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February 01, 2010

My New Favorite Sentence

Or should I say new favorite sentences? Yes, it's true, The Young and the Restless brought pure joy to my life in just two lines.

Before today's episode, the undisputed highlight of the past few weeks (this could be interpreted as faint praise of the highest order) was:

The role of Tucker McCall is now being played by Stephen Nichols.


I may have a reputation as a resident of Horseville (Population: Naysayers), but it turns out that all it takes to put a goofy smile on my face is twelve words announcing Stephen Nichols's return to daytime. It is good to have him back on-screen, no? I am so looking forward to seeing more of him with Jess Walton and Jeanne Cooper, and even Eric Braeden (mostly for the unintentional LOLs).

And then, in today's show, Sharon let loose with a few choice words to Phyllis:

Sharon: How many times has Victor insulted Nick or cast him aside when something just displeased him? And you knew that Victor was wrong, only now because it's Adam, you think Victor's right.

Phyllis: No, no. Adam totally went off the deep end completely, and there is a reason. And I want to know why.

Sharon: Why are you even involved? Oh, wait, I know. You just can't keep your nose out of my life. You know what? You need to back off, Bitch.


It wasn't the most vicious soap confrontation I've ever seen, but I have been so eagerly hoping for someone to say something nasty to Phyllis that I will take it however mildly I can get it, even with the knowledge that Sharon is completely in the dark about all of Adam's misdeeds and Phyllis is right that he's nuts, because Phyllis is just that annoying. I love Phyllis and Michelle Stafford, but it's getting to the point that I'm tempted to change the channel whenever I see her.

How was the rest of the show, you ask? Well, I have to admit that I wouldn't know, because I fast forward much of it.

Lily finding out that Harry had died was touching, but...something is off about the entire cancer story, and I don't know what it is. I'm not interested enough in any of the story's major players to take some time to fully theorize about what the story is lacking, though.

Jack and Emily? For the first time on record, I am zoning out during Peter Bergman's scenes.

Adam and Victor fake fighting so that they could dupe Tucker and work to bring him down from the inside? Well, it brought us this completely self-aware moment of lucidity from Victor

Victor: The charade is working. Everyone is hating my guts...

Okay, he meant that people hate him specifically because of the things he said to Adam, and not in general for being a vile cretin, but it was nice to hear him speak the truth!


Lovin SN as Tucker! I still love Phyllis, too.

Sometimes Y&R is so good it baffles me. SN as Tucker could only be better if he had been in the role the whole time. No offense to the previous actor, but SN is a Daytime Drama King.

The long time # 1 ratings for Y&R must really confuse and infuriate Phelps and Guza. Especially since Phelps refuses to allow anyone over the age of 40 to even kiss on GH let alone exist on screen and on the far more successful Y&R we have actual adults in love and in love scenes like Tucker and Jill, Jack and Fiance Miss Kitty #2, Victor and Nikki, Ashley and Neil any time now, and even Katherine gets to mack on her hubby and they are full on senior citizens!!! On GH only Sonny gets it regular. Ewww!

It's sad how little I care about the WInters.

As for Phyllis, no matter how evil Adam is, and he is one sick creepy bad dude, Victor is still a total prick from hell and I loathe him as I loathe Sonny. Team Sharon for me I'm afraid. Why are they always battling over that dufus son of Vic's again? Sadly I don't mean Adam ;-)

With SN in the role of Tucker, another viewer is added to their already impressive numbers. Stephen Nichols is daytime's best in my book! So good to have him back!!!

I like Stephen Nichols in this role, too. He's hardened, unlike William Russ.

I was totally disappointed in Sharon Case's "back off, bitch" delivery. I was hoping she'd put more of a "step off, BITCH!" attitude to the whole thing, but it was more like she was reading the weather report.

What did people expect SC to do? Foam at the mouth? Sharon is a gentle creature and in any confrontation she rarely screams unless it's Nick's infidelity. She usually is cool and controlled. It's MS who goes off the deep end, having a seizure, eye rolling eyelash batting.

SC and her delivery were just fine

AGREED--Phyllis is on my last nerve. Um, you have a kid who is developmentally delayed because a crazy person tried to kill her. WHY are you wasting all your time stalking Sharon? And, p.s., your husband is a turd. Leave him and get on with your life. Personally, I loved the old Phyllis, back in the days of Danny Romalotti when her nanny Joanie was her partner in crime. Now THAT is a Phyllis I can get on board with.

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