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December 03, 2009

Please Recap For the Recapper

The good news is that my semester from hell is officially over. Or at least will officially be over as of tonight. And the end seriously could not have come any sooner, because the past couple of days have just been...I'll just tell you that, at one point, I sobbed HYSTERICALLY in my car in the parking lot of Starbucks over something insanely trivial, like lost White-Out (which is tragic, no doubt, but not worth quite so many tears!). And I won't even get into how many books I will finally get to read, or magazines to catch up on, and DVRed television shows to watch...

...which segues nicely into the bad news: I'm surprised that my poor DVR has not blown up in protest from the large backlog of soap operas I've recorded! I have to catch up on a week's worth of soaps. This is not going to be a fun weekend.

Even though I have not been watching, I do have an inkling of what's gone down this week. Call it a psychic gift, but I have a feeling that:

  • On The Young and the Restless, Kevin was annoying; Gloria schemed; Mac was a black hole of charisma; Sharon and Adam were, for lack of a better term, ooky
  • On General Hospital, James Franco smoldered; entirely too much screen time was given to Sonny, Olivia, Sonny talking about Olivia and Olivia talking about Sonny; Spinelli babbled; there was lots of mob, but no Quartermaine action
  • On All My Children, terrible people did terrible things with terrible writing and terrible performances and it was offensive on every level

How did I do?

Is there anything I should be looking forward to watching? I know that's adorably optimistic to ask, but you never know! And on the flip side, is there anything so unbelievably horrific that I should make sure that the episode "accidentally" gets erased? Let me know in the comments!


Actually, your adorable optimism may be justly deserved! GH had Karaoke, which featured Diane adorably pledging herself to Max, Alexis and Mac adorably coming out of their shells together and Luke and Ethan (almost) adorably owning up to their bad boy ways via song!

Sadly, as for the rest, your predictions were spot on.

Mac/Alexis is about it in my book for must watch.

Truly, you are a soap Jeane Dixon.

Niz bad. So so bad. Bad bad bad.

There is something so unintentionally hysterical on today's GH that I almost needed to be medicated from the shock of it all. And it comes out of Liz's mouth. No way in hell did Guza approve this dialogue. In fact if he finds out about it he may rewrite a future episode making what she said today a nightmare or something even weirder. I was honestly shaking my head in disbelief as she spoke. It was a huge WTF moment and ofcourse to my recollection a big rewrite of Liz's history.

Everything else you predicted was spot on sadly. Enjoy your successful end to a brutal semester. Relax, avoid soaps and celebrate!

Sarah- I know EXACTLY what dialogue you are talking about...and i had the same reaction...mainly that I might have bought that explanation on some level if I hadn't have spent two years watching her beg to be a booty call with Jason.

You can also count on Victoria whining, Billy chewing off his own face and pouting about what a hard life he has, and Amber shrieking while destroying what hair she has left.

I liked the comment that Sam doesn't even know who her dad is.....I thought it's about time they actually mentioned it...

I know which line my fellow posters are referring to. Mac/Alexis have no chemistry but continue to be the only characters on the show over the age of 40, and therefore probably must hook up. Niz is consistently repulsive on multiple levels. There's a line in the Thursday episode of GH that should baffle you, and it comes from Liz (of COURSE). major rewrite/revisionist history.

Even *I* recognized it, and I've had a 10 YEAR absence from GH watching (in which I finished middle school, went to high school and college. yes, JJ brought me back to this show. Oh my gosh, where is half the cast? No more quartermaines??). But I did my background reading on the plotlines before jumping back in to GH and even *I* recognized that the sentence that emerged from Liz's mouth was SO incongrous re: her backstory from the past ten years as to be laughable.

Unlike probably many viewers, I have no emotional investment in Liason. I wasn't watching GH at that time, the age gap would have baffled me (hey, when I stopped this show, Liz was just finishing high school, JJ/RH were the golden couple). But having read the GH backstory, I'm canny enough to realize that one line from the script on Thurs probably annoyed many a Liason fan. It annoyed me as a fan of old school Lucky/Liz. No doubt they wrote it in their in an attempt to justify the unjustifiable, and Liz's seemingly random and insane behavior (cheating on one's fiance with his brother? ew. With Nik when she could have the soulful Lucky? double ew. And with no real character exposition beyond today as to WHY save for lust? what the heck?). So yeah, in one line, they basically denegrated her relationship with Jason and Lucky.

Anyhoo...I won't say anything more about the line, because that would take away the pleasure you take from incredulity. JJ rocked his scenes with deftness and sincerity, as always, keeping me coming back for however long he stays on the show. Poor Rebecca Herbst ploughed through her dialogue looking pained, probably acutely aware that her character is being railroaded further day by day (and just when JJ comes back for her to work with. sigh.). James Franco was his sexy self. I survived another week of watching GH. Good luck catching up, and congrats on making it through your weeks :)

Honestly, you're spot on...

Now just remember to delete all traces of Robin and Liz's conversation and you'll be good to go....

I'm jealous of your ability to be done with school work....my term seems to be dragging on like a paternity secret....

There's a Megan Ward sighting, and her hair is perfect beyond all reason. Of course, she's merely a prop, but her hair was so breathtaking...

Well, Jack Abbott(YOUR Jack, the dreamy one....I still can't stand him and think he's gross!) caught Sharon and Adam kissing...and apparently Nick's going to catch them in bed together and punch Adam out later. I'm a bit behind myself.
So that's some soapy stuff to look forward to. On the other hand, I have to say the whole "taking Chancellor public while trying to keep it a secret but getting lots of press and buzz about it and trying to secretly invite certain friends to participate" story makes no freaking sense to me!!!!!

Except for a few scenes between Tad and Jake (and one with Liza, who woulda guessed) most of AMC can be skipped, erased or burned.

Oh. And Zach reads a story to Ian.

And (thanks to Danny and his cheery, rose-colored soul for reminding us) -- Babe is still dead.

One thing you don't want to miss is Amber's crimped 80's do that she was touting earlier this week. For a minute, I thought I was watching the Halloween episode.

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