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September 15, 2009

In Which We Turn To Mad Libs To Make Sense Of This Show

I literally have no words.




Lucky: I love you, Elizabeth, I always have. And I always will. I want you to marry you because I know this: we can make it last.

Liz: I think we should get the counseling, to work on us, to figure out what comes next.

Lucky: Does that mean...?

Liz: Yes. Yes, I'll marry you. 

So I turn to you, dear readers, and ask you to make sense of this ridiculous show for me by filling in the blanks:

The [ADJECTIVE] General Hospital writers made the [ADJECTIVE] decision to have Liz and Nikolas [VERB]  and then had Liz (who is acting completely [ADJECTIVE]) accept Lucky's proposal because the [ADJECTIVE] writing staff is filled with [ADJECTIVE] [NOUN]s who wouldn't know quality if it [VERB]ed them in the [BODY PART]. This [ADJECTIVE] show is [SYNONYM FOR WRETCHED]. If I were Sonny Corinthos, I would [SONNYESQUE ACT OF VIOLENCE] to/at it. But, thankfully, I am not Sonny Corinthos (although right now, I am enjoying Sonny more than Nikolas which is a(n) [ADJECTIVE] turn of events that reminds me that when these [ADJECTIVE] writers put their minds to it, they can ruin anything) and instead will settle for [MORE SOCIALLY ACCEPTABLE WAY OF VENTING  ANGER].


Man Elizabeth is a real class act. I swear if she gets pregnant again by a differant man I'll puke. On a sidenote: she has sex with Nikolas (LUCKY'S BROTHER) COME ON!

This Liz plot came about as an attempt to move Liz on , so that Guza could focus on the jasam plot. They lost a lot of fans after they killed the liason couple and killed emily. Ratings are low. If they destroy Liz's character, then it makes it easier fo jason and sam to be together. I'm sure there will be a custody battle for jake, anew pregnancy ( maybe sam or liz ).Guza's focus is to push jasam as per Frons.

Did you hear Sarah Brown is leaving?

It was gross! You don't have sex with your best friends husband nor your brother-in-law YUCK! Way to go making LIz the worlds best soap mom--leaving your child in the hospital to go have sex--that is low-- that is Carly mothering low! I say -- Lucky go after Rebecca-- forget Liz--

All I could think-- OMG another baby daddy drama with LIz!

Why do I watch this show still? Why for the 4-5 mins a week a Quartermaine is on or Robin/Patrick is on.....

i can't tell from the pic but is he naked? ick man, i haven't watched this in ages on purpose but i was surfing channels and the whole sam/jason thing was going on so i watched a little more. ewww. that they (elizabeth/nicholas lucky's BROTHER...) kissing was enough to make me stop eating for 2 days! ick. i feel bad for the actors who have to do this crap because they too are feeling the crunch in these scary financial times. can you imaging how r. herbst felt having to do this shit i would imagine only because she has 2 kids at home. i really can't fathom.....it's sad to see this now after watching for so long. i'm sure gh will go the way of GL sooner if not later. where does that leave guza and frons? idiots. in the unemployment line i hope. assholes.

Random Officer: "Hey Lucky, i heard Liz is having another kid and it's not yours... again"

Lucky: "Yeah it's true but its ok i'll still raise it like it's my own and at least this time i have some sort of blood relation to the child, my brother's the father"

Random Officer: "Tough break..."

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