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December 29, 2009

The Year In Bruce Weitz

There was not a whole lot to get excited about in Port Charles this year, and we found a lot (and we do mean a lot) of things to criticize (a lot. I'm not proud--in fact, I'm actually a bit ashamed. But I'm just saying. A lot). But we are not completely black-hearted or impossible to please, because there were a few things that delighted us routinely: Laura Wright's performances and the shocking transformation of Carly from harpy to not so bad; Cameron's adorability; Megan Ward's hair; the talent of new cast members Drew Garrett and Dominic Zamprogna; the "Spot the Duh Face" game and...Bruce Weitz.

There's no one adjective to describe what it is that Bruce Weitz is in his appearances as Anthony Zacchara, although MAGICAL comes close. He has often rendered us speechless with his fearless commitment to hamminess. He is amazing, and also brave for risking his life in order to bring us such over-the-top crazy! He could easily pull a muscle, or burst a blood vessel, but he perseveres. For us!

After the jump, we present our favorite Anthony Zacchara moments of the past year, without context or commentary, because his awesomeness needs no description. It just is.





















Shine on, you crazy diamond!


Now see...this post was completely worth coming back to work for! Hee...I'l have the giggles and a smile all day!

Awesome. My fave is the one in the straw hat. His chompers look so shiny!

Nice post, but I thought you were going to comment more on the GH and AMC holiday episodes?

Glorious. Just Glorious.

Ringing in the New Year with the Man of a Thousand Psychotic Breaks. Have a good one ladies!

I still think Brandon Barash deserves an Emmy for not breaking character during BW's "they killed my daughter" rant. I can't look at the screen caps without cracking up.

Cannot. Stop. Laughing....

Breathing. Becoming. Issue...

You ladies rock! Happy New Year!

Just too funny! Happy New Year and thank you for Serial Drama.

Aw, thank you for these photos of Bruce. I love Papa Zucchini!


I agree with you, ckn. I can't understand how Brandon Barash wasn't guffawing during that scene (like I was).

Thanks for the laughs, and happy new year!

Lord, the hair in that last picture. Magical is surely the word. Definitely put a smile on my face. Happy new year!

Haha, yea its magical hair. Looks like Merlin or something! Well, if merlin was losing his hair, anyway.

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