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September 28, 2009

Aren't They Just... Adorable?

I'm gonna come out and say it.  I love this show. Love it.  Total fangirl, or fangurl, or whatever they call it.  Wednesday?  Are you kidding me?  I cried, I laughed, I... it's not fair.  If Todd and Tea hadn't been on that episode, I'd say they should submit it for an Emmy.  Or, like, entrance into Heaven.

I couldn't possibly care less about Markko and his father, but somehow I loved them.  Bo and David?  Father and son?  I'm dying here.  And I cannot say enough about Eddie Alderson and what a tremendous actor he's turned out to be -- he can hold his own with Hilary Smith, Robert Woods, and Tuc Watkins.  That is no small thing.  They put on an acting master class on a regular basis.  And we only had the Morascos one or two days this week.

Also, how cute was this:


Boys, uniforms.  Good deal.

I have this new plan.  It's clear that Jared's days are numbered, and I think Scott Clifton is the most mis-used actor on this show, so... Natalie and Schuyler?  Schutalie?  He would up Melissa Archer's game, and he needs to stay far away from the only storyline he's in.

Okay, so let's get down to business.  Todd and Tea were on Wednesday's episode.  And Thursday's.  And Friday's.  This is going to drive me to drink (I say, pretending I need an excuse).

Todd and Tea are not cute.  I cannot fathom what the writers want us to feel watching these wretched people be sweet with each other.  I don't hate them.  I like Tea in bitchy-lawyer mode, I like Todd in tortured-soul mode.  We all know what her secret is.  It's tedious.  Also tedious is this idea that Blair is pathetic or desperate, or that Tea is the love of Todd's life -- she's too smart for that.

Having Viki be her BFF is a pretty big clue that we, as viewers, are supposed to think she's just terrific.  Tea's not terrific.  Neither is Todd.  I think I almost puked when Marty just had to take a picture of her son all dressed up... for her two-time rapist's wedding.  Really?  "Oh, my little boy's all grown up!"  And what was all that with Starr talking about how Todd "chose" Tea?  He didn't.  Blair left him.  She was not available to him for the choosing.  God bless Kassie DePaiva, one of the most underappreciated actresses alive, because she can sell anything.  Anything.  She deserves better.  Because I've watched soaps before, I know that Ross will take Dorian's money and romance Blair, but ultimately fall for her anyway, and there will be an explosive scene during sweeps month where Blair finds out that he was paid.

On the bright side, the child of two rapists (look in the back):


Is he eating the couch?  It might help fortify him, because he's not destined for much.  This kid is just about the cutest thing on television, though.  Despite his deeply, deeply unfortunate lineage.


I want Cameron Webber from GH to hang out with Sam Manning.

Are we supposed to worry about Todd and Tea?  I can't tell.  I want to consult some folks in Port Charles and see if they can run over and off them.  Eliminate them.  "Take care of" them. 

Todd could not wear a button-down shirt to his wedding?  


True love. 

WHAT WILL HAPPEN?  Do we care?  How AWFUL will it be when they find out their marriage isn't legal... that'll show 'em.  Or (and this is just speculation, but it's hard to not see it coming) when we find out that Todd and Tea have a kid together?  Boy, Todd will be... mad?  I hate these people.  And I really do not want to.

So, I know there's something else I should address as a Serial Drama guest blogger, and that is one Mr. Terrell Tilford (Dr. Greg Evans).


Uh, this will get its own post.


The highs and lows of OLTL are somehow enjoyable and bearable. I don't get AMC or GH style rage about OLTL, even though some of it is horrible. Because the good stuff is really good and pretty consitant, unlike the crap on the other shows. Balance and more good writing than bad, plus a respect of history and character development must be the key.

I have no interest in Tea, nor Todd in a romantic relationship. I can only appreciate him when he is solo, conflicted, and aware of all his crimes w/ moments of happiness and humor every so often. Both of his portrayers have been excellent. But his romantic life always go way too far for me lately, JMO. There were times when I wanted him w/ Blair, like a decade ago. But w/ Tea or even more horrifying, Marty, I just don't buy it. He is WAY too easily forgiven now. I don't remember feeling that way about him with the other actor and old writers.

Little Sam is super cute. I hope he gets written as sweet and kind and thoughtful as he grows up. A total contradiction to his biological parents! Two rapists, not a family history to be proud of there, what a nightmare. SO for him to be a great kid and an honorable young man would be a future I would love to see. A Sam who accepts his father but doesn't condone his actions and crimes or let him of the hook.

