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October 05, 2009

Whining Semi-Professionally For Three Whole Years

Somehow we both managed to forget our three-year blogiversary last week.  Obviously, as would be the case in a traditional relationship, this has caused us to reexamine our connection and enter counseling.  While we work through our myriad issues and contemplate whether this whole co-blogging thing is really right for us, or whether instead our twins and sextuplets would be better off with us on separate blogs, we invite you to peruse the most popular entries of our third year, based on your comments and visits.  We ask for privacy during this difficult time.  (Except for the regular interviews we will provide about our progress, the personal diaries we will post as blog entries, and the reality show that a crappy cable network -- or the CW! -- will be picking up momentarily.  Other than that, like we said, PRIVATE.)


We wrapped up the second season of Night Shift on a high note and vowed to write Sri Rao love notes until the end of time or until he becomes head writer on another soap (and given the decision-making skills of most soap showrunners, the former may come before the latter).

We lamented the sad state of General Hospital repeatedly, loudly, bitchily, and hopefully -- on occasion -- somewhat amusingly.  We were reduced to examining it by the numbers, as an instructive lesson in how to be terrible, and were sometimes just left with our lists.  The only solidly good constant throughout our third year, upon closer review, appears to be baby Emma.  Love you, boo.  Try to stay out of snow-covered trees this next year, 'kay?

We reviewed 2008 and struggled for entries on the “best” side of the list.

We relived some of General Hospital’s golden years, which then made us even more bitter about the shitpile the show has become.

We weathered the firing and somehow even shoddier subsequent treatment of big stars.  (Ones that we didn’t really like, but still…)

We said goodbye to a daytime legend.

We suffered through The Thong Incident.

We shuddered through inappropriate groping.

We peeked into Robin’s Diary.

We marveled over All My Children’s awfulness, and Ryan Lavery’s inability to fail at failing.

We rolled our eyes through product placement nonsense.

We begged a heroine to choose herself.

We had to adjust to an uneasy feeling: Hating Luke Spencer and even – gasp! – disliking his portrayer.

We wondered how Charles Pratt remains employed, but then we remembered that Bob Guza does too, at the same network, and it made more sense.  Well…”sense.”

We wondered who they’re trying to kid with the whole “she’s Liza!” thing.

We watched some new-to-us shows (and Mallory jinxed Guiding Light and got it canceled).

We watched Y&R actually get good and therefore difficult to mock, but then rejoiced with the whole Colleen’s murder thing that allowed the bitching to perk up.

We watch Gossip Girl so were luckily able to track down the Daytime Emmys on the tiny lil’ CW and say a few things about the whole shebang.  (“Shebang” is actually far too generous, but soaps are supposed to be overdramatic so we’re trying to stick with a theme.)

We welcomed an awesome guest blogger.

We had conflicting thoughts about the re-re-recasting of Lucky Spencer.

And finally, we have no link for this one, but we continued to be completed flattered, baffled, and delighted by the fact that you read and comment on our blog, and looked forward to three more years and beyond!


Happy anniversary ladies! as long as the like sof Guza and pratt stay employed I know you'll have plenty of fodder to entertain us with!

Love you guys! Happy anniversary!!

happy happy anniversary! and many more to come!

Keep rockin'!

PS You forgot to mention how you had the epiphany that for almost three years Greg Vaughan's name was spelled wrong here :p

PPS I've really missed all the GH episode-related posts recently ... any chance we could get a last-two-weeks in review ... because the non-wedding party at Jake's was perfect, and I NEED commentary to the Kate/Coleman almost hook-up, Molly & Morgan's awesome karaoke song, the Kristina/Sonny "confrontation" ... I like to hear the good as much as the bad (with your perfect choice of screencaps).

Not to mention the whole Molly-calling-out-Sonny-as-a-criminal-but-how-he-was-a-better-source-than-Alexis-because-he-beat-the-system thing. I thought that would DEFINITELY be worth its own entry.

Happy anniversary!
Thanks for the (continuing) entertainment/commentary which is generally much more enjoyable than the shows are =)

Remember, its for the good of the children. Hah!

Happy Anniversary!

Yay! Congrats!

Aside from clips, I haven't watched a daytime soap in over a year, but I keep coming back. You are hilarious and talented ladies. Keep it up!

Congrats, ladies, and again -- thanks for letting me be a guest at the party!

And thanks also for providing a nice safe place to come and be an unashamed soap fan, where there are actually intelligent people who love the genre but are fully willing to hold it to a legitimate standard. Oh and plus, y'all are reeeeal funny.

Congrats and much applause for your snarky astute hilarious blogging ladies. In the shrinking world of soapdom you stand out as a must see/read.

But three more years and beyond? Do you think soaps will still be on the air that long? I fear two or three at least will go the way of GL etc... Sad times for soap lovers.

As long as the Guza Pratt Valenti and Bells keep the shows running (mostly into the ground) I will turn to you for my soap joy (and misery) because you ladies give us the real deal. Thanks :-)

Happy Anniversary, ladies!!!

May you have many more years of blogtasticness!

"And thanks also for providing a nice safe place to come and be an unashamed soap fan, where there are actually intelligent people who love the genre but are fully willing to hold it to a legitimate standard."

----> totally agree with this!! :hail: :hail:

CONGRATS & THANK YOU for 3 wonderful years of snark. You've made the painful disintegration of my once-beloved soaps much easier to bear with your humor, sarcasm, and incandescent frothing rage. Bless you!

Thanks for being here. :) I've enjoyed reading for the past couple of years.

I really enjoy this site. Your insights are entertaining and eeriely close to my own soap viewing experiences. Congrats on your blogaverssery.

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