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November 27, 2009

We Are Shopping Enablers

The wonderful shopping holiday season is upon us!  Should you decide to shop at Amazon.com (in any of its bazillion departments), we would so appreciate it if you would click through any of our Amazon Associates links down at the bottom of our left sidebar (or the one below in this post).  Anything you put in your cart within 24 hours of clicking through brings us a wee bit of holiday revenue.  There's no charge on your end.  This is actually true year-round, but we like to contain our blatant pleas for money to one day a year, max.

In exchange, we are more than happy to lend out our expert shopping rationalization skills.  We can justify virtually any purchase.  We can tailor the explanation to satisfy your target audience (spouse? parent? self?).  And we can even suggest additional purchases to complement the one you already made!  We are uber helpful like that.

Thanks everyone, and happy shopping!