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September 26, 2009

Here Come The Sighs

Carly: Call me corny, but I love weddings, especially oddball ones.

Oh, Carly. You speak the truth.

If Friday's episode of General Hospital had featured a wedding for a couple I was actually invested in, or a bride whose hair was not decorated with what I can only assume would be a ceremonial headdress in some cultures...



(Many, if not most, things I encounter in life invariably lead me to a How I Met Your Mothercomparison, this time from Lily and Marshall's wedding: when Marshall first accidentally got hideous tips in his hair and then shaved part of his head in a fit of anxiety, and Barney and Ted were brainstorming ways to cover it up, and Barney kept insisting that an Indian headdress would work? I wonder if Maxie had a similar hair emergency, because I am uncomfortable believing that anyone, not least an aspiring glamorous fashionista, would find that to be anything but hideola, although if her hair this week is anything to go by, she certainly is blind to a whole lot of ugly).

...I imagine that my praise for said episode would be at a fever pitch. As it was, while I never thought of myself as the type of person who would use the phrase "Well, knock me over with a feather" (the only person I've actually heard use that phrase with aplomb was a kindly septuagenarian, so I felt like I lacked the life experience to pull it off), it was the first thing that popped into my head at the end of Friday's episode. Even more surprising was the rest of the thought: "Well, knock me over with a feather, that was almost a good episode". An almost good episode on GH is surprising enough, but when the episode in question is focused on the Spinelli/Maxie--a pairing, remember, that I have not been fond of--wedding, well...like I said, feather, me, knocked over.


Maxie's nightmare at the start of the episode was fantastic in that it was genuinely entertaining AND contained more honest and realistic character development than we've seen on this show in quite some time. Our glimpse into Maxie's subconscious showcased her deepest fears about this marriage, with hilarious results.

  • Maxie being miserable in the life of Mrs. Spinelli and mother to little Spinellis? Check.


Maxie: You're gonna take that bottle, and you're gonna like it. My boobs are closed. Spinelli, I thought that you were gonna start helping me. [Gasps] I said no killing.

  • Maxie's hopes and dreams being a bust on her end, but the perfect fit for Lulu, who winds up thriving as a glamorous, jet-setting editor-in-chief at Couture? Check.

Lulu: You heard me. Bump Angie from the cover and then throw her off the train for all I care. Heh. Gee, guess I'm not impressed. Well, of course I can do it. I'm editor in chief. Couture is mine. Whatever I say goes. Yeah, well, I've had it with these high-maintenance celebrities. I'm lulu Spencer. I make my own celebrities. Look, I gotta go. Ciao.

Lulu: Where else, silly? I'm gonna be gone for a month or so, so I wanted to say good-bye to my B.F.F. and all my adorable little godchildren. Oh, you -- you're...cute.

  • Jason continuing to be the most important person in Spinelli's life and promoting him to the role of Jason's "best soldier"? Check.


  • Jason and Spinelli murdering people for money? Check.

Jason: We gotta go. People are waiting to die.

  • Mac suffering a mental break and needing to be committed to Shadybrooke as a result of the marriage? Check.

I giggled throughout and then I got a bit irritated, because the writers actually ARE capable of doing justice to their characters; all of these fears for Maxie make complete sense! So why can't this kind of writing be done all the time, and also not just for laughs? I know that the answer is "because the writers are mostly hacks", but still, the question needed to be asked.


Bradford Anderson and Kirsten Storms did a really fantastic job throughout the episode (crazy, isn't it, that good writing leads to good performances? How wild and zany that is!), and they didn't even need words to do it. Bradford Anderson's facial expression when Maxie walked down the aisle said more for Spinelli's love of Maxie than any bit of dialogue he's ever had


When he's given the opportunity to play something other than a babbling fool, like a babbling fool with feelings, he is downright tolerable, if not completely likable (I'm sorry, I just don't see that ever happening). Why don't the writers capitalize on that more often? And why don't they give Kirsten Storms more to do than squeak? (Note: the answers to these questions are also the aforementioned "because the writers are mostly hacks).


Maxie's scenes with her friends and family were downright delightful. The evolution of her relationship with Lulu from enemies to frenemies back to enemies to begrudgingly getting along with each other and now being best friends has been pretty awesome.


