that is the other thing...Jonathan still looks 17!! On the plus side they clearly can't SORAS Cam on us...on the other...dude I think Cameron looks more like his playmate than his son.

Pull that sunflower hat over your eyes and ears and brace yourself, both of you ;-) And holy spit take, this post was too funny, thanks!!

Guza is more than ready to further ruin Lucky. I mean the only thing most of us like about him, besides his history when he was played by JJ ages ago, is his scenes as a Daddy w/ Cameron and Jake. And now that's out the window. Poor GV, he got Guza'd!

And I am surprised JJ is coming back under this regime. He must need the work, and I don't not want that for him or GV for that matter.

But didn't JJ along w/ GFrancis go very public w/ their negative and dismayed feelings regarding New Luke and Ethan's back story? They both spoke to the press about how this didn't make any sense. And if I remember correctly they both agreed how TPTB destroying what was a complicated entertaining well crafted well acted lengthy family history integral to the whole show IS exactly what was wrong with GH and the whole soap genre. Destroying and rewriting history to try and grab new viewers is driving the loyal old viewers away in droves....and new viewers....there ain't none! And that isn't just because the world has changed yada yada yada, it's because the shows suck.

Best wishes to both Lucky's! And best wishes to all of us still watching GH, we're really gonna need it!

You know, I knew the writers and producers of GH were douchebags, but this is low even by their normally slimy standards. I was a huge Lucky & Liz fan back in the day, but there's no way I would tune back in for this.

I've long wanted both GV and BA to move on to projects that I could actually watch them in. I never wanted it to happen like this, but I will hold out hope that Greg moves on to wonderful new projects and GH becomes a distant speck in his rearview mirror.

I only mentioned the JJ & GF talking to the press stuff because actors who have spoken out against the current regime get in big trouble. And GV has always been so supportive of GH and ABCDaytime.

I feel really bad for pretty Greg who has a family to support, but I am thrilled to have JJ back. Finally Lucky will be treated like the important character that he is and not like he is A.J. I don't think that Lucky reuniting Liz is in the cards. The Cassadine/Spencer war should kick off again.

A positive note is that Tony Geary will stop spewing BS about the Luke and Laura rewrite. Ethan might disappear. Spinelli will get less airtime.

Beth R., yes, we are suppose to forget everything that happened with JY and GV in the role. It was the same way when TC returned to the role of Nikolas.

Sarah, the JJ/Genie comments against the rewrite were made up.

Sarah, I think that story was debunked and Jackson and Francis didn't actually make those statements to the press.

Beth, I guess you guys will have that cold comfort: Cam will keep his job.

I personally wish Greg Vaughn the best, I think he's talented and gorgeous and could have made Lucky into a man if the regime at GH was interested in a character who wasn't a mobster or a criminal. Lucky, Luke Spencer's son, becoming a cop is, in my opinion, great soap, but TIIC insisted on making Luke skewed perspective, cops are awful, the standard in Port Charles. Instead of being a hero, Lucky became the show's goat. The whole Ethan retcon was the straw that broke the camel's back--not the idea of besmirching Luke/Laura, I didn't watch them in their heyday and actually preferred Laura with Stefan. My problem with Ethan was how Luke shat all over Lucky in pursuit of his soul mate uh, son. Lucky has a damn good reason for not watching to be exactly like his father....the rapist. But that never is mentioned.

Yay, Lucky gets to work for the mob, abuse women, and neglect or abandon his children! I can't wait! But then, GH has told us they aren't really Lucky's kids anyway, so who cares?

Let's see if Luza completely destroys Lucky the way they did Nik when Tyler Christopher returned.

Finally Lucky will be treated like the important character that he is and not like he is A.J.
Oh Simone, you poor soul. I'm gonna pray for you.

Not happy at all. Jonathan Jackson to me was an average actor who gave us a smug, petulant, rude, and bratty Lucky. I'll never forget him bitching Laura out. Plus he's not attractive and does not look like he would fit with 2 kids, Elizabeth, and in the past Sam or Maxie.

This is vile. I adored Greg Vaughn. He was Lucky to me.

Whatever, now just to be petty I hope Elizabeth remains with Nikolas or ends back with Jason just cause I don't want Jonathan Jackson getting preferential treatment.

This reeks of Tony Geary.

