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February 10, 2010

Just My Imagination Running Away With Me

Yesterday, when everything that was to happen today was canceled in anticipation of the storm deemed "February Fury" by The Weather Channel, I was excited, because that meant that my Wednesday would see me sleeping later than 4:30, and being able to wear comfortable clothes all day, and reading, and watching my soaps live (my excitement on that last part was, obviously, the "Oh, I'm so excited that I can get that over with at 3, rather than having it hang over my head and ruin an otherwise enjoyable evening" kind rather than the "Oh, I'm so excited to see the dramatic and awesome happenings in Port Charles" kind, because it's not 1998).

And then it turns out that General Hospital was preempted for special news coverage of snow, in New York, in winter that was only marginally more newsworthy than the special coverage last night that followed people at Home Depot as they bought shovels; in a related story, the tri-state area's local ABC affiliate is seriously lame and terrible.

Lame and terrible and LIARS! When they announced that they'd be hijacking the 3 PM hour to talk about the storm, they said the words, "We keep getting calls from people, asking 'where's our soap'?" Like, I am SO SURE that there are multiple people in this world who were so distressed about the lack of GH that they called ABC in a panic. As was mentioned by Kristin on Facebook, the only person that interested in this show is Bob Guza, and the fact that ABC is going to air GH at 2:05 AM does him no good, since he's the type of person who's already moved onto Cinemax movies by that time.

So, what did I miss? According to my DVR's description (which has been known to lie; I mean, it usually describes GH as a "classic" soap, "charting the trials of Port Charles's medical center". ?!?!), on the Wednesday show:

  • Johnny makes a bold move: I like to think this is a bold fashion move, bringing the old man sweater back.
  • Elizabeth breaks down in Jason's arms: well, who among us wouldn't collapse in the reassuring arms of the deity of our choice in our time of crisis?
  • Helena pays Nikolas a visit: I'm not even bothering to get remotely excited about this, because Helena's returns are always fun for two days and then promptly forgotten.

I am guessing that today didn't include someone saying to Jason, "So, that whole crisis of conscience you had about killing people for money three weeks ago didn't take, huh?", or Olivia finally snap back to reality, all "What the hell was I thinking that the guilt would be punishment enough for Sonny?" before stabbing him repeatedly with a stiletto, or Spinelli speaking actual, human English, but please correct me if I'm wrong and I will watch the SOAPNet airing, record it and treasure it forever and ever.

PS: Lindze Letherman is back! For a brief stint...as a ghost.I wish that the powers-that-be would understand that bringing her back from the dead is no more unrealistic than half of the stuff they try to sell us on a daily basis, like Sonny being a good father...


Your comment about Olivia and "the guilt being punishment enough for Sonny" made me think of A Christmas Story and what the teacher says after Flick gets his tongue stuck to the metal pole (the daring of which carries about the same punishment as murder does in Port Charles):

OLIVIA: "I'm sure that the guilt Sonny feels is FARRRR worse than any punishment he might receive. Now, I'm SURE he feels terrible. I'm SURE he feels remorse for what he has done. Well, that's all I'm going to say about POOR Sonny...."

SONNY (in his head - mumbling, no doubt, even there...):
"Heh! Law-abiding citizens love to say things like that but mobsters know better. We know darn well it is ALWAYS better not to get caught."

TPTB understand anything? Mallory! You made a funny!

Your comment about bringing Georgie back is doable...let's say her death was faked in order to help the PCPD catch the perpetrator or so she could become a WSB spy and joing her parents in parts unknown.

Ok yay for Lindze coming back! Nay for the thought of her holding a flashlight under her face like Ghost Logan did....

Or wearing a blue track suit like Alan...

Not gonna lie, I was angry that my ABC affiliate (Philadelphia) aired storm coversage from 4am til AFTER the 6pm news! I didn't call...but I did send them nasty tweets and comment on their website, LOL.

Well, I didn't watch it, and that was just because I, uhm, didn't want to. Apparently, Liz has entered the Bat Shit Crazy phase, so you know, good times there.

I love it when Helena is on the show only because they always give her the most amazing jewelery to wear. Yes, I am easily pleased. Which is probably why I'm still watching GH after all these years.

Spinelli did kinda-sorta talk like a normal human being on Wed.'s show, which I caught on SoapNet since I too had to watch the Philadelphia ABC affiliate air hours upon hours of what I could see by looking out my window. Anyway, dare we hope that Spinelli is growing up a little? He seemed almost mature yesterday, but that could be my wishful thinking.

Larisa, I run Constance Towers' (Helena) official web site, and when we met, she told me her FAVORITE part of playing Helena is the clothes and jewelry they give her to wear. She says it's much more daring than she would wear herself, but she just thinks it's the most fun. :)

Rene, would you please pass on to Ms. Towers that she is one of the few reasons I will tune into the show these days? She's so great! Thanks!

There were actually highlight's on Wed.'s show! It featured...

- Kristina asking Jason for one good reason why she shouldn't hate Sonny

- Jason trying the tried-and-true "Sonny is a good man" line but then admitting that Sonny does terrible things for money and power (!)

- Luke AND Ethan going off at Nikolas

- Helena being awesome and evil in a fantastic red dress

- More Lucky/Liz flashbacks (I love flashbacks, and it's nice to be reminded of when Lucky/Liz were actually good)

- Dante telling Sonny that he despises him, he is a low-life, everything he hates, and the fact that he is his father means nothing to him (!!)

There were some (many) hatable parts too, but the highlights were there!

You got it, Beth! Connie is THE MOST classy lady I have ever met, and she has the most wonderful stories of "old Hollywood." She really does love the character of Helena, probably because she is, by far, the most "anti-Helena" that you could get. :)

Serial - you know you are guaranteed a place in heaven for acutally watching this horrible, pitiful lame excuse for a soap opera. Just as the people who "have" to cover politics!

Can you do me a favor and just sent a holler out when you know Patrick and Robin are going to be back on for more than a minute? Because to be honest - that really is the only reason I put up with Guza and his pathetic writing anymore. I don't even care the P&R have terrible story lines - those two together on t.v. make it all worth while.

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