Maxie: Thank you. Not just for the purse, which I'm gonna keep forever, but for being my best friend.

Lulu: Wow. Let's not get carried away.

Maxie: Ok, if not today, then when are we supposed to do this?

Lulu: Heh. Well, you're my best friend, too. I mean, it's like -- I love you.

Maxie: Oh, whoa. We're getting carried away now.


And she and Mac just wrecked me.


Mac: Look at you, all grown up, about to be married. When did this happen? Where did the years go?

Maxie: I love you, Mac. Dad. Wow, if it wasn't for you, I don't know. Georgie and I, we would have been lost, especially me. Because no matter what happened, no matter all the chaos that was going on in my life, I knew I had a safe place to go -- wherever you were.

Mac: And now it's time to let you go.

Maxie: I know that you don't approve.

Mac: That doesn't matter. You love him. He makes you happy. That's all I could ask. Ready?

Damn it, show! My mascara went all runny, both when I watched it and as I am typing this right now.


Aside from the sweet and the adorable and the familial, the show also gave us humor--the on purposekind. Aside from the aforementioned nightmare, we were treated to some quality LOLs from Mac.

Mac: Why don't you just shoot me in the head?

Patrick: Could make a call.

Mac: Aw, you don't have to. You know, Jason the mob enforcer is best man at my daughter's wedding. I'm sure he'll be packin'. How did this happen, Patrick? How did that little bundle of joy who was Maxie end up a grown woman getting married to organized crime?

Hee! I actually answered Patrick with, "You could just call out to the other room and probably get a dozen people offering to do the job. You wouldn't have to even call out at full volume!" and then Mac reiterated the sentiment.

And said mob enforcer got in a good quip of his own.

Jason: Ok. Well, I'm gonna tell you, because I watched the whole thing. You were yourself. You didn't speak other people's words, even though that would've been a lot easier for me to follow.

When Jason is funny, I laugh and then feel slightly dirty. It's a half-chuckle, half-shudder type situation.


The random Port Charles denizens there to witness the blessed marriage were...an assorted bunch, to say the least.




I don't know why Molly and Kristina were so heavily featured in this story, but any opportunity for Molly to be adorable is good with me, so I won't quibble about their involvement.

Molly: Maxie's really lucky. See, I like the brainy ones, so you're good with me.

Misguided, but adorable! I also liked her comparisons of various Port Charles relationships with literary ones. She's so cute.

Milo was irksome and as socially inept as Spinelli:


Milo: Max sends his regrets and congratulations. He still can't believe a babe like Maxie would marry you.

Duh, we're all thinking that, but you don't need to verbalize it!

Coleman was there, spreading around communicable diseases and, I imagine, reeking like stale booze. Jax shares my distaste


Jax: Really? You want him hanging out with Coleman?

Thank you, Jax! I know we're never supposed to agree with what Jax says, so he and I are being complete squares as far as this goes, but whatever. The saying goes that it's hip to be a square, and if Huey Lewis says it, it must be true!

Johnny and Olivia taunted us with their hotness, and earned Carly's admiration


Johnny: Yeah. Well, Olivia's been taking good care of me.

Carly: Yeah, I bet she has.

Let's enjoy them while we can, since, with Sarah Brown leaving, it's only a matter of time before Olivia jets out of this relationship faster than Jason can pull out a weapon and prances over to Sonny's.

(That sentence reads strangely. I meant that Olivia will be the one doing the prancing, but picturing Jason pulling his gun out and then prancing over to Sonny's to get his orders is incredibl amusing to me)


And ha!

Morgan: Holy crap!

Carly: Morgan. Don't talk like that.

Morgan: Mom, Jason's wearing a pink tie.

Carly: Holy crap.


The pink tie has been one of the best supporting players on the show this year! I think we should compile an Emmy reel for him and hope he takes home the gold next year!


All of that, AND a surprise ending! The show finally remembered to end a Friday episode on an intriguing note!

