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« The Role of Lucky Spencer Is Now Being Played by Jonathan Jackson | Main | Soap Blog Coalition »

October 28, 2009

I'm Trying to Restrain Myself From Making Numerous "Lucky" Puns

Nothing can sum up my complicated feelings on Jonathan Jackson's return as Lucky better than this image:


On the one hand: Jonathan Jackson! Exclamation point, exclamation point, exclamation point!

On the other hand: Written by Bob Guza. Like, "...oh. Right. Well, this will be a debacle by the end of the episode."

And on a third, mutant hand: the scruff. I didn't get to watch yesterday's episode live (which was super disappointing!) (Please reflect for a moment on the fact that I was sad to not get the chance to watch General Hospital live and send all of your pity my way. Thank you in advance.), but Becca warned me about how hilarious it was. And oh, is it ever hilarious.

After I did watch yesterday's show, I agreed with B's assessment: underwhelming! And I was disappointed to feel that way, not least because I could almost feel myself circa 1997 giving present me an ice cold "Bitch, please" look. But it's true: after the initial "Eeee!!!" or seven, I started to worry that maybe this would be a complete clusterfuck.

And while it's possible that it may, indeed, become a clusterfuck in the near future--and since this is the Guza/Phelps era of GH we are talking about, it's less "possible" and more "probable"--I loved the Lucky scenes from today's episode without reservation. They put me in such a good mood that during the mob scenes, even though I was praying for death, I was doing it with a smile on my face!

It wasn't solely Jonathan Jackson; he was probably responsible for a third of the awesomeness. Awesome Writer gets credit for a third, and I grudgingly give Tyler Christopher and Tony Geary credit for that last third (for not sleepwalking or hamming through their scenes, respectively).

I don't know why Greg Vaughan's Lucky was never given writing like this (I have a complex conspiracy theory that involves most of the GH writing staff having an allergy to hotness. See also: Backburnering of Patrick, The). It was so novel to watch a Lucky scene and actually see him have a point of view. Imagine that!

Lucky and Luke had their best scene together in, oh, a decade.

Lucky: I don't have any doubts about remarrying Elizabeth, Dad. It's best for both of us and the kids.

Luke: So the fact that she had an affair with Jason and had jake and tried to pass him off as your son doesn't bother you, you don't have any residual disappointments or anger, you don't have any--

Lucky: Is this really a conversation you want to have, given Ethan's unexpected arrival into our lives?

Luke: Don't do that. Don't take this off track. This is not about me 20 years and change ago. This is about you and Elizabeth today, now. Are you being honest with each other? Just to declare that you trust her and ignore any instinct that you have to the contrary is setting both of you up for failure.

Lucky: That's what trust is, Dad. It's trust. There's no way around it. And I trust Elizabeth, ok? She just doesn't trust herself because of what happened with Jake. She's judging herself, just like you're doing.


Luke: Do the two of you even want the same things?

Lucky: What does that even mean, huh? We want a family, Dad. A family. And just so you know, it's fine by me that Cam and Jake don't share my DNA. It's not always something to brag about. Those boys are my sons. And they're perfect just the way they are.

Yes, Cam and Jake ARE perfect. And "It's not always something to brag about"? Someone just got told!

Lucky's scenes with Nikolas were less enjoyable because I kept getting distracted by my peskily loud internal monologue going something like, "Nikolas is ew. Ugh. Gross", but they were still good.

Nikolas: Listen, if you're having second thoughts about marrying her, maybe--maybe you should look into that.

Lucky: Have you been talking to my dad?

Nikolas: No.

Lucky: Did the two of you get drunk together last night? I'm not having second thoughts, Nikolas. I'm just saying i need to be patient. I just need to give Elizabeth the time she needs to trust herself.

Nikolas: Well, I know that she loves you, Lucky, and it would kill her to hurt you again. Well, do you think there's some things that she may not be telling you?

"Like the fact that she's embroiled in a chemistry-free affair with me, your hulking, sweaty older brother? Has has she mentioned that at all?"

And then there were his scenes with Liz. Holy moly!

*There are times when I feel like I am mentally seventeen and others when I feel seventy. This is one of those times.

Lucky: He said you love me.And that it would kill you to hurt me again. And...I keep hearing your voice in my head, and you've said the same thing over and over. I know you're scared, Elizabeth. But you're... You're carrying something that isn't yours to carry. It's like you feel responsible for us breaking up because you lied about Jake. So, somehow, you're responsible for this working this time. I mean, you have to repair my relationship with my dad and praise me as a father. And last night, we were gonna make love. I don't want perfection. I want you, Elizabeth. I want your confusion and your fears and your anger. I want it all. That's perfection to me.

Elizabeth: Why are you so wonderful to me?

Lucky: Why can't you believe how wonderful you are. Look, I understand that this is messy, and it's complicated. You know, I mean, we're trudging through a lot of history here for us to get back together. But you're gonna have to find way, somehow, to forgive yourself. Just...Just take your time. Ok? All right.

I can't pretend for a minute to be unbiased. I was completely unlike myself: unjaded, giddy and eagerly replaying scenes. It was...unsettling.


