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September 16, 2009

You Take The Good, You Take The Bad...

The Young and the Restless does so much right, but when they do wrong, it's...it's like wrong on steroids.

Knowing what is coming up the rest of the week, I am going to have a lot more to say about Colleen's kidnapping (A LOT more, and I will do my best to write in English, rather than the unintelligible hysteria that I feel coming on), but I have to ask: REALLY?


This whole debacle is so half-assed that it calls to mind Bob Guza. Patty didn't even TRY to tie Colleen tightly. Yes, I know Crazy Patty is armed and dangerous and also insane, but there were about eight different times that Colleen could have slipped out of that rope and pranced away. But now, she sat there and whined so much that Patty gagged her...except the gag was pretty much hanging out of Colleen's mouth and she had to physically bite down on it to make it work. Yes, she gagged herself to help out the neighborhood psychopath.

So that boatload of contrivance was bad enough, but then Patty gets a spider bite and instead of running the hell out of there with Patty's gun, Colleen dawdled and stuck around to make sure that Patty was okay. REALLY? And now she's paddling away on a canoe in the dark.


Again, REALLY?

I'm seriously interested in knowing if this was, like, mandated by the network. I'm not sure why a network would require their shows to actively try and defy logic in at least ten different ways per episode, but it's the only explanation I've come up with.

(Another way that logic has been pummeled and assaulted? Lily's hair situation.



Uh, we're not supposed to see the massive amount of hair she has under her ginormous head scarves, people)

The Colleen ordeal has been good for some prime Peter Bergman/Beth Maitland goodness (raise your hand if you'd watch a show just with the two of them acting the hell out of random scenes! BRB, writing a pitch to the networks)



but we've had to slog through a whole lot of silly and unreal to get it. Is it just me? Because I do tend to get testy when it's rainy, so maybe I am being overly bitter.  


Just curious -- what do you think Y&R gets right? I think the show is a huge, depressing mess, and has been for most of the year.

Dear Y&R:

Please kill off Abby in the near future.






Thank you OH, thank you! Abby is dreadful, annoying, pathetic, silly (not in a good way), another vapid useless Mustache spawn, and plain old boring. When she chatted on giddily to her near now retarded Mom Ashley and her evil stupid cold hearted father Victor about her modeling job and how "neat" it was and how "pretty" she was I nearly threw up. I actually wished her crazy step bro Adam stabbed her after that ;-)

But then she mouthed off like a clueless simpleton to her Uncle Jack and all I wanted was her immediate disappearance.

I cannot wait for this whole mess to end. I just wish Abby and Victor would END with it.

The only thing that made me laugh more than Lily's "bald scarves"? Paul's killer index finger of doom.

Yes, the whole Colleen thing is annoying. Pretty much anything with Colleen though, not just this kidnapping bit.

I'm just happy I haven't seen Mac all week. :)

Chloe is being awesome...Daniel's proposal was SO SWEET!...and Kevin finally grew a brain. Gimme some more Chance and I'll be a happy camper. :)

The gag thing had me gagging. It was so obvious that it wasn't tight that it was funny.

I like watching Y & R and I have watched it for years, since a teen, but lately it has gotten SOOOO cheesy, it's sickening. I work during the day, so i have to record it in order to watch it, most days, I think what a waste and I find myself, fast forwarding most of the show and watching the commericals!!!!!!!!! I wish for goodness sake that Sharon would learn to keep her legs closed and stop calling Nick everytime she breaks a finger nail and if I were Phylis, I would have been done socked the bitch out.

Writers: can't you please come up with something other than the constant homewrecking a home, married people sleeping with other married people..
Can't you write something positive??????
I am so over the NICK, Sharon and Phylis TRIO, I could puke!!!!!!!!! Every single time Sharon calls Nick, he flies to her rescue like a whooped ass dog. GIMME A BREAK, then today, October 9th's episode, he was called again only this time by Sharon's mom while at Colleen's service and left to go to his cry baby EX which has slept with half the show's characters. I am getting sick of this show. COME UP WITH SOME REALISTIC STUFF, and try to keep the hoem wrecking HO'S to a minimum, I mean this is in comparison to Marlena as the Devil on DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was dumb, LAZY, CRAZY on writer's part!!!!!

GET rid of ABBY! It is tiresome to see how many more times too CAn Victor and Nikki be married, I have lost count. Victor has been married more times than Elizabeth Taylor!!!!! Either keep them together or not, good gosh. Please help, I want to watch the show, but I am losing interest, fast.

for GOODNESS SAKES, KEEP NICK AND PHYLIS THIS TIME together, let Sharon finally find some otehr married man to screw his life up and move her whiney ass on, and yes I know Phylis broke up their home first but wasn't she also sleeping too with BRAD, she is a homewrecker, heck take her off the show. I certainly won't miss the whiny voice.

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