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January 18, 2010

Barely Concealed Hatred

There are so many people that the above could apply to! I could be discussing Lucky's barely concealed hatred of Nikolas. Or everyone's barely concealed hatred of the PCPD. Or Lisa's barely concealed hatred of the institution of marriage. Or my hatred of 90 percent of the people in Port Charles.

Well, we all know that the last one does not apply to this show at all, because my distaste for many of the goings on in Port Charles is far from concealed.


Lucky, having witnessed Elizabeth and Nikolas exchanging "I love you"s and getting it on, had a series of visceral reactions that quite nicely mirrored the horror I've felt throughout this unfortunate pairing.

First, there was shock.


Then, there was anger.


My display of anger was less over-the-top than his, probably because "Liz and Nik are ew, and they are ruining Liz's character and EW" isn't as good a reason for physical rage as "my fiancee, the love of my life, is sexing up my brother".

Then, pure anguish.


The only emotional response we didn't get a chance to see was him becoming sick to his stomach. I am assuming that the collapsing and vomiting occurred off-screen.

It's no secret that I think Jonathan Jackson is the bee's knees/cat's meow/other peculiar slang term best left in the 1920s, so I very predictably enjoyed all of his scenes today. He was fantastic at having very big reactions to this news without becoming completely campy (although I admit that the sobbing verged quite nearly into that territory). So good. But I think my favorite moments were the ones where everything was internal. Like, when he got home from Wyndemere and looked like a man who was kicked in the soul.


Or when he went to tell Nikolas not to go to Paris (I am hoping that this is so Lucky is able to play a series of increasingly twisted psychological mind games with him) and you could see how much he was trying to keep the pent up rage and hatred bottled up. I hate this story in every way possible, but I loved this performance.


You know who I did not love? And whose reactions to this episode's various happenings defied the boundaries of common sense and good taste? Liz, and her pretty, pretty hair, because double you tee eff, people?

First, she's all, "I love you and am going to have sex with you before you go to Paris and then we'll have a conversation about how we wish this could have been different and you'll talk about all of your lost loves and I'll say 'hang in there, buddy!"


And then she's all, "I just finished having sex with my fiance's brother, who I allegedly love and who is leaving the country for forever so let me scamper over to my fiance's house immediately to say hey. Hmm, he looks like he's been crying. Weird!"


And then! "Let me go over to the hospital and charm my equally adorable brother into giving me the weekend off so that I can spend it with Lucky. Nikolas who?"


WHO DOES THAT?! She didn't seem at all guilty about what she's done, and she didn't seem broken up about Nikolas leaving. I am so confused, both by her actions and by the continuing employment of this show's writing staff.


I'd say it was nice to see Spencer and that it was nice to see Nikolas acting like he's interacted with a child before and even that Nikolas's explanation of why they had to go to Paris was nice (if you ignore the "Son, we have to leave town because I'm a grody perv" subtext), but I cannot tell a lie. It was DISTURBING to see all of this happening on the couch where Nik and Liz just finished having sex!



Spencer's sweater vest was very cute, though.


Could Tyler Christopher have tried any less in this episode? He came across as especially half-assed because of how good Jonathan Jackson was, but throughout his scenes with both Liz and Lucky, he was very "I need to get milk once we're done filming, but I don't know where to get it. It's cheaper at Stop and Shop, but that's on the other side of the road".


DID YOU KNOW that Patrick was once a total man whore, hooking up with women left and right?

AND DID YOU KNOW that he is cocky?

AND DID YOU KNOW that he also at one point in time drank a lot of alcohol prior to, during and after hooking up with women left and right?

AND FURTHER, DID YOU KNOW that Patrick likes race cars?


The writers feel that we do not know any of this, or are incapable of retaining this knowledge. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and will assume that they are trying to remind us of these things in case we are all afflicted with some type of severe memory problems along the lines of Audrina Adare, but I think it's more likely that they think we're just stupid and need to be reminded of simple facts, often.

I'm peeved about it, not just because I resent having my intelligence insulted by this show (of all shows! I mean, come the hell on, you are General Freaking Hospital. Your idea of a complex story begins and ends with "And then Jason does something amazing" and it's not like we need to worry at all about characterization or history, because you disregard those things on a whim), but also because their definition of wild is not at all wild! They keep implying that Patrick was this booze-soaked, immoral sexual deviant, and it turns out that--get this! He drank beer, and...wait for it...yelled at sporting events on television.

Lisa: Ok, I guess I can't quite reconcile the new, improved, domesticated Patrick with the old guy I knew.

