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November 30, 2009

Mondays After Four-Day Weekends Are Especially Awful, So Here Are Some Polls

We had two General Hospital-free weekdays, which was probably an especially good thing since Wednesday's Thanksgiving episode was so enjoyable and mob-free that you can now -- for possibly the first time in years -- say that you have maintained a positive impression of GH for nearly five whole days!  Surely someone will die or get called a whore on today's episode, though, so please try to manage your expectations.

In the meantime, random polls.


Don't hate on the green bean casserole.

I...have no idea what 'BTS' stands for.

NEka -- BTS = Behind the Scenes.

And I do not like the glop on the gravy surface, whether it's concealed or congealed or anything in between. ;-)

But I definitely like Niz even less.

I keep hearing how "good" the Thanksgiving episode was, but I actually watched it and... I didn't see it. I found it dreary and dull. I shouldn't be so harsh, because I understand WHY it is "good" because it did have the ingredients of goodness, such as Mac and Alexis getting set up and no Sonny or Jason and Max and Diane being adorable and a theoretical Quartermaine Thanksgiving, but it just didn't gel in the end, I thought.

And speaking of the Quartermaines, I felt the whole Quartermaine Thanksgiving was so hollow. "We're mostly dead, so bring in the lookalike twin and the three worst members of the Spencer clan!" No fights or anything, either. And that bit at the end where they break the fourth wall and wished us all Happy Thanksgiving? Those people couldn't WAIT to get out of there. I swear Jane Elliott was literally gritting her teeth in a rictus approximating a smile. Also, those pizzas? DISGUSTING!

Maxie cheating on Spin is awesome.It provides 5 points

1.It breaks up Spixie

2.It exposes Spixie for the joke that they really are.

3.It free's Maxie from the worst thing to happen to her.

4.It proves what us Anti Spixie fans have been saying all along that Maxie isn't in luv wth him & is in a relationship wth him cause its the only way she can keep him in her life. Since last time she was honest wth him he cut off his friendship like the temper tantrum child that he is.

5.Fraxie Chem puts Spixie to shame.I can finally watch Maxie wth an actual man instead of a child without havin to be sick.

Alexis & Mac

I like them there cute I've wanted them for a long time but know I really don't know.I didn't find anything interesting about them Wends.

According to the latest poll results, 19.5 people like the Liz/Nik "romance". If you discount the .5 as Guza, who are the other 19 people?!?!?

Mel - Guza's family that's staying with him still for the holidays?

NEka, I'm sorry. I normally avoid internet-speak like the plague, but the poll options are character-limited so I had to abbreviate.

Bourgeois Nerd, I didn't think it was as good as in years past, but it was far better than the usual mess. And yeah, the Q scenes are hampered by, you know, almost all of them having been murdered. I shake my fists in fury on their behalf!

Can't wait until the end of Spixie and the start of JoMax. Please.

Yes to Mac and Alexis.

I LOVE Niz!!!

Emmy: Don't hate on the green bean casserole.

I'm so glad someone else appreciates the awesome that is green bean casserole. Liz/Nik obviously can't compare to such deliciousness.

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