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October 06, 2009

At Least She Knows Her Strengths...

I generally look forward to very few things related to All My Children, but one thing that I unreservedly live for is the ability to make jokes about the Carey women and their whorish ways. In between complaining about the shoddy writing and the awful continuity and the fact that the writers obviously don't watch their own show, I can at least exercise my creativity and think of new and exciting ways to say "tramp". And when something so awful and misogynistic is the HIGHLIGHT of something related to a show, you know we are at Threat Level Midnight.

But the writers have to go and even ruin that by making subtext into text, thereby robbing me of my biggest source of amusement!

Krystal: I was this close to throwing myself at David to get him away from Amanda.

Tad: I'm sorry -- you what?

Krystal: Tad, I told you, I am not going to just sit by and watch while David blows apart another family. I feel like I've been through it, and I have an obligation --

There is no fun in mocking Krystal for her propensity to solve problems by taking her clothes off when she outright says she's going to do just that! Damn it, Pratt! You kill my show, and now you kill my fun!


Oy Krystal, you make it too easy. Probably because you ARE too easy.

I loathe Claudia, but she should hop over to AMC to yell all her "slutlike' words at Krystal. Because at least she is one. Olivia just isn't and I am sick of their fights. Krystal is a round heeled panty dropping fool, a good target for Claudia's rage and vulgarity.

Are you still sure it's not a personal plot on the part of Pratt to drive you around the bend Mallory? Cause the evidence seems to be piling up.

Honestly, what do you expect? Pratt ruined Babe's death, the only good story decision he's made as headwriter, by invoking the little twat name every freaking week.

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