Patrick: Yeah, sittin' on the couch, watchin' Nascar on tv, drinkin' beer, yellin' at the screen.

I clutched my pearls so hard I damaged my windpipe!


I love that Scott Reeves plays a competent doctor, and is pretty, and wears glasses


but he seriously needs to figure out a way to appear in scenes with Patrick without being in the same frame, because, in the words of Christian Bale, it's fucking distracting.



Dominante voicing his concerns to Sonny about Michael's RAGE issues was great, not least because of this exchange:

Dominante: Look, Michael's a good kid. I'm not tryin' to get him in trouble here, but I'm worried because he seemed volatile.

Sonny: Sonnyblankstare

It was so, "Right. Vol-a-tile. And we all know that that means...???..."

I giggled over that and then the cringe set in when Sonny tried to exhibit self-awareness in the most self-pityingly way possible.

Dominante: Well, I don't think he's complaining. That kid is determined to be like you.

Sonny: Michael is like me. I want better for him, but he doesn't want better for himself.

They can throw Sonny as many of these lines as they'd like, but it doesn't make him any more tolerable.

This conversation took place after Dominante overheard Sonny and Michael having a deeply personal conversation about Claudia's death that even Dominante, who is pretty clever, misunderstood, assuming that Sonny killed Claudia in front of Michael. Michael and Sonny's conversation also contained an unintentionally hilarious moment.

Michael: Dad, these guys are forensic experts.


HA! Oh, Michael. Try all you want to be a big, bad member of your father's organization. Comments like this will always remind the rest of the world that you are still unbelievably naive! The PCPD! Experts at anything! HA!


And back to cringing (this episode had a lot of unintentional humor and cringe-inducing moments), how sad was it to watch Dominante and Ronnie get all excited about the prospect of putting Sonny away?



Boys, the three seconds it took you both to break into gleeful smiles is twice as long as the time it will take for the justice system to say, "Our bad, Mr. Corinthos, you're excused. Sorry for wasting your time".

I continue to enjoy the subtle way that the show hints at Dominante's paternity. Did I say "enjoy"? I meant loathe.

Ronnie: It's perfectly ironic. Sonny Corinthos brought down by his own son.

The only way this show could be less subtle is if "SONNY IS DANTE'S FATHER SONNY IS DANTE'S FATHER, I REPEAT, SONNY IS DANTE'S FATHER" scrolled at the bottom of the screen in red, glittery writing whenever Dominante is in a scene where the word "father" is uttered.


I can't believe that Olivia is encouraging Sonny to leave the country.

And I also can't believe that the writers can't come up with anything for this couple besides, "Remember that time thirty years ago? That was awesome."

And I also also can't believe that we are expected to forget that these exact conversations have already happened with Kate.

But what I REALLY can't believe is that Maurice Benard is so firmly committed to receiving a fourth Duh Face of the Year Award that he's already hauling out some of his best quizzical looks in January.


Someone is in it to win it!


Cram it, Maxie.


Just...cram it.


I should disclose that I very rarely watch entire Sam and Jason scenes, due to the endlessly repeated dialogue, so there is a chance that I am wrong when I say that these two have had, literally, the exact same conversation for the past few weeks. I am talking about the same exact scripts and everything, with a variation of:

JASON: People are in danger because of me. You could have been killed.

SAM: Oh, whatever, that's totally cool with me. Really! I don't mind!

JASON: It's because of me. Because I'm a killer.

SAM: That is not true, Jason. You kill people, but you're not a killer!

I am barely even paraphrasing! Jason expresses a sliver of self doubt and Sam falls all over herself assuring hin that he is the best person in the world to ever kill for profit and to not be sad that his job has cost people everything near and dear to them. I am so totally over it.

Although I did get a brief kick out of Jason's horror that Maxie redecorated his apartment.


Jason: Yeah. Nothing's the same. I have no idea where anything is.

Sam: All right. Well, you'll figure it out.

Jason: Yeah, but don't you think they should have asked?

I like how he is aware of the concept of manners now, but when it came to accepting a host's offer of chips and dip, etiquette was nowhere near his mind! How convenient, Jase!


I just gotta say....props for the "My Sweet Audrina" reference. I haven't read that since I was little and frankly wasn't even sure what her full name was. But as soon as I saw "Audrina Adare" it all came back to me.

And if you're right, maybe it's been GH all along that's been stealing my newspapers and messings with the clocks in my house......it's all starting to make sense now. Pheww!! Thanks!