GV has been screwed backwards and forwards by GH. Why would his exit be any different? The man's been in the role close to 8 years. He worked hard to make the role his own. He put up with writing not even remotely worthy of his character's birthright. His grace, caring and jovial personality made him a fan favorite and on top of all that he's one of the hottest men on TV. GV is a gem and I wish him nothing but the best in the future.

The only positive aspect of JJ returning to GH as Lucky for me is the glimmer of hope I have that Lucky will finally get some good material and won't be written as the village idiot any longer. JJ's obviously a favorite of TPTB and TG so it definitely gives him a head start. Yet, given the current state of GH and the people in charge of it, I'm not betting the farm. Seriously, the office fav SB returned and look what they did to her character? She barely had a chance from day one. Maybe they learned their lesson, but when does GH every learn it's lessons?


I hate this! Jackson must be desperate to return to this crapfest. Greg's Lucky was always written poorly...why is it going to be any better for Jonathan's? He'll find out how awful it is at GH just like Sarah Brown did.

When I woke up this morning, my excitement mixed with worry COMPLETELY gave way to worry. An intrigued worry, but a worry nonetheless. I just don't know!

And I want to reiterate how much I like Greg Vaughan and how badly I feel about him--he wasn't written for a whole lot and when he was, the writing was even worse than GH's usual, which is sad. And I really did like his Lucky, and I hope that he rebounds with another soap job soon.

As I said in response to the Facebook post, I have deep reservations and skepticism about this news. Why would the writing for Lucky change just because JJ comes back to the role? Lucky has been written abysmally for years now, as the dirt on everyone's shoe, and I don't see how that can justifiably change just because the original Lucky Spencer is back in the role. The Liz and Lucky of today are far different people than the Liz and Lucky of the 1990s. Liz doesn't love Lucky the way she used to anymore. Lucky is now a cop, not the smartass he was back then. Is all this going to change, especially with Guza at the helm? Or will Lucky's character continue to be trashed?

I just feel so bad for Greg Vaughan. He's given so much to this soap, done every stupid thing they've ever asked of him, and done it with a smile on his absolutely gorgeous face. It doesn't seem fair that he gets shoved out the door (chose to leave, my ass) so that JJ can return. I was only 8 or 9 when JJ left GH, and GV has been Lucky for as long as I've been watching this soap. He really made the role his own, and it's going to be difficult for me to reconcile JJ, who still looks like he's 17, with the Lucky I've come to know. I wish GV all the best, and hope that he finds a show that will appreciate him in ways that GH never did.

Oh and Guza? This still isn't going to get me to watch. Bring back all the actors you want - I'm done watching this effing show!

OLTL fans...i'm putting it out there right now...Greg Vaughan as Joey Buchanan! Come on you know you love it!

It's ABC... All I have to say is... "The Real Greenlee"...

JJ's Lucky and GV's Lucky were completely different characters. I don't see how this will work. Particularly under this hack-tastic writing regime. The only story line that may benefit is the Nik/Liz/Lucky triangle because, having watched the old clips, TC and JJ played antagonistic off each other very well and JJ and RH were adorable together. I can picture JJ as a cop but not as Cam's father. I'm really sad for GV because I think most of his problems stemmed from the aforementioned hack-tastic writing. I wish him all the best.

I love GV and am sad to see him go. But such are swift repercussions of not being a part of the Dunk a Hunk tank.

I never watched when Jonathan Jackson was on. I've seen the YouTube scenes and yes, he's an excellent actor.

However, I feel that Greg Vaughan is a good actor as well. Maybe not AS good but still very good.

I think that even JJ would not have faired well with the stuff they have handed to GV over the past two years. The last good writing, dialogue, etc...done for Lucky Spencer was the drug storyline.

I don't understand why this would happen at all. I don't see this being some coup that will effect change. Sure, people will tune in but did TPTB save any money from the actor switch? Will the writing improve along with the story and plot?

Because if not, what's the point of it all?

Also, I'm not so sure those same PTB were happy with GV for whatever reason. It just seems that surely there's something else going on that we don't see. Maybe GV finally said...you guys are totally ruining a great character. BECAUSE THEY ARE!!!

Hmmmm...I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

In the mean time...wherever GV goes, I'll follow because the man has it going on!!! Here's to hoping that the trend of shafted GH characters moving onward and upward with better or more frequent gigs continues.
Carolyn Hennesey
Claire Coffee
Rick Hearst
shall I continue?