Spinelli: How I love you. I struggled today. I'd written vows -- no, I'd, um -- I'd carefully crafted vows to assuage your reservations, but as fate would have it, they were irretrievably lost, leaving me with nothing but the words in my heart, and that's what I'll depend on now. I'm not like other people. [Laughs] I never have been. But I became used to the outsider status, and I was really quite content. I mean, my mind is an active and fertile one. I'm never bored in my own company, and if being alone was to be my lot, well, there are worse things in this life to have to endure. But then there -- then there was you... luminous, transformative Maxie, and you saw me, you got me, and to my utter shock, amazement, and profound gratitude, you loved me, and that is the most precious gift, and I will never, ever betray it... and that is why I cannot marry you.

It's enough to make me look forward to Monday's show, even if I know that it will almost certainly not live up to expectations and will probably make me regret everything I've just written.

Screencaps courtesy of LaurieLuvsLiason


Whoa... not just a surprise ending, but one with a character who does the right thing? Awesome Writer strikes again.

Mac is my hero. I thought the two funniest parts of the episode were Mac describing Spinelli as "tech support for the mob" and Patrick wiping Mac's mouth for him in Maxie's nightmare.

I also enjoy seeing Robin & Patrick as a stable married couple offering advice and support -- even though I think Maxie's an idiot for marrying Spinelli. Of course it's just nice seeing Robin & Patrick at all these days....

There's one thing that's still ruining this for me though -- how is it that Robin has no role in Maxie's wedding? I understand that soaps don't have the budgets to do huge weddings anymore, with six bridesmaids in matching gowns, etc., but they're already paying KMc to be there, and I can't wrap my brain around the idea that Lulu, Kristina, and Molly are all closer to Maxie and Spinelli than Robin. Am I seriously the only one bothered by this?

I have to admit that I really did enjoy this episode as well. The beginning dream sequence was hilarious and I totally didn't expect it. Maxie's hair piece thingy was HIDEOUS. Great acting in this episode overall, especially Bradford.

Patrick turned into one hell of a dedicated son-in-law! He was an attentive "at the ready" drool wiper in that nightmare. And at the ceremony he charmingly and kindly offered Mac his choice of whisky or a valium! And Patty didn't whine pout or complain about any of it. Bye bye lothario w/ a scalpel ;-) What a great son-in-law he is turning out to be.

I know this episode is very rare, as it didn't suck and was actually entertaining. But I would really love a Mac and Patrick relationship. Mac deserves a buddy, and if that turned out to be Patrick it would be a wonderful family thing for Scrubs and Scorpios alike.

The headpiece Maxie wore was a sad attempt to emulate SJP in the Sand the City film. What I really hated was that "way below the butt" big bow! Ick.

Your Spixie wedding review was as delightful and entertaining as the episode itself. And I mean that as a compliment! Cool huh?

I loved this episode, it was great. The humor is what has been missing from GH. Everybody was really delightful.

Hated, hated, hated Maxie's dress.

And really, what was that in her hair? A bird flew through a fishing net and crashed into her head and she didn't notice? At least it was a tad bit better than the crazy hair she had earlier in the week. KS must have seriously pissed off someone in Hair and Wardrobe.

Funny! "Well, knock me over with a feather" was my reaction too! Friday was good and not in a good for a crap show like GH way, but in a good I want to rewatch the clips kind of way!

Great post! Only thing I wish to add is that JJY ROCKS and as a super fan of Mac, Patrick, Robin and Maxie (otherwise, known as the Drake, Scorpio, Jones family), I was especially pleased and proud to see their love, caring and humor on display in such an awesome way. The only absence was Georgie and we even got more than a mention about her! Why can't more episodes be this good?

I don't get it. It must be because I find Spinelli repulsive and Maxie dumb as a box of rocks. I was annoyed for most of the episode. For the first time ever, I wanted to slap the hell out of Robin and Patrick. I hated how they both all dismissed Mac fears for Maxie's future marrying a mobster.

Robin and Patrick need their own story so they can get some airtime away from Maxie and Spinelli. I would not mind if they separated and/or divorced, if it gets Robin some airtime.


i think i want to marry awesome writer! This was a near damn perfect episode! Made me squeal with delight and tear up and cry! You perfectly did it justice with this entry.

I wish GH could be like this every day.