So I was the only one laughing at the "cut Greg Vaughan's head out and glue Jonathan Jackson's head on wedding picture"? Look I know soaps are in a budget crunch but could they hire someone who understands the concept of photoshop? One concept being don't paste Jonathan Jackson's head on the body of a guy who has about a foot on him in height? I'm sure there are some 14 years old who will do it in exchange for pictures and access to Jason Thompson.

The entire Nik/Lucky/Liz storyline has had the consistency of throwing darts on the wall to see what sticks.....so the absolutely nonsense reaction of Liz (although I suspect a trip to Shadybrooke is in her future...or at least that's the maternity leave write in I'm pulling for) surprised me none. other than furthering my belief the writing team is going to lay the entire blame for this storyline on Liz's feet and be all "well...she's the nutty one..hate her."

and for me...Tyler Christopher has been phoning it in since 2006.

TC has been awful since he returned to GH so no surprise he sucked, but JJ was equally bad. I swear he could break glass with his high pitched wailing. Good grief. Elizabeth is a dirty rotten slut who doesn't care about anyone or anything that isn't concealed in her thong.

"One concept being don't paste Jonathan Jackson's head on the body of a guy who has about a foot on him in height? I'm sure there are some 14 years old who will do it in exchange for pictures and access to Jason Thompson."

Umm...I'm 29 and would gladly do it!

You know what my favorite part was by far in the horror that is Niz? Friday's episode, where Liz and Nik's dialogue consisted of this:

"Don't forget about me while you're in Paris." *taking off shirt*

"Yeah, have a great life with Lucky." *slurp, smack, show off ridiculous looking tattoos*

"This is all about Emily, you know." *taking off bra and straddling Nik*

"Yeah, I know. I miss her sooooo much." *throwing pants on top of desk*

"Meet someone ever-so-dreamy in Paris, you hear?" *throwing bra on top of Alfred, who's walking through the room with tea service*

Those two make me wanna hurl.

What I find interesting is a comment from someone in law enforcement on another board, who stated they work with rape victims and Liz who was raped as a teen would never go from man to man to man, because these women have trust issues. All of a sudden, Liz is screwing Nik and banging Lucky? The entire storyline is gross and so NOT Liz. I guess they couldn't have Robin screwing the stranger in the hotel last year, so, they decided to throw their rape victim to the curb instead.

Well LadyBug you forget that it wasn't a rape per Guza but a bad first sexual experience. i'm sure that's the rational Guza is using if he's been called on that. but i do agree with you...teh fact that Liz who was so horrifically raped as a teenager immediately turns to sex as a coping mechanism when things go south in her life is beyond strange. As someone who works with traumatized children I say it is more the result of children who were hyper sexualized when they were way younger...like victims of sexual abuse...but i hesitate to put that out there in case Guza gets an idea....

Would Lucky quit being such a P***y and shoot his man whore brother already!, so tired of watching Nikolas screw his brother's woman and then bitch about it to his "dead" ex wife, can we SORAS Rebecca H's pregnancy and get her on Maternity leave like NOW!

Lisa and Liz need to go bury themselves in a hole far, far away

on that note, Scott Reeves is very yummy and makes me girly-giggle out loud every time i see him.

I too was SHOCKED that Patrick drank beer and watched sports in college. And wasn't monogamous at 20. It's just insane!!

Okay, sue me, but, while I agree that TC has been phoning it in for a long time now, I think he's actually been doing better the last few weeks than he has in a long time. He certainly looks better. The story is awful, yet he is actually selling me on being in love with Liz. And I cede to no one in my love for Jonathan Jackson, but I agree that the Louisville slugger scene was probably the worst acting he's done since he returned. He's better with subtlety.

Seriously - being reminded everyday other minute by this Lisa character about Patrick's past is so stupid. And hearing Patrick's discription about their relationship is so funny ''...dated briefly in College, cheated on each other multiple times...'' yeah really sounded like romance to me. Loved Patrick telling her about how much Robin HAS changed him (Cause let's face it, she has!) and how much he adores Emma warms my heart. God bless Jason Thompson, both as a actor and has a hottie!

Liz/Nik - I would have bought the story if it wasn't so gross, Nik is like a brother to Liz. It would have been a far better story line if Nik was putting the moves on Liz and she became creeped out by the attention, thereby, sending her into panic attacks and flashing back to when she was raped. Nik would be all about the chase, not realizing that Liz is spazzing out from his sexual attentions.


I think the writers think we have the same brain injury Drew Barrymore suffered from in the movie "50 First Dates". That's why they keep bringing up Patrick's past.

