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« James Franco heads to GH, and Our Heads Explode in 50 Different Ways | Main | Whining Semi-Professionally For Three Whole Years »

October 04, 2009

"Unfortunately, a brain is not a foot."

That was real dialogue, folks.  Truer words were never spoken.

I feel a little bit like this post writes itself.  Let's let some pictures speak:




 "There's still so much about the brain we still don't know."  FYI.

I don't want to disrespect Terrell Tilford, I really don't.  When he first came on the show, I was thrilled.  I mean, the man is pretty.  Real, real pretty.  And he did egomaniac hot-shot doctor really well.  I had high hopes, because I loved seeing this family develop (springing from Shaun, an unlikely source).  And I forgave him a few missteps.  I'll give anyone a chance, and sometimes a great deal is asked of these people -- a great deal to do with no rehearsal, with obscenely close closeups, with sometimes ridiculous dialogue and absurd situations.  It's not as if he wrote the line, "Unfortunately, a brain is not a foot." 



What do they want from us??

I wish I were computer-savvy so I could put some audio tracks on here, but I think you all know what I'm talking about. 


I... don't.... I can't... I mean....


I simply had to investigate.  Partly because the man is so fine and so... so.  Sigh.  So I found his reel, where it's clear he has always been super-hot and perhaps works better in slick, glossy, over-produced television shows where he mostly functions as a model:




And I know what you're all waiting for.  I won't disappoint.  I was worried when this happened because I do believe that the OLTL set budget is roughly $78 and they totally had an inflatable raft (and Brody In A Wetsuit!) only, like, the day before.  In fact, with all these horrid rumors about the show heading to cancellation this year, I panic every time I see a piece of furniture that looks like it might not be cardboard.  Look, producers, I only live a few subway stops away from the OLTL studios and my dog is the only one home during the day; please, feel free to use my apartment for free.  It's no Llanfair (in Llanview, home of Llantano Mountain, Llantano River, and Llantano Bay, and headquarters of the Llanview-only Llannett, the local internet search engine, which administers Llanchat, where teenagers who just lo-o-ove Lionel Richie go to chat online), but hey, it's free.

Back to business.  Dr. Greg was very upset.  Yes, very upset.  He threw around some of the plastic furniture in the hospital waiting room, got restrained by a security guard, and tore off down the hallway like some amalgamation of a toddler, Frankenstein, and somebody who really, really has to pee.  Shall we take a stroll down memory lane?





(He's actually flying a little here, yes?)




I wish there were more, I really do.  But he's starting to turn the pain inward, and to just angrily yell at children in wheelchairs.


I can't wait to meet Dr. Nance, despite the fact that just a couple of weeks ago, Dr. Greg was the only living human who could handle this or any major surgery.

I wanted better out of this guy.  It's at the point that I'm almost enjoying it -- but seriously, every day that he's on, I feel tense because I'm so worried about what he's going to do.

Do we need something to make us feel better?


Cute boys!  Being jealous!

That helps a little, yes?


can't. stop. laughing.

that is all for now.

The pictures had me laughing. And, yes, ITA, he is being way over the top.


......that is all I have to say.

I don't catch OLTL all that often, but I did happen to see that scene and I laughed as I was watching it. It was so OTT and the acting was just so bad and I am a Greg/Rachel fan from the stuff I've seen with them. I love the screencaps you chose! Perfect.

Maybe I've been looking at children's picture books too often, but I loved the pix with this post. And TT's reel explains A LOT! Great post.

Thank you for this post. I've seen Mr. Terrell in other tv shows (The DL Chronicles on Here TV) and I'm hopeful that he'll get better with his performance.

Sigh, he IS so gosh darn pretty, that it hurts me to see him be the weak link in the storylines his character is apart of. When I can tolerate Destiny over him, then there's something wrong.

Was "act like a total spaz and throw an epic toddler meltdown" in the script notes? It must have been. Because if that was the actor's idea, HE needs a catscan of HIS brain ;-)

I haven't seen anything remotely like that since a three year old @ my grocery store wasn't allowed to put a bag of candy in is Mom's shopping cart and then wailed like he was being burned at the stake and went limp like a wet noodle so his humiliated exhausted Mom couldn't even pick him up and run away. It was awful. Full on uncontrollable totally ridiculous emotional meltdown.

Seeing that on OLTL from the formerly adult surgeon was NOT cool. Now I kinda want him mute and off my screen along w/ Stacy.

OLTL, it's rarely boring.

At first I was happy that Shaun was getting a family on the show, but "Dr. Evans" is so horrible that I FF through all his scenes now. Especially when he is a scene with the new Rachel - she is a good actress and I'd like to see with someone that can at least ACT....Same for Scott Clifton, Please OLTL, give him some one better than Gigi or the Stacy's ho friend, he can do so much better! Am kind of liking the Ross character and of course David Vickers always makes me happy. OLTL is still the best ABC show...even with the overacting Dr Evans!

Terrell Tilford is so horrifically bad that he thoroughly entertains me.

lmao... he WAS flying a little! oh Greg... rofl....lol

LOL! Love the screencaps. I was a Greg/Rachel fan until the pass few weeks. This man is awful. There a hundreds, thousands of Black male actors who could do this role without all the over acting. What made it worst is that this wasn't the funny, enjoyable kind of overacting that Dorian Lord does, it was the embarassing kind that actually makes you flinch. I hope they pair Rachel with someone else. She needs out of this storyline.

Oh he SO was flying....

You just made me laugh even harder than I did when I first saw those shots. Also curious about Dr. Nance...

Hee, I loved those screen caps. I could not stop laughing when I watched those scenes originally.

I love the new Rachel and Schuyler, so I'm thinking why not put them together. It's not like either of them have any real prospects and they're cute together with great chemistry. Just a thought.

I really like to be a computer expert and I could say that hell is going on here with them, and who else said, maybe even audio tracks.

Am kind of liking the Ross character and of course David Vickers always makes me happy.

I'd like to see with someone that can at least ACT and What made it worst is that this wasn't the funny, enjoyable kind of overacting that question?

I loved those screen caps. I could not stop laughing when I watched those scenes originally.

I really enjoyed this great post and you are very talented and interesting. I really appreciate this excellent post.

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