Fortunately, the rest of the show elicited a few dozen eyerolls, so I haven't completely gone over to the dark side. A few random musings:

  • Anthony Zacchara is the mentally ill wind beneath my wings. The man cracks me up.

Anthony: I can't talk long. The library's closing soon. If I don't turn my book in, they're gonna charge me with a fee.

Thank you for being a friend, Bruce Weitz.

  • Gee, do you think something bad is going to happen to Carly?

Jax: You think i care about the money? I care about Carly's life and our little girl's. And if anything happens to them because of your selfishness or your psychotic wife, I will do what I should have done years ago.

First of all, Jax and his empty threats are ADORABLE.

And secondly, OMFG we get it! Carly + Pregnancy + Living in Port Charles, AKA Upstate New York's Den of Sin = MORTAL PERIL. Enough.

  • Steve Burton made a facial expression, which was surprising enough, but even better, said expression (directed at Carly) was hilarious.


  • Lisa LoCicero has so much hair (Becca and I exchanged numerous emails this weekend marveling over the sheer volume and we both agree that it's most likely all hers, with no extensions).


I find myself imagining ways that she could wield her hair as a weapon and use it to murder Claudia. Would you judge her? Because Claudia, despite Sarah Brown's best efforts, is repugnant on nearly every level and I forget all of my complaints about how violent this show is, and I just want her gone, any way St. Jason deems fit.

But I think that that wish will be granted soon, since now Sonny finally knows the truth behind Michael's shooting. He reacted as anyone would:



Like he spent all morning looking for his glasses only to find that they were on top of his head the whole time! "Well I'll be damned! " he is obviously thinking to himself. "Don't I feel foolish?" I'm sure we'll get a volcanic, over-the-top reaction tomorrow, but it made me giggle.

Screencaps courtesy of LaurieLuvsLiason!


Nikolas must die. end of story. Can the end of this "story" can he snot himself back to the Cassadine Island in his grief?

and i'm still trying to figure out why GH who didn't hesitate to cut Rick Hearst out before he left....is leaving Greg Vaughan in while Jonathan is airing.

Wow Sonny...way to show that anger!

It wasn't just me, then? I liked Lucky's speeches today, and then I told myself I was surely just having a flashback.

What are the chances he'll break out his guitar and sing The Song?

I will admit that, like the giddy fangirl I am, I was bowled over by yesterday. I was squeeing and eeeing like mad even with the cheese, Niz spew and the general feeling Lucky was getting played. That ALONE speaks of the power of Jonathan Jackson. Whenever I am feeling low, from this moment on, I will put a little JJ on it.

But today, OMG...today. THIS. THIS IS LUCKY!!!! This is what I've been waiting for. This is what I wanted. Sure they could've have given the same dialogue to GV, but I'm certain it wouldn't have come off the same. Something vital would have been missing, something that goes way beyond acting the scene. It's an embodiment, a sense of being and presence that only Jonathan Jackson can give to Lucky Spencer.

What we saw today was the perfect storm...the right dialogue and the right actor speaking that dialogue. JJ brings something to Lucky that no one can duplicate, that no one has ever duplicated. I've just...my God...I can't even verbalize how thoroughly I have missed this man!

And you know what else? I may be in the minority, but I love the scruff. I think it's hot and sexy. I think HE'S hot and sexy. Heck, and even beneath the scruff, it's still fairly obvious that JJ is a painfully beautiful man. I know that GV was man candy for a lot of fans, but JJ is MY man candy. The combination of charisma, confidence and physical beauty he embodies as Lucky Spencer is the very definition of sexy to me.

I love looking at him. I love listening to him speak. I love watching him bring Lucky to life.

I'm glad he's back and I can't wait for more. (And that's a strange thing to say considering this is GH we're talking about here.)

What can I say? They put a little JJ on it.

Tricia...I have been joking for a minute now that either A - Lucky will magically sing again or B - will confront Niz in some sort of epic karaoke smackdown.

I kinda hope for B.

I am going to be gentle and not harsh all the JJ lovin'. Enjoy, I'm glad someone is happy w/ GH.

But can we discuss the perfectly described "hulking sweaty Nik"? What the hell happened to him? He used to be so cute. I know the hair loss is an issue, I say shave it all off, but that is not soap friendly. Me, I like a bald guy. He is so hulky bulky roidy non Princey that it is grossing me out a little. When he threw Liz on the roulette table the other day I was afraid he would break her in half! That visual in my mind protected me from the further icky of them hooking up even in daydreams... ewwww.

Maybe TC and SB are in a competition to see who can grow the biggest immobile neck?

I actually loved yesterdays episode. I'm surprised others didn't. Today's episode and the scene with him and Elizabeth...Kurt sums up what I was feeling.

I'm not actor bashing but there is no way Greg V could have played those scenes especially the ones with Luke like JJ did. No way.

While I have no opinion to offer about JJ (GH and I have parted ways due to, among many other things, their awful treatment of Greg Vaughan), I just have to say that I love you for including a Glee shoutout in this post. I love that show, and Kurt is simply hysterical. Perfect use of that clip, Mallory. Thank you for once again showing impeccable pop-culture and television taste.