Wait what was I saying?? LOL

After reading all this, I owe it to myself to see this episode....I hate what they have done to both Elizabeth and Sam. Sam is forever CHEERING Jason, almost sounds like his mom....hard to think of them as lovers these days. All I have to say is thank heavens Lucky knows about this AFFAIR, if that is what we can call it. This Lucky (JJ) has more chemistry with Maxi then Liz. The SHIITEY writers have destroyed some many of the characters it is hard to even watch this show..Sam and Jason HAD great chemistry but at the moment this return to be together hasn't work. Elizabeth and Lucky HAD great chemistry but trying to go back has not worked....The writers need to use the Chemistry between the actors at the given time this business of trying to RECREATE loves and passions of the past is way to difficult for General Hospital CURRENT writers, if that is what we can call them more like BUTCHERS trying to piece together the CHOPS that have already been CUT. Hate this show.

Ladybug -- I've said all along the only way I could really find this story interesting is if they'd made Nikolas sort of snap and become obsessive like his father was with Laura. Liz could have sort of been flattered by the attention at first and treaded close to the line without crossing it. I don't understand why they're destroying her character so utterly. If they wanted to build to a breakdown, you have her flip out once Nik gets all crazy or have him do something to her to manipulate her into caring for him.

It doesn't help that the whole thing was built on a shaky foundation of the barely reunited Lucky and Liz, so they weren't even a rootworthy couple either.

So much hate for this show. . . .

Absolutely adored the Audrina reference, reminds me of the days when VC Andrews books were actually good. And, yes, I agree. Jonathan Jackson's perfomance was absolutely briliant.

EEEE, Tess! Flowers in the Attic! Gawd, haven't thought about that book in years.

Was I the only one that enjoyed the Lulu/Dante kissing-but-now-you-have-to-go scene? VERY few kisses on GH these days don't end with me throwing up in my mouth a little, but THAT was a hot kiss.

TC is just HORRID. I thought his scene with his son looked awkward and contrived. The poor kid looked pretty icked out by "dad" as well.

I can't stomach Elizabeth anymore. What a self-righteous ho bag. Poor gal must be PRAYING for maternity leave to get away from playing this character.

I also thought JJ was PHENOMENAL. I am dying to see what happens when he talks to his dad. I know Tony Geary has enraged us all of late, but he and JJ do know how to rock a scene.

Interestingly, I found out today that Maurice Bernard lives about six miles from my house. My daughter's home study EF at her charter school is also the EF for Maurice's daughter. Now I'm POSITIVE that I'm going to be at a store or the mall somewhere, telling the hilarious story of the "Duh Face" award to someone, and there he'll be in produce or behind a rack of hats. If it will happen to anyone, it will happen to me.

I do have to say I give him props for commuting from here to LA. That is a BITCH of a commute in the morning, unless you leave at about 4:00 a.m. to avoid the pile up.

I am so sick of the fact that both Liz and Nik change their minds about how they feel about this affair on any given day. Sometimes Liz is "in love" (I'll never buy that) and other days she is sick of Nik following her and ruining her chances with Lucky. Same with Nik, sometimes he's a douche who wants a relationship with the only woman his brother has ever loved (sometimes? I mean most times) and other times he apparrently is feeling horribly guilty about the whole thing (I only know this because his character said so, not because he emoted this to the audience in any way). I wish the writers would just pick a through-line and stick with it.

The thing that really bugs me is that I am a hardcore LL2 fan and there is no way they will every be able to get back together after this. Thanks alot GH!!

Am I the only one who wishes that the reveal of the affair would get more airtime this week? This is pretty huge and still the "I love Jason" show is front and centre....what gives?

Mary Beth.....Your comment about Nik becoming like his father would have been a great story line (maybe Nik's tumor) was back and he was acting funky? Nik could have kidnapped Liz and try to force her into falling in love with him, she's freaked out and we see her flashing back to being a teen who was raped...so much potential and unfortunately, GH doesn't have the imagination to write good soap. How would Nik explain Liz being gone from PC?...so much potential, unfortunately, we the fans get sleaze...

Aren't you getting sick and tired of this phoney Lisa crap...a college "friend" of Patrkick's?? Didn 't he just celebrate his 33rd birthday and she's still living in the olden college glory days??? she supposedly has been so successful.... now comes chasing back after him...and continues chasing even when he says he loves his wife and baby and wouldn't change anything...stop trying to flatter Patricks "olden days ego" and go back back to where you came from....
Robin, Patrick and Emma have a much more interesting life...to continue with the challenges they face each day as Doctor's and parents...

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