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November 17, 2009

You Know How I Love a Good Soapy Fight

I don't smoke, but after yesterday's Days, I think I need a cigarette.  And a martini, to drink while wearing a heavily sequined outfit with shoulder pads and possibly a headpiece of some kind.  And if anyone were to irritate me, I would happily toss them into a fountain.  Basically, the episode infused me with the spirit of Joan Collins circa-1986.  (Which is a very good thing, in case you are INSANE.)  What I mean to say is -- and I realize it is frequently difficult to decipher -- this was some soapy goodness!  Vintage, 80s-style stuff.

Note:  The over-dramatic, sound-effects-enhanced slaps start at 5:42.  There are two, they are glorious, and you are welcome.

I will post more soon, but my reactions to this confrontation are, in no particular order:


2)  Does this mean we may finally have a Nicole-free episode?  I am a bit worn out.

3)  Putting a mid-30s woman (particularly one with glorious hair) in a silver, bow-tied headband is not okay under any circumstances that don't involve a Halloween costume.  And even then I would need to be convinced of the necessity.

4)  I have really grown to adore Allison Sweeney, in a non-creepy, realize-I-don't-actually-know-her, non-"If I met her I would just hyperventilate and call her by her character's name" kind of way. 

5)  Arianne Zucker kicks ass at playing cluelessly crazy.  (And at carrying impossibly large, tacky, metallic handbags, but that's not from yesterday so it's off-topic.)

6)  The next time I steal a baby, my defense is TOTALLY going to be the amazing one-two punch of 1) "But you had so many already I didn't think you'd miss this one!" and 2) "Plus you've gotten pregnant by accident so many times I just figured you could do it again on purpose if you wanted a replacement!"  I mean, that's just beautiful.


You are so right: the slaps were, indeed, GLORIOUS!

I'm totally loving Alison Sweeney too (and I don't even watch Days).

Great post! And thanks for the YT link.

That baby stealing defense is a thing of BEAUTY! If I were Nicole I'd take a copyright out on that pronto and start making some money. It's totally everything an impossible defense should be!

Now I am torn. I've loved Sami for years but I love Nicole's particular brand of crazy so much that I kinda don't want her to lose.

I haven't seen slaps like that since Carrie slapped Sami. This epi immediately brought me back to the time in the 90s when I would watch daily.

I remeber getting a cozy feeling when Carrie slapped Sami after the truth came out about Will and Austin. It was times like that when I was proud to be a DOOL watcher.

I was the proudest of Sami yesterday than I have ever been.

The student has, indeed, become the teacher.

Carry on, Grasshopper Sami, carry on.

I haven't watched Days seriously since sometime in the early 90s, but soapy goodness is soapy goodness. No! SLAP!...NO! SLAP! My reaction...WHOA! That was true Alexis Carrington style although I suspect she might have been the crazy B stealing the baby and passing it off as her own. Baby stealing is evil but I have to admit that Nicole(?) made some sense. Sami has all the babies and she has none. Good stuff.

Wow. I don't even watch Days, and I need a cigarette.


This is AMAZING.

I also love how it makes me flash back to Carrie slapping Sami after discovering she drugged Austin, a pivotal moment in my adolescence.

oh... looks like somebody else had the same idea.

#6 is soap opera crazy logic :-) So funny.

How old is Sammy? When I was a sixteen she was a very young teenager at best. Now she has a grown son and babies? SORASISNG hurts my brain, but not as bad as GH. And what ever did happen to Carrie?

Sarah, Sami is roughly in her early-to-mid 30s. She had Will when she was 16, and he's been mildly SORASed.

Carrie and Austin married and rode off into the sunset (in Switzerland), although there's been rumors over the years that she is set to return sans Austin.

I have been going crazy over those slaps! ive been showing it to everyone i know. i havent seen a slap that awesome in soooo long (the himym slaps do not count as it is not a soap opera) and then as an added bonus they gave us another slap! yesterday's episode was one of the best i have ever seen on days.

Those scenes were great stuff. Ari Zuker has been superb in this storyline. She has had to carry this insanity for a year and yet I can't help feeling sorry for Nicole, in spite of everything. I actually like everyone in this story...which is probably a minority opinion.

I can't imagine how physical it would have gotten if AZ wasn't 8 or so months pregnant.

i actually was hoping that it (baby swap) would not come out til the kid was grown. i like nicole...and dude - sami can haz a kid at the drop of a hat. plus i was liking the fake nicole/sami friendship.


Hopefully we get more, and more in depth.

I couldnt agree more with everything posted!

I have missed that sort of soapy goodness. I'm hoping having Carly face off with Vivian will bring more of that.

And yay for a Days post! Actually, now that I think of it, yay for Days doing something worthy enough for a post.

I don't get to watch these episodes when they first come on because I'm at work. (And because I'm still in the dark ages, I don't have a DVR). So I first saw this Monday night on SoapNet. I squealed like a little girl at the first slap. At the second one, I nearly passed out from excitement. I even stayed home from work yesterday so I could watch it all again and catch yesterday's ep. I call Emmy reel for both Aly Sweeney and Ari Zucker. As much as I hate Nicole, she truly believed what she was saying and I almost felt sorry for her. But Aly Sweeney is like Alicia Minshew to me. They play my absolute favorite characters on daytime. I heart them.

Outstanding soapy yumminess. I watched the slap scene a couple of times!

When I was watching it, I felt the same way you all did. This was just pure old-school soap ! Loved it ! Both actresses were great !

When I was watching it, I felt the same way you all did. This was just pure old-school soap ! Loved it ! Both actresses were great !

For the next post: Can we just get a teeny tiny acknowledgment of how awesome it is to have Heather Locklear back on TV as Amanda. I mean, how much did she rock her bitchy self?!

Helloooo, I was telling this to someone WEEKS ago. Sami has a million kids and Nicole cant even have one? It's not fairrr! Am I the only one who is on Nicole's side in all this?

Awesome! And now I'm really annoyed because I've been trying to watch since Vivian came back and I'm having major recorder issues. I can't remember where I used to see the episodes online...I've tried NBC but I can't see them for some reason.

I watch Days w/o spoilers and love it. I look forward to it everyday and some days I can't wait. It's like when I watched in my teens so many years ago :). I stopped watching GH around the time of the postpartum carpola and don't miss it as Days gives me everything I need in a soap. What was great for me about the climax of this Sami/Nicole story is that I felt bad for both characters. I know Nicole was horrible but I still root for her (even though I LOVE Sami).

GH could take a lot of pointers from DOOL these days, imo. Stunts don't work. I'm not returning just because JJ is back or they got Franco. Good storytelling with characters who have depth--that's what keeps me watching DOOL.

For Iascuba, they have Days on Hulu.

Thanks, Sarah!

Love Sami and her bitchy side come back !!


....no words....only emoticons...

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Sure !

Sami has 4 kids, and there's a good 16+ year period between Will and the twins.

Ticks me off when people accuse Sami of being a constant breeder.

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