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November 05, 2009

D.I.D. Edition, Part 1: I Love This Show

So much to cover, so little time.  


Fair warning: this is going to be very, very long.  Hence the two-part format.  Feel free to skip all my tangents!  I do have to apologize for not posting constantly, because the last several episodes have warranted (nay, demanded!) commentary, but I have been utterly baseball-obsessed.  I do have to share this anecdote: so I'm out at a bar to watch Game 6 of the ALCS and some random other baseball fan strikes up a conversation with me about how everyone is divided between the baseball game on some of the screens and the football game on some others.  The inevitable baseball-vs-football discussion ensues, and I'm talking about how so many of my football-loving friends think that baseball is about as exciting as watching paint dry and they find it unbearable that the teams play almost every single day.  We're both saying we can't relate to that point of view, but that maybe if you don't watch enough baseball to get really invested in the nuance, a low-scoring game might seem dull while to us it's a riveting pitchers' duel.  So he says it must be how daytime soap opera fans feel when people don't understand why they're so interested.  Naturally since baseball and daytime soaps are my two biggest obsessions (and so many people find those mutually exclusive), I find this comparison thrilling.  It's apt -- they both happen almost every day, they are both ostensibly slow-moving but ultimately are often about nuance, they both take an enormous amount of investment and dedication, they both make fans have rage episodes and (in rare and wonderful moments) stand up and cheer, and neither would really grip anyone if taken for the first time in just one dose.  I am a dork, because finding these similarities makes me giddy.

There are some players on my team that I really don't like.  There's one in particular I think is a complete tool.  This doesn't make me love my team any less, or want my team to win any less.  And while I completely understand the myriad reasons why so many people hate my team (with a deep, abiding, all-consuming passion), it doesn't make me care less or root for them less.  There are good innings that make me happy and bad innings that make me sleepy or angry.  I'm going to push this metaphor as far as it can go, people, because it's pretty perfect for my feelings about One Life to Live.  At the end of last week, I was thinking this show had really gone down the toilet and was no longer that much better than the other ABC shows.  At the beginning of this week, it's as if the joy had never left.

Poor Nick (but this is hilarious) --


The boys always run away when you come on too strong, sweetie, didn't anyone ever tell you that?

I admit I'm a little confused by the logic on this, and I'm already suspending a ridiculous amount of disbelief (ah, Llanview, the gayest town in North America, with only two people in it who oppose legalizing gay marriage -- Markko's dad, and the imprisoned ex-mayor...oh, and and a gaggle of two-day extras); all pretty amazing for a group of townspeople who nearly burned Starr at the stake for her teen pregnancy).  But a commitment ceremony happened, and if Dorian were to be elected mayor, she'd give all the couples marriage licenses.  Okay.  My understanding is that that's not the same thing as waving a magic wand and making all of those couples legally married.  And since Amelia knows full well her "marriage" to Dorian was a campaign strategy (and said outright that she's fine with Dorian continuing a relationship with David), I'm not sure why we had to endure all the puppy-dog eyes and "Oh no, David can't run to Angel Square and stop the wedding!" moments.  However, I'm willing to accept it if it was just an excuse to show that excellent series of Dorian/David flashbacks.  I don't buy them as a love for the ages (she was far better with Mel and even Ray), but as two people in a scene together, they never disappoint.



Fish and Kyle are about the most adorable ever, all time.  I am staunchly opposed to mid-wedding theatrics like that because leaving someone "at the altar" is unspeakably cruel, even when the marrying couple is not one I want to see married, but damn if I didn't get misty-eyed when Kyle finally confessed his love to Fish.  I can't say enough about what a great actor Brett Claywell is; he has sold every moment of this.  And even though it was completely inorganic (not to mention unprofessional, especially from a cop who only just came back to work after being put on leave), Fish's big speech to the protesters was a nice relief.  I think this was a well-told story, but it's time for the Oliver's inward-turned-homophia storyline to come to a close.  Especially since he's surrounded by the most supportive friends and neighbors in the history of ever.  Side note:


Why did Kyle keep referring to what he's wearing here as a tux?

