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February 10, 2010

And Rex Expresses Himself

Warning: utterly, utterly superficial and shallow comments to come.

There's not honestly that much to say because, if I'm being honest, the last several episodes have just felt like they're spinning their wheels (did they really have an entire episode last week that was exclusively about people losing their cell phone connections???).  We do finally seem to be making some headway, thankfully, but I couldn't let Rex's facial expression tour de force go unmentioned today. 


To be fair, the episode was full of people reacting to things in ways that seemed wildly inappropriate to the situation, but it was like watching a cartoon.  I kept expecting sound effects every time he shook and twisted his face around.






And of course the final act being the moment he learns Stacy is indeed not carrying his baby...


I... are we supposed to be moved by this?  Amused?  Frustrated?  I am baffled on a daily basis as to what we're meant to think or feel when it comes to Rex.  But I'll give equal time.  It's not as if he didn't have a rival in the mugging competition.




You know, sometimes I think Scott Clifton is terrific and other times... other times, Schuyler has scenes with Rex.

Meanwhile, it's not that I'm especially interested in Gigi's plight, but perhaps I could get more invested if I didn't have to read every expression she makes through this haircut.


It's just, how do you say, challenging to take her seriously.

Elsewhere we're tortured by the leaden momentum-killer that is a randomly inserted Starr/Todd scene discussing his relationship (and his sex life) and his estranged daughter, and why that had any place in an episode that seemed to be about a blizzard and the various secrets and situations impacted by related events is beyond me.  As if that douchebag discussing his great sex life with his teenage daughter wasn't squicky enough, we were treated to Natalie putting the moves on John, thinking he was Jared in her delirium -- problem was, John didn't exactly resist and in fact flashed back to the various highs and lows of their relationship which has been a virtual non-issue to him for years.  Because yesterday's near-forced-incest scene didn't leave me nauseated enough, apparently.

There were some bright moments, of course.  Kim, Kyle, Roxy, Brody -- they always brighten my day.  (Did anyone not cheer when Kim mentioned she'd "been known to cut a bitch," be honest?)

But of course, best of all was the most adorable thing ever, traipsing around through the blizzard on his own in the cutest knit hat that ever cuted.  Oh, Oliver, I do so love you!



So what do you think?  Am I crazy to feel like even though technically a lot is happening, we're just running in place?  And isn't Fish adorable?

Destiny out!


Yeah, up until yesterday I felt like everything was moving way too slow, but now that the secret out, it seems like we're finally getting somewhere.

I knew you'd have to do a post on JPL's facial gymnastics! Seriously, when this storyline is over and Gigi (inevitably) goes back to Rex, I hope to God JPL and SC never share another scene. They bring out the worst in each other.

Oliver is ridiculously cute in that hat, but how hot was he when burst and shot Nurse Crazy? Love him.

I cheer for everything Kim says. She's just too awesome.

The reason for the Todd/Starr scene: TPTB have some deluded notion that TSJ's Todd has hoards of fans and they will abandon the show if he isn't shoehorned into sweeps. I don't know where they get their audience feedback, but I don't know anyone who watches for him. Maybe I'm missing something. At least when his scenes are random like that, they're easier to skip over.

Yikes, this comment is really long. I hope it actually shows up.

Josie--apparently OLTL gets their feedback from the same stuck in the 90s focus group that GH uses. The one that states "Sonny and Jason are dreamy" and such.

Oh...The Great Mug Off of 2010...how will it ever be topped. (But points to SC for tweeting pics of himself walking home with that bruise make up on his face still. highly amusing)

I see Gigi's hair...and all I can think is "Flock of Seagulls called. They say that hairstyle is over."

I've had a suspicion for a long time that the "focus group" is actually just Frons talking to himself in the mirror.

Beth, I thought SC's bruise twitpic was for the scene where Sky got punched by the Blue Clues gay basher. It seems like it was too long ago for it to be from the snowstorm.

I forgot to mention earlier: I want to marry Brody. That is all.

Josie you could totally be right about SC's pic. I suck at dates.

It was hard to even concentrate on the dialog between Rex and Sky not because of the screwed up facial expressions but, because I couldn't imagine for the life of me why these two wouldn't be seeking shelter in the car that was inches from them. Why, oh why, would they stand outside in a blizzard to have said argument? Also, this whole water breaking and not really being in labor, didn't Stacy EVER, in a month of Sundays, pick up any kind of pregnancy book? I mean really. What else did she have to do while sitting around that apartment planning her next scheme? Rex is even dumber than I thought too. I can't imagine that he would not pick up "What to Expect When You're Expecting," or something to get an idea of WTF goes on with pregnant gals! OK, I'm done.

ITA with Lisa's comment above! lol!
Also...is GiGi annoying or what? is it just me because she is annoying the hell out of me

"I've had a suspicion for a long time that the "focus group" is actually just Frons talking to himself in the mirror."

You and me both, Josie.

I agree with you, Louise, about running in place. I hear that some of the stretching might have to do with the move to AMC's studio. I think we've finally gotten some traction, though, and things are picking up. I thought today was good.

Oh.........the........secret........is.......out. I really found it hard to believe it happened. They drag these things out for months (granted they had to follow a pregnancy story) but they are so low-keyed about the reveal that I found it hard to believe that the truth finally came out. OLTL does this on numerous occasions. Very anti-climactic -- does anybody still care?

The real bummer is that the actual secret still isn't out -- just the part that Schuyler thought was true. I mean c'mon!

Forget Gigi's hair, the bigger tragedy was the death of super awesome, crazy ass, hypodermic packin' RN, Nurse Charles. WTF? I loved that crazy bee-yotch. Looks like I'm gonna have to do an "In Memoriam" in this week's OLTL recaps. Sigh.

As for Mitch, he better not end up dead (again!). Roscoe Born is sex in a bottle and has off the charts chemistry with everyone he shares a scene with. Yeah, the whole bumpin' no-no's with Jessica was icky, but not really all that unbelievable with all the crazy-ass ministers, mega churches, and polygamist family sharin' cults out there.

Maybe I'm just swayed by his adorableness but John-Paul Lavoisier's expressions don't really bother me. Call me crazy, but after being subjected to the blank face of Y&R's Mac day in and day out, it's kind of refreshing to see someone who actually uses their facial muscles -- even if they are a little over the top.

Oliver in a knit cap = incalculable cuteness.

And as for Kim -- I soooo want that gurl to be the Karen Walker to my Jack McFarland.

excellent use of the word squicky!

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