Ohhh Sarah...I like that theory! He wants his own category of searches to Serial Drama!

Awesome post, Mallory. I am as giddy as you are. It was so refreshing to see all that today. (Though, why would Liz think the Jake lie broke them up? They'd divorced twice by the time that came up!)

I think GV and JJ are very different actors, but I do still maintain that they didn't bother trying to give GV/Lucky a point of view. It's nice to finally see one for him. I cried during the final Liz/Lucky scene. Happy AND sad tears, before my evening devolved into simply sad sports-related tears. I really should watch GH again before bed to feel better. Oh god, what am I saying???!

Dee, everything you said!!!! ITA!

And Glee rocks!

Love the Glee shoutout. Kurt is amazing. Loved how he gave himself the slushie facial in the last episode. It was nice to see all Tina, Rachel, and Mercedes leading him into the bathroom.

Also, Greg has a role on 90210! He says he starts tomorrow.

I was "harshin" on Facebook today about how JJ looks 15, wondering what he was going to do when he found out about the oh-so-gross Niz hookup (Liz is turning into a bigger slut than Carly, for Gawd's sake!). So what, JJLucky, are you gonna ride your bike past Liz's house? Hold up a big boom box to her window while wearing a trench coat? Beat up Nik after school?

JJLucky and Liz were the most AWESOME couple in the 90's, and my first glimpse of JJ yesterday brought the entire rape story back to me and how fantastically written that was.

HOWEVER, Liz has definitely become a WOMAN and JJ still looks...15! GV was definitely a MAN. If JJ had stayed in the role, no one would have noticed, but 10 years and a Greg Vaughan later (aka Chest Manmeat) poor JJ stuck out like a sore thumb! Problem is...

I'm sorry, GV is just NOT the caliber of actor that JJ is. That's why I'm not sweating the prepubescent look too much. Sounds like today's show is already going to show me what I know deep down. JJ is HANDS DOWN the actor to play Lucky the way he was intended. Even looking so young, I was THRILLED to see him yesterday.

Is it a shitfest that GV got treated the way he did? No doubt about it. Even worse that they left him in the opening credits to further drive the stake into his heart. Of course, he joins a plethora of dead characters and a few poltergeists, so at least he's not alone in the "credits where good characters went to die."

I didn't watch GH in the 90s, so I'm not a JJ fangirl. But I've watched most of the major storylines by now because if I watch a show, I want to know the characters' histories. (Which puts me a step above Guza.) Yes, JJ is maybe (probably) a better actor than GV. But I still am not won over because they DIDN'T EVEN TRY to give GV this story line. Or any story line. You're right that it's great to see Lucky have a point of view. So why couldn't he have that, say, when he's finding out that his son is actually Jason's? When his father is captured by Helena? Two weeks ago when it's blatantly obvious to anyone with 2 working brain cells that Liz is having doubts? So while what I watched of JJ's return was good, I'm not willing to credit him with salvaging the character of Lucky, except for the fact that they let Awesome Writer out of the basement to write JJ's dialogue. When he's quit the police force and works for Sonny in 3 months, if people still like JJ, then I'll be a believer.

"I have a complex conspiracy theory that involves most of the GH writing staff having an allergy to hotness. See also: Backburnering of Patrick, The"
ROFL!! Total agreement!

I am not particularly against JJ, but I agree with what most others have said that he still looks like a kid + his voice is very very young-sounding. And Liz really is a woman. I am not feeling LL2 at ALL.

I still think JJ got some great lines, and that was good, but it just demeaned GV even more because he never even got a storyline ever ... I'm just not happy with this switcheroo on so many levels.

And OMG, Sonny's reaction ... TOO FUNNEY!!!

Thank you for including the wonderful screencaps as usual :)

PS Can we soon get a post about how oblivious Alexis is to the Kristina situation and what crap NLG is given to act out on a regular regular basis? Pretty please?

HA! I knew 90210 was the CW show Greg was going out for. GOOD FOR HIM!! GO SUCK ON IT GH!!! Didn't take him long at all. Movie and a series role. WOOHOO!!!

This morning I read that Natalia Livingston is leaving GH again. I wonder what this is going to do to the liz-Nik-Lucky SL.

Just watched the NEW Lucky....must say I am glad Elizabeth did not remove his shirt....he is just too young looking for the GV Lucky that we got used to.....Where is Cam's bitch face!

JJ and Lucky are love. Too bad that's being wasted on that fickle bimbo Liz.

I haven't seen JJ yet but I know why I perfer JJ over GV. JJ has emotion and can act in many degrees. GV's Lucky while pretty and good with children to me came across as 5 short of a 6 pack.

Granted I saw the original run of JJ so I know of what I like. Glad GV is landing on his feet though and wish him well because I enjoyed his performances usually. He did good work in the drug addiction storyline.

Had JJ had any scenes with Lulu yet? That should be quite odd for me when I catch it but I can work with it...

A few weeks back I watched the scenes with JJ and Faison after the fire just spectacular work.

Can you please please recap glee??

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