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February 24, 2010

Calvin Stops By (for some Awesome)

I have a nasty head cold and am completely exhausted, but you guys knew I'd have to at least say something about today's episode.  I'll be brief.  It really never disappoints on Snoop Dog Day.  There were a few gems that really we, as the audience, should consider gifts -- and I am not one to look a gift horse in the mouth.  That's right, Carlivati, I called you a horse!

Jack finally met Danielle, his half-sister, and their first lines of dialogue were a welcome nod to those of us whose heads exploded from trying to do the math regarding Dani's age in relation to Jack's age.  

    Jack: You're... my sister?

    Danielle: Who were you expecting, Taylor Swift?

    Jack: But, you're like, old.

    Danielle: What does that, like, mean?

    Jack: I overheard my Mom and Dad talking, that my Dad and Tea had a kid.  So I figured... you'll be my little sister.  I thought you'd be like 8 or 9. 

    Danielle: Well I'm, like, not.

    Jack: That makes no sense.

    Danielle: Get over it.

Okay, okay, we'll get over it!  But I did appreciate that little meta-SORAS moment.

Jack had a few more zingers today about preferring to stick his hand down a garbage disposal than get to know his new sister and calling Dani the "soulless princess of adolescent fury."  Jack's fun and all, but where the hell is Sam???

Adding to the zingers, when Todd had the all-out gall to try to forbid Dani from going out with Matthew, Dani asked him, "What do you think's gonna happen?  What, is Matthew gonna get drunk with a bunch of his frat buddies and do 'Todd knows what'?!"  Wow.  I can't have been the only one whose jaw almost hit the floor and then followed it up with a gleeful cheer, right?  Miss Danielle has done her research on her unfortunate sperm donor.

So apparently Snoop Dogg (who apparently Shaun works for) knows everything that's been going on in Llanview, in particular that young Matthew Buchanan is a "playa from the Himalayas."  It's a good thing someone finally acknowledged that.  (Also, Bo and Nora were totally adorbs in every way today.)

The entire Evans family returned, which was more than welcome -- it's been a while!  I was wondering if any of them other than Greg were even recurring characters anymore.  Another spectacular moment had Snoop/Calvin meeting Phylicia Evans and saying she reminded him of someone.  When prodded a bit, he said she reminded him of "someone who used to always deliver the goods."  I squealed a bit!  Heylia!  Weeds!

Tonye weeds

I do love that we get Tonye Patano on our show -- I hope they dust her off a little more often.

Did anyone else love how bad-ass all the cast looked with the opening credits set to a Snoop song?

I am going to go drink several bottles of Nyquil, but just thought it'd be unfair to let the episode go by without comment.  I'll just leave you with the main event!  (I loved Tea's little dance the most.)

Destiny out!


Oh God, Snoop is back? I haven't looked at this in quite some time so I didn't know he was making another appearance. Please tell me the cast did not try to talk in Snoop Speak again like they did the last time. I swear those that were doing it sounded like complete idiots.

I totally missed the Weeds reference! LOL.

The Dani/Matt convo was meta gold. I actually am pretty much "over" the SORAS issue. I like Dani so much that I had to let it go.

Feel better soon, Louise!

I hereby resolve to try work in "pull a Todd knows what" into as many conversations daily as human possible.

"Llanview's own Snoop Dogg" will never ever stop making me smile.

This was a fun episode. Feel better, Louise!

Hope you feel better!!!

I love how Mrs. and Mr. Evans totally ignored Rachel and went to fawn over Vivian. I definitely hope we get to see more Shaun/Vivian.

And how amazing did Destiny/Shenelle look? She's definitely lost weight (not that she didn't look worse before).

ha! Todd knows what. Feel better!

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