Remember when Sarah Brown came back and it was all "yay, original Carly...but as a COMPLETELY different character (except not really)" and then Guza basically ruined Claudia right from the get go and SBr decided to bail??

Who wants to takes bets on how long before JJ jumps ship? Any takers?

I'm afraid I do not share the admiration that many here have for Greg Vaughn's acting ability. He is beautiful, no doubt, but he never made an impression with Lucky. Not like others did with their characters: Laura Wright, John Ingle, etc., people who stepped into the shoes of others.

He seems like a very likable, lovely person, but good actor? I don't think so.

Now, I'm not a dedicated fan of GH, but I do remember the "glory years" of when Luke and Laura returned to Port Charles, with their lovely son Lucky and baby girl LuLu. JJ was a real find for the soap opera industry at that time. He's a terrific actor. This is a huge thing for GH and legions of JJ's fans.

Yet, I'm sad to hear about GV being let go. I just think it's shameful that TIIC of the show, couldn't seem to find any interest in writing for the character of Lucky (as more than this pathetic sad sack, who's "chump" written on his forehead), when GV was portraying him. I hope that TIIC don't do another pr campaign of The Real Lucky is coming back for JJ's return. A year later, The Real Greenlee "died" while on a motorcycle.

I mean, if the writing wasn't "there" for Lucky, when GV was portraying him, then what's going to happen when JJ takes over the role?

Are they going to do a ret-con, in order to get back to the "real" Lucky Spencer, that longtime viewers of GH seem to miss? The one that wouldn't EVER cheat on Liz? The one that would NEVER become a cop? The one that would probably have issues with raising someone else's children as his own?

Those are things that were WRITTEN by the writers of the show. Those weren't choices that GV made for the direction of the character.

I just have a bad taste in my mouth about all this, because the problems with the direction of the Lucky Spencer character came directly from the writing and not with GV's performance.

Yes, JJ maybe considered to be a better actor than GV, but if he gets the same piss-poor writing that GV's dealt with since he's been portraying the character, JJ will be in the same position.

This industry is going down the drain and it's not just because of lack of viewing numbers. It's the fact that the people in charge, really think that if they just get a "fan favorite" back on the screen, with the same crappy writing that the audience will be satisfied with it. Maybe, you'll have some viewers pleased, but they're not the only folks that you have to focus on.

Especially if you want to increase your viewing numbers.

I just don't get the mindset of the folks in charge in the daytime industry. The keep re-hiring the same core group of writers that have been on 4 or 5 different soaps throughout their careers and yes, those folks have experience, but there was a reason why they were fired from those previous jobs. They burnt out, or their scripts weren't generating the viewing numbers that those shows needed during that time.

There are TONS of writers out in LA. Why can't they take a risk and look for some flesh blood, a new set of eyes, in order to bring new life to soaps?

I'm just being honest.

This post was absolute <3! I couldn't of said it any better myself. And frankly, revealing this post as representing me also confirms that I myself may have once been unhinged in my old school love for all things Lucky and Lucky&Elizabeth.

Furthering my mental stability, or lack thereof, I'm drawn to seeing Jonathan Jackson once again play the role he originated. But this is full-knowing the end results will break my heart and quite possibly shatter my beloved perceptions of who the real Lucky was and should be. Some could say I'm a moth to a flame, or to put in in less cliche terms, a caffeine addict looking for a fix. My addiction: Jonathan Jackson as Lucky. My fix: soon coming.

Denise I am going to non-creepily stalk you for that. Exactly what I have been saying all day. It's the WRITING that's the problem and it's the WRITING that will conitnue to BE the problem. Lucky will get a momentary up-tick in the beginning to milk this sucker but then he's not going to get much better than that. because it would threaten Sonny and Jason for the title of show hero. Which plain and simple is never EVER going to happen.

As a new GH watcher, I have no opinion about either actor. But as someone who has watched soaps for years, GH is making this change around sweeps time. JMHO, but I think it's purely to bring in ratings for sweeps. This strategy has worked for Days recently, adding stars from the past at strategic points or adding stars from other shows to pump up the ratings just to get through sweeps. Whether or not GH writes a story for the new Lucky that long-time viewers will enjoy is another question.

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