Now this:


Roxy planting one on Eunice was a good time, and even though Eunice's reaction was about as corny as it gets, it was a fun exclamation point on all the festivities (plus I always love it when Jackie Hoffman's on this show -- she rocks!).  Shane showing up for the Big Gay Wedding (in a Flyers jersey?) to cheer everyone on was also a nice touch.  I honestly don't read that much about behind-the-scenes machinations, but I will say that I noticed several of those background actors in the wedding scenes are pretty well-known out-and-proud-activist types in the musical theatre scene.  I wonder if they had a little more fun than the usual extras-casting for this event, because some of them are really not people who would normally do background work on a daytime soap.  I was pretty moved by the whole thing, especially since it was the day before Election Day (though, uh, apparently not that many people in Maine were so moved).



Poor Shaun.

I... have nothing at all to say about the Rex/Gigi/Schuyler triangle because it bores me to tears.  Scott Clifton deserves so much better than this, and I hope that Ron works his Carlivatian magic lickety-split by tying Schuyler into some other storyline.  He and Kyle are both in medical school now, I guess, so I'm holding out hope that that'll provide some opportunities.  Everything Marty touches is pretty dull right now (including her boyfriend), too, so way to go, show, for rewarding your Emmy winner with absolutely nothing!  Please stop thinking that tying her to the albatross that is Todd's storyline is going to boost her character!  Pretty please?

The segments on Tuesday's episode regarding the stalker storyline were so deliciously old-school OLTL that I don't even mind Rex's presence.  I am spoiler-free, but I'd say it's pretty clear why Brody's sister and Rex's aunt and the random motel dude are all in on this, and if I am even in the ballpark (more baseball metaphors!) of being correct, then I cannot freaking wait.

I know in my last post I freaked out about Bo and Nora's decision regarding Matthew, but I have to say that it's led to some good soap.  Kathleen Chalfant rockin' her awesomely intense self as the archetypal English boarding school headmistress combined with the (temporary) return of Kevin, the most benign incarnation yet (???), added to Nora and Bo finally confessing their love for each other after about one million years, the inclusion of David and Destiny in the London leg of the story, and Matthew finally having an ally that he doesn't feel sorry for and doesn't feel sorry for him... I can't complain.  I still hate what Bo and Nora did (and the writing isn't helping by portraying them as stupid enough to be just plain shocked that Matthew's so angry), but I couldn't help it, I wept openly when they finally admitted their true feelings for one another. 


But this brings me from the bits I love, like, or don't care about, to the parts of this show I hate without reservation. 

(See D.I.D. Edition, Part 2: I Hate This Show.)


Part 2 coming later today, I promise!

All i have to say to part 1 is this...

MEL! I floved Mel so so so much! And that version of Kevin that worked with Mel. (like number 121651651651 or something right?)

Ahhh good times

"...while I completely understand the myriad reasons why so many people hate my team (with a deep, abiding, all-consuming passion)..."

You must be a Yankees fan. Hee!

On topic, I'm rather partial to Joey and Dorian. But it could never last. Le sigh.

I can't wait to catch up on OLTL and see all the Kish goodness. And the Matt stuff.

The Bo and Nora reunion is just fantastic. I never thought I'd see them together again. They still have the same chemistry and sparkle that they always had.

I'm enjoying the Gigi/Schuyler relationship while Rex is off drinking drugged tea & getting tied up. When he shows up and starts making muggy faces again, my interest in the story will probably go down.

Kish are awesomesauce.

I'm guessing the next part will be about Todd. :)

I love ya Ross!!! I hate that Tea is trying to play victim and keep him from his daughter. Please keep showing Ross shirtless. It shows his personality.

David Vickers makes me giddy ;-) The field trip and bonding w/ Destiny is pretty cute. I like him w/ everybody.