Friday's show was great. Loved Maxie's dream scene. I love JJY's bit. He is such a great actor and does comedy so well. It hard to believe he has been on GH for 18 years. Mac wasn't this bad when Patrick & Robin was geting married. He knew Patrick was right for Robin. I guess small wedding are the in thing now. It was a shame that Robin didn't get a big wedding that she should have. Since Robin is a big character and part of GH's history so is Maxie too.

I don't know how anyone in Maxie's dream scene kept a straight during the taping. I can only imagine what it was like after they said cut. alot LOL!!!!

I have loved the way Mac loves "his girls" no matter what. He just wants them happy and health and safe. Especially with Robin and Maxie with their health issues. Patrick was right about Mac has always supported Robin and he can do the samething with Maxie. I agreed Robin should have had more a role in the wedding too. I also think both Patrick and Robin should have been on the front row with Mac and Bobbie. I glad to Jackie Z. there it has been too long. I thought it was strange that Mac and Maxie did the samething at Scrubs' 2nd wedding instead of sitting in front with Robert. The Scorpio/Jones and Drake family is one of a kind and it works for them.

I thought it was nice that Jax, Carly and Morgan were there and sitting on Spinelli's side since he had no family there. Morgan's reaction to seeing Jason wearing a pink tie was funny.

Can't wait to see Monday's show and Karaoke Night again at Jakes. I wonder what Scrubs will sing this time.

Oh man. I was rolling with laughter at Mac having a mental meltdown, playing with the toy! I wish you could have screen capped that one. At least his scene took the pain away of Maxie's awful get up.

Oh, Friday. How I loved you. I adored the familial connections, the humor, the romance, the way that every scene fed into the wedding without any jarring interruptions (mob shootouts, or Niz, or anything involving Rebecca).

I loved that everyone who was there had a legitimate reason to be there.

As far as the dream goes, I think it also highlighted a very big fear that Maxie has had throughout this wedding storyline--the fear that if she married Spinelli, she would essentially be setting herself up to lose him. And losing him to a version of her current-self, the glam self that she thinks is the reason he loves her anyway? Even better twist.

Since Spixie is my favorite couple on the show, I was braced for disappointment, but instead I was *very* pleasantly surprised. I really think this was one of the best GH episodes I've seen in a long time.

Friday was a good eppy. The beginning dream sequence was hilarious and Mac stole the show.

However, there really were some strange and unexplainable people in attendance and some unexplained absences.

Unexplainable people in attendance: Mostly Molly, Kristina and Coleman...with a little Milo thrown in but I could always figure it was a work related invite.

Unexplainable people missing: Diane, Kate, Alexis since her girls were there, Sonny for the guy DOES work for him, Maxie's mother although that was explained, Emma,

OH and Alice...for whom Spinelli idolizes as the wrestler.

But in the end, it was a superbly written and acted show. And Spinelli soaped it up at the end with the ending of "why I cannot marry you"

I've come to the conclusion that that...thing on Macie's head was a satin lobster conspiring to eat her face.

And Patrick wiping the drool off Mac's face during the dream sequence was frickin' priceless.

Molly and Kristina were at the wedding because they're the new cute kid tween/teen set. But it's fanwankable- Spin supplied their mother with pot during her cancer ordeal. Back then, we got some really cute scenes of Spin with the girls. I remember him teaching Kristina on the computer. Anyway... he works with their sister, and with the sorasing this year, we can sort of assume he's known them since they were small. So it's not completely out of the blue that they were asked to be in the wedding in some capacity.

However, the fact that Robin wasn't asked to be matron of honor is pure stupidity. Maybe she couldn't afford the couture bridesmaid's gown on her doctor salary?

I had meant to tape GH last week to see the wedding and I have totally forgotten it so I haven't seen any of this and it actually sounds good!

thanks for the great recap.

That "Hideous Thing" on Maxi's hair was anything but. It was a beautifully crafted hairpiece that fit right in with the theme of her wedding. Maxi is an aspiring fashionista so it makes complete sense that her dress and hair were iconic old school fashion. Google image Lena Horne or Billie Holiday or Ella Fitzgerald and you will see some very similar styling. Her hair accessory was absolutely gorgeous and intricate and most likely expansive and time consuming to make. I bet KS was thrilled to wear it!

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