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September 30, 2009

And Then There Were...Almost All The Same People, Actually

When the news broke that All My Childrenwould be moving to Los Angeles, I became hysterical and prone to Byzantine conspiracy theories almost immediately, and was convinced that the ever nefarious powers-that-be would use this opportunity to force people off of the show while pretending that they had a choice in the matter (kind of exactly what seems to have happened with Greg Vaughan and General Hospital, so my worries were not completely out of the realm of possibility! Why so shady, ABC Daytime?). I figured that Julie Hanan Carruthers and Charles Pratt are slowly destroying the show anyway, so they'd certainly take advantage of this opportunity to speed up the process.

I was sincerely anxious about the prospect of an AMC without the characters who make the show, and had terrifying visions of episodes filled with just Ryan and Liza and a suddenly not-so-dead Babe and a suddenly not-so-gay Reese and generic newbies who occasionally snorted about people like Adam Chandler and Erica Kane and something called "Hubbards" who used to live in Pine Valley.

LUCKILY, it never came to that. The list of actors joining AMC in LA was released today (fun fact: the actress who plays Natalia is named Shannon Kane. I was never interested enough to know that before!) and only a handful of people are not traveling out west, chief among them

  • Brianne Moncrief: I have to admit--and I feel bad doing so, because she's out of a job, and now I'm just kicking her when she's down--that I said the words "Well, fiiiiiiiinally!" out loud as soon as I read her name. I will no longer be able to argue when people tell me that I'm a bad person.
  • Beth Ehlers: Remember how insane ABC was about publicizing the "major" casting coup of BE and Ricky Paull Goldin and promised great stories for Taylor? The only thing this network is good at is making empty promises
  • Aiden Turner: This one made me sad because of how genuinely excited he seemed about moving to Los Angeles. Aidan was on the backburner more often than not, but I feel like he filled the show's "foxy but pointless" niche very nicely. 
  • Ray MacDonnell: Not at all surprising, but the end of an era! Now La Lucci is the show's only original cast member!

And the most talked-about? Thorsten Kaye.

I'm actually not at all surprised about this, since Susan Haskell is working in New York for One Life to Live and he was upfront about not wanting to be away from their daughters, but it is disappointing all the same.

And Alicia Minshew WILL be staying with the show, just going on maternity leave. With Kendall in Pine Valley and Zach out, I...am kind of nervous. Is having no Zach/Kendall preferable to watching Zach and Kendall being ruined repeatedly? I'm not sure, but I swear, if we are in for another round of Ryan and Erica, especially considering the, you know, thing that happened, I am going to be so irritated that I will be at a loss for words and all of my AMC blog entries will just be random punctuation marks. PLEASE, WRITERS, DON'T GO THERE. I'd rather Kendall become a nun. Or follow Bianca's lead and go gay, although Charles Pratt seems to think that "lesbian" means "in love with men", so we'd wind up with Ryan/Kendall redux anyway, even if Kendall switched teams...


I don't really buy that some of those who are moving for now will stay for long. I mean of course everyone won't, this is a soap, but I mean some of the higher profile names. Adam only exists to prop his headcase golddigger girlfriend, Annie, who is more interested in Scott. Stuart is gone and Adam himself can easily be written out. I think he will be out within 6 months or a year.

I also won't be surprised if Angie is on her way out.

I bet ABC is all, "SHIT! We thought all the boring veteran people wouldn't want to move!" And then I laugh and laugh and laugh.

I am still baffled by the fan following that Alicia Minshew has. Her Ken-dull is like video Prozac.

Sarah Michelle Gellar won that Emmy as Kendall for a reason.

I am still baffled by the fan following that Alicia Minshew has. Her Ken-dull is like video Prozac.

Sarah Michelle Gellar won that Emmy for a reason.

Yes!!!!!!!!!!!! No more Zendall. WhooHooo! My prayers have finally been answered. I HATED Zach and his "romance" with Kendall is one of the things that drove me away from AMC.

I have hopes that Thorsten Kaye will end up back on OLTL, a far better show. Of course, I also have hopes that AMC will replace Aiden Turner in the aimless but pretty slot with Greg Vaughan, so clearly my hopes are not to be taken too seriously...

Also of note: Chrishell Stause is moving to L.A., but is not renewing her contract. She tweeted about it today. I'm bummed.

If no Zendall, this viewer won't be watching too much. I love Alicia's Kendall, but seriously, if they stick her with Ryan again, no. Just no.

yay! No more Zendull to run this show! Maybe now everything wont revolve around Kendull.

I don't believe AM will ever return after her maternity leave. I didn't expect TK to move either.

I'm bitter about the Aiden Turner news - I hate when the show craps all over their 'got to' actors. AT was a team player, he was willing to make the move and was even excited about it - they are losing TK/Zach and they STILL axe him? It would have been the perfect opportunity to give AT his shot. We saw it briefly during the Ailee stuff - he can do it and he can carry it, but Pratt hates his character so he will decimate him on the way out. Assclown!!

I wish Aiden Turner could bring the Aidan character to GH.


I dont want a re-cast Zach. I dont want another round of Ryan/Kendall ... I dont want another Ryan/Greenlee reunion to trample the sure to happen Ryan/Kendall reunion.

Let Kendall and Zach move away, let them go together with their son ... let Spike stay in PV and make Erica call him Granny

Well it's not a good thing for the TK fans who only watch for him. I have zero interest in AMC without Thorsten Kaye. So,
when TK leaves- I leave with him & I will follow him wherever he goes & whatever he does.

I've grown to hate Zach. I'm glad if he actually ends up leaving and TPTB don't talk TK into changing his mind and staying.

The article is great! I've read it thoughtfully!

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