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November 20, 2009

David Canary, Please Dial Back Your Awesomeness

I normally would not ever advocate that an actor mentally check out of the show on which they are performing and would actually pretty mercilessly mock them for it, but I NEED for David Canary to do that. Because as long as he's around, being compelling and giving this show a far better acting effort than it deserves, I will not be able to fast forward his scenes. And I so badly want to fast forward these scenes, because they are incredibly repetitive, and dumb, and I am still peeved that they had Adam kill Stuart!

But while I have no qualms about breezing through Kendall and Aidan on the run, or everything involving David/Amanda/Jake, or muting all of Ryan scenes so that I can invent my own imaginary dialogue, I can't do the same for scenes with Adam. Because David Canary is so good.

Adam: No. They didn't have to. I saw it all. The pain. The suffering. The one thing that I could hold on to, the one thing that might give me a small chance -- that had some kind of redemption -- was the child. A moment of freedom, perhaps an honor to my brother. That -- that was the -- biggest lie of all. There's no reason I have to beg your forgiveness, Erica. I don't deserve it. I just -- I need to tell you that I'm -- how sorry I am.

And, quite frankly, I need him to stop. Not solely because without his scenes, I'd be able to make it through an episode of AMC in about three minutes, but also because he is almost certainly going to win a well-deserved Emmy for this story, and once Pratt sees an actor win an Emmy for a horrific storyline, who knows what other kinds of character assassination in the name of Emmy-baiting scenes we are in for?! Please start half-assing your work from here on out, David Canary--it is for the greater good!


Hot Twitter news has Pratt O-U-T!(http://twitter.com/soapsindepthabc, 21 minutes ago: Just heard from a reliable source something that'll make AMC fans scream with joy: Pratt is history. #AMC

Soap Opera Digest confirming: Pratt ousted. ABC confirms.

Karen B, thank you for the heads up!! BEST DAY EVER!

Glad to be of assistance. Maybe I'll start watching again.

...But more likely I'll wait for you gals to give me the **all clear**.

I'm pretty hopeful in suggesting that now David Canary is safe to continue his awesomeness, due to THE BEST NEWS EVAHHH!

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