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October 29, 2009

Where "AMC" Stands For Atrocious, Miserable, Contemptible

I just can't with this show. I hate it. All of it! Even aspects of the show that I used to reliably see as a beacon of light amidst the dark, dank majority of the show have driven me to the point that when I say that this show has robbed me of my ability to speak, I mean it. I know I often say "There are no words" and then follow that declaration up with a six thousand word screed filled with run-on sentences and hysteria, but truly, after watching today's episode (what with the Jake/Amanda/David inanity and skeeziness; Erica/Zach/Ryan drugging and emotionally manipulating Adam on the off chance that it will get Annie thrown in jail; Ryan existing), the only thing I can do is attempt to write a list of things I hate more than I hate AMC. And I could only come up with clowns, people who don't use turn signals and the song "What's Up?" by 4 Non Blondes!

Am I being too critical? Does the show have any redeeming qualities that I am missing? Or am I correct in stating that it is the worst ever to ever be the worst?


The end.

Sorry you have to watch it. I gave up all ABC daytime shows.

You are absolutely correct. I have watched that show for almost 25 years and I can honestly say it's never gotten anywhere close to this bad before. And I am guessing the L.A. move will make it even worse somehow since they clearly do not understand that it's not the production model that's the problem.

Even in its darkest moments, there was one storyline or character or something that kept me occasionally tuning in. There's nothing now.

I can't believe that list of things you hate more than I hate AMC didn't include Bob Guza, Brian Frons,or Charles Pratt...'cause seriously, those three are way worse than 4 non blondes.

(And yes, the show is void of even one single redeeming value...so sad how far it has fallen since the glory days of Greg and Jenny. Sigh.)

Even Angie and Jesse can't save this mess, though they are the most bearable people on screen.

Do you think that the the both of you could post a "Which Is Worse: GH or AMC?" poll so we can vote on it? Because at this point, it's getting really hard for me to choose. At this point I'll take AMC...but just barely. Also, it could just as easily switch around. They still both suck-don't get me wrong-but it's all about which show sucks more and right now it's AMC.

Then again, I stopped watching both of them some time ago so I have to rely on this site to let me compare.

AMC=Atrocious, Miserable, Contemptible

Lists are my new obsession this week ;-)

Absolute Monkey Crap
Assy Morose Cheerlessness
Abominable Monstrous Crime
Awful Moronic Corruption
Appalling Malevolent Crass
Abhorrent Manure Creature
Ack! Muck Caca
Acrid Mean Crummy

Not so much new names for the show but how this current clusterfuck nightmare makes me feel.

Honestly, GH is way better than AMC right now. GH is offensive and infuriating on every level, but it's not... just the slowest, dumbest, most repetitive thing in the history of the world.

To have Erica go along with drugging and breaking Adam down is just sickening. Never. Never.

And now we're getting a ripoff of one of the few stories on DAYS which isn't working (Mia/Chad and baby Sydney).

I had watched AMC for many, many years until about 7 weeks ago. One day I realized that I was taking only 7-10 minutes to watch an episode and had been doing that for weeks. To me, there was no storyline or character that I cared about anymore. That's when I took it off my DVR schedule. I now watch Days and am much more interested in Salem than Pine Valley. I come to this website everyday & The Pine Valley bulletin weekly for spoliers, but the sad part is nothing posted makes me remotely intersted in coming back to AMC. I am sorry for you Mallory, because your job forces you to have to watch it!

First of all, I also hate people who don't use turn signals. Annoys me to no end. And everytime I see someone who doesn't use one, I always yell really obnoxiously (within the confines of my own vehicle) "nice use of a turn signal, douche!" because apparently I'm under the impression that said offensive driver will have heard me and from that moment on, will become a diligent turn-signal user.

Yes, I know I need professional help. After all, I still watch GH (even though, I prefer to blame that solely on Jason Thompson's hotness).

That being said, my question to you is...is AMC worse than GH? Is anything really worse than GH?

I am waiting for TK and AM to leave; I will so go with them. I'm sick of supporting a show whose head writer hates and disrespects me as well as my gender. Thank God TK chose not to go to LA. I don't think I could have stood Zach with another BoB or ridiculous, inappropriate "emotional" affair while Kendall was gone. And hopefully AM's Kendall will only return in phone calls to finish her contract sometime next summer. Or fall. Or maybe never. A new mom with her first born might choose to come back at all. I could live with that.

Frons and Pratt. The men who destroyed AMC.

This is only the second time in 30 years that I am turning off AMC. I realized halfway thru Thursday's show that I was only watching out of habit - not because I care about any of it. So... until I hear from you that ANY of it is interesting again.... I won't be watching.

I don't think here are enough words atrocious enough to describe AMC now. It's devoid of morals, intelligence any grace or anything of value except the beauty of Alicia Minshew and the handsomeness of Thorsten Kaye and the stunning beauty of them together. After they're gone so am I. I couldn't stand to look at Melissa Claire Egan's smirking face or the 'real' one's reappearance after December.

Can someone explain the rationale for moving AMC to LA when the problems with the show will travel with it, the inept Pratt and the idiot Frons?

Is it wrong to want this show to tank badly after the move?

Don't know how AMC is doing better in the ratings than GH and OLTL. Perhaps Pratt is paying off all the people with Nielson boxes. I'm glad TK is leaving and I hope AM takes a really long maternity leave and decides not to come back. They were the only reason I watched this show but even they can't keep me watching this crap. Until Pratt is gone the only place AMC is going is off the air.

it must be bad because yesterday i chose to watch an infomercial about a mop over AMC....

Pratt makes you want Mctavish back, and that is sad.

I miss my AMC. I have watched AMC since day one. I stopped watching with the whole unabortion storyline.

Please someone -- put this show out of its misery

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