Starr was such a bratty creepy kid IMO, and I appreciate her now, but I don't adore her like others do. And Sam's older brother, a Todd Jr. and I think that is NOT cute against what I think the writers are trying to convince us it is.

Bo and David.... I LOVE IT! ANd I love OLTL being a part of this blog, much thanks :-)

KdP can indeed sell anything, but I sometimes wonder if we attribute everything purely to her ability and don't consider even the possibility that the writing might have something to do with it. But I've firmly believed for a long time that the whole Blair/Todd/Tea storyline is more at war with itself than anything. I mean there are these big anvils that seem to tell us what we're supposed to feel (Viki's blessing, etc.), but I can't shake the feeling that there's more nuance than we're willing to admit. But maybe I'm just a Pollyanna.

I'm an on/off OLTL viewer, back on for the past year... And I like Todd & Tea. I know they've both done sociopathic things to each other and other people, but I like to suspend reality when watching OLTL (a little bit*) and their chemistry is sweet.

Of course, I'd still rather watch Kish! Or David!

*I do not suspend reality for the Slutty/Skanky twins. They can go.

*I also think they Evans children are some of the worst actors...

Hmmm... I must say that I disagree. I am fast forwarding more and more of OLTL. No, I don't think Tea is terrific, but of course neither is Todd. They are, however, sort of interesting and the actors are talented, which is more than I can say for most of the rest of the show. Unfortunately, I think they are the highlight of what is offered to the viewers at the moment.

I only watch Natalie because of Jared, and if he is gone, I don't care what happens to her.

I don't find the gay story interesting at all. Yawn.

I find the political backdrop for the Viki/Dorian story assinine and demeaning.

Marty is an idiot and John McBain is still one of the worst characters ever to be on OLTL. The teens bore the !&(*@#@ out of me. Matthew is vaguely interesting, but that's about it.

Dr. Evans? Oh my. I can't wait for that post because this guy has reached a level of awfulness long unseen.

I am quickly running out of reasons to tune in.

"They are, however, sort of interesting and the actors are talented, which is more than I can say for most of the rest of the show."

TSJ tends to skip talent and go straight for "when can I break for lunch" very quickly. He's barely even bothering to phone it in these days. And FL is only great when she is in the crazy mode. The weepy or lovestruck Tea is awful. I'm also surprised at the complete lack of chemistry between the actors. No wonder the show has to prop them 24/7.

I'm tired of anything involving this story, or Stacy/Rex/Gigi. They just drain the show of any life. That we are supposed to worship Todd and Rex disgusts me.

Totally agree about Todd/Tea. They don't interest me, their story doesn't interest me, their upcoming almost 100% guaranteed child doesn't interest me. The only thing about this storyline that interests me is Ross/Blair.

Love Kish. And Cayla. Love Sam and Jack.

Can't wait to see your post about Greg. Because I'm feeling nothing from him or the over-the-top actor who portrays him.

In defense of Dr. Evans... he is pretty cute. That being said, I really wish they would stop trying to make the Evans family happen.

They're not going to happen.

I like Kyle and Fish, but does every gay soap story have to be an "issue" story? It feels like every single gay soap story is about soul mates coming to grips with their sexuality. I wish we could skip all of that and get to the good stuff, though with daytime's track record that will likely be a one way trip to boring town.

Well Carl I agree with you about Stacy/Rex/Gigi because I hate them all. Rex is a lying douchebag idiot and Stacy is worse. Gigi I could maybe like again someday, but only away from Rex.

I disagree about Todd and Tea. I don't actually like Todd Manning as a character, but I do find him interesting. And I think TSJ and FL, on their worst days, are more competent than most of the other cast. OLTL has ventured back into the realm of poor written stories played by a few good actors and a lot of mediocre ones.

There is no one that I think is a good character AND has an interesting story AND is played by a truly talented actor. Nothing about the show captures my interest in a truly positive way anymore. I simply think Todd & Tea are one of the better stories, but that is admitting that I think all the stories are pretty awful. Yippee!

I swear, Days of Our Lives is better than OLTL lately. I've already given up on AMC and only watch Robin & Patrick on GH. Soaps are dying. Fast.

I haven't been this level of addicted to OLTL since the 90s. I thought Wednesday's episode was Emmy-worthy, even with the inclusion of Todd and Tea. Everything else was golden.

I hate Todd and Tea so much that I'd rather watch the Balsom/Marasco fiasco. At least that storyline has Schuyler and Kim in it.