And Bo and Nora, it's been too long. I really hope this time is the best time for this great couple. I am so over Clint, boring right? Bo and Nora with dancing and junk food, perfection.

Scott Clifton is so damn cute, and pretty hot too. As much as he lit up Dillon on GH I much prefer him here even w/ his subpar coupling so far.

So happy to have OLTL on Serial Drama. A Kish kiss helps get GH out of my head.

Ron Carlavati is the man and OLTL is THE best ABC soap (and working hard at giving Y&R a run for best soap period). I may just have to start adding OLTL recaps in addition to my weekly Y&R recaps...

Oh, I am SOOOOOOOO excited about the identity of Rex's daddy (heed the messenger!)

Scott Evans and Brett Claywell are adorable together. So adorable that my mother who normally avoids the topic of homosexuality altogether (her son's most of all) has warmed up to them and now refers to my own boyfriend as such.

David Vickers? Yes, please!

I'm not feeling the Scott Clifton love you are, but he's not fast forward worthy either.

Kudos to SERIAL DRAMA for adding OLTL to their line-up.

I loved the Kish, but the speech Fish gave to the protesters was inappropriate and unprofessional as a cop (is he not the worst cop?) and should have gotten Fish another reprimand. But, this is a soap and I suppose that was necessary to push Kyle back to Fish. I did love the big gay wedding, and how it ended.

I'm totally getting pulled into the mystery around Jared and loving Nat and Jess as sisters and friends again. I'm just at the edge of my seat with this storyline. I especially look forward to the big reveal (thanks spoilers) of you know who coming back. This is going to be great!

Todd and Blair have gone into my hate meter and I used to love them last year (tolerate?). What is Blair thinking? What is Tea thinking? I'm just kind of upset at all of them. But I am LOVING Daniela, Tom and Matthew. I am so bored with Destiny's forced and bad acting, that I'm happy to see Matthew (an excellent actor) with the two Hogwarts kids in England. I'm looking forward to the Dani and Matthew pairing.

Poor Shaun, but I never saw the chemistry with Rachel and Shaun. In fact, the whole Shaun family could go away. I do, however, love Beverly. I'm hoping maybe Beverly will get together with Shaun, because she seems to be a woman with a head on her shoulders.

BO AND NORA!!! Finally. I got so choked up and I have to say it was the best of the stories in the last week. The best! I love Bo and Nora so much and they both bring up the game when they're together. It's about time.

Marty is boring, as is her bo, McBain.

Eli is so much better looking than Ross. He really needs a girl. He is just too hot not to get a match.

Schuyler and Gigi are boring. I love Scott Clifton, but Gigi brings him down.

And Louise, did your loathing of Gigi grow like mine when she got that new Kate Gosselin hairdo? I hate her hair? Do they just want to keep on piling reasons for me to hate Farah Fath? I used to like her. Geedge is just irritating; especially, how quickly she just dumped Rex for Schuy. It's hard to choose which Morasco sister to hate more now.

Anyway, Schuy needs to get more scenes with the wild child Kim. The Morasceau sisters have both become as irritating as Rex's mugging for the camera. I'm all for seeing more Kim with Schuy. He really needs to get out more.

Thanks again for covering OLTL for SD, Louise. I'm loving your commentary and look forward to Part 2.

ha! wait - i'm getting a bowl of popcorn to read part 2. awesome.

Dirk Mancuso, that warms my heart to hear that Kyle and Fish have actually had a real-life impact on your mother's acceptance of your boyfriend. Reading that made me a bit misty-eyed. I love that the show can still have an effect beyond entertainment! That's what Agnes Nixon always intended.

V, Gigi's new rooster-cut is terrifying!

This show has so much more going for it than any other ABC soap!
Even though the Gigi/Rex/Stacy etc. story and the Dr. Evans debacle (OMG - get this guy off the show, he is horrible!) drive me to FF...the rest of the characters are my favorites...and the show is still written like a SOAP! Long live OLTL!
Also - love reading your blog.

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