As irritating as the Todd/Tea "romance" is (we're really supposed to believe that Tea is the love of Todd's life? please), the fact that TSJ is not playing Todd Manning (and hasn't been for a very long time) is what completely dooms it. The writing shares some of the blame, but it's TSJ's weird-ass interpretation of the character that has ruined Todd. Isn't it time for TSJ to be looking for prime-time work? The only saving grace is that Ross and Blair are fun together.

I actually like Todd and Tea. I'm don't know their history because I started watching when Evangline was on and stopped when she left but I started again early last year. I like Tea's attitude and the way she handles herself. I love Todd's son and little Sam with those glasses. I hate Blair trying to break up Todd and Tea. I like her and Ross' chemistry.

The Evans family is horrible. I can't believe that actor who played Greg Evans was actually on another soap before. That little girl Destiny is the worst. Greg is good looking but he can't act. They need to get Rachel away from the Evans. Let her be a spoiler in another relationship or accidentally take a pill and start back on drugs again. Just get her away from Shaun and Greg. And PLEASE get Matthew away from Destiny. As a minority I like seeing minorities on soaps, but they have to know how to act. More David and Matthew!

I'm glad there are some people enjoying Todd and Tea, I really am. Soaps have so many storylines for a reason -- no one's going to like everything, so we have a nice healthy rotation. It's still bizarre to me, though. Watching today's episode, it was as if Tea was at a different wedding from the one Todd went to. His vows were basically, "You kept me out of prison and we have great sex in lots of cool places," and somehow this made her weep. I fail to see how he's a catch or what their connection is, I couldn't help but want her to come to her senses.

Oh well, if you didn't like that today, you always had lustful teenage girls in negligees to watch!

OLTL is so much better than the other two ABC trainwrecks that I am willing to overlook Todd and Tea (mostly because TSJ is so incredibly wicked HAWT).

Ok I agree with everything you said. I can't stand Todd and Tea and wish that they were backburnered and Brody and Jess got their screne time. I mean Todd and Tea basically play out the same scene every week. I see no chemistry between TSJ and FL. I would rather see Tea and John or hell even Cole, than Todd!! I love Ross and Blair they are totally saving this dreadful and completely cliche Tea's secret storyline for me. That being said I see not chemistry between Ross and Blair, I think they should recast with Ric Hearst or Greg Vahn!!! I hate Rex so much that I am actually rooting for Stacy!!! I want Gigi and Schulyer to get together. I love the kid who plays Sam, but the character is pointless and should be killed off!!

Noooo! Tell me Natalie's not about to have another dead husband!

Izzy, don't worry, I wasn't being spoilerish -- I honestly have no idea. I should have perhaps said that the actor's days are numbered, I don't know about the character. For all I know, they could be recasting the role (I hear Greg Vaughan's available) or sending him on a trip or to prison or... I honestly don't know. But they've definitely announced that the actor has been let go.

" I swear, Days of Our Lives is better than OLTL lately./"

OMG I can't say how violently I disagree with this! LOL

Louise I have haunted this blog since Wednesday's episode just waiting for your post. While some of the story-lines really aren't that good... Todd and Tea,the Evans family and especially the Morasco fiasco, There is so much good stuff to keep me interested: We actually got Police officers receiving awards for bringing down the bad guys...How awesome was that? Everybody around town watching on TV Kyle being so proud of Oliver even though things are strained between them, Markko and Langston being so happy for Cole, and kicking off the guys becoming roomies.

I just adore Kish,with a side of Nick. Finally a triangle with three root-able sides. How long has it been since we've seen that? Cris and Leyla proving back-up for Oliver and now actually seeing the potential in each other? Vicky/Dorian/David, starting the Mayoral race looks fun. Jarlie and Brody/Jess with the stalker mystery, How cute where Jared and Brody recuperating with Video games beer and their ladies? Bo/Nora/Clint and Matthew can bring me to tears. I'd like to see more of Sky and Rachel at the rehab center, Just get her away from Dr. Greg STAT! I think they have some chem as well as Sky/Gigi. I don't know whats going to happen with Rex but I used to like JPL in the role and think I could again as long as they get rid of Stacy! How about bring Bitchy Adrianna back form Paris? Can't wait for your post on TT/Dr. Greg it was hysterically horrible!

OLTL needs to recast Greg, Destiny needs more acting classes, I'm rooting for Stacy/Kim, Rex is on my last nerves, Skiy/Gigi,,,,OLTL is HOT!

I so agree with you about the "acting master class." my favorite thing about OLTL.

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