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February 28, 2010

There's Some Sad Things Known To Man

I have been very teary all day today, which led to me almost bursting into tears at the adorable sight of a girl holding her brother's hand as they walked around Target and pausing to wipe his face after he got powdered sugar on it (I am not doing the ABSOLUTE CUTENESS of the situation justice. It was SO CUTE), and I am not exactly sure why, although I have narrowed the possible reasons down to:

  • Tomorrow is March and March, as we all know, is the longest month of the year. Or at least it feels that way. March is infamous for taunting me with the occasional sunny, warm day and cruelly following up with a blizzard. It is also very muddy.
  • The Winter Olympics are ending. That sounds like a silly reason to be depressed, but I have eaten, breathed and slept the Olympics for the past two weeks. They bring me such joy, for reasons including, but not limited to: awesome feats of athleticism, exciting medal races, skiing, skating, speed skating, Bob Costas's terrible dye job, hockey (I actually don't love hockey the way I love the rest of the events, but I have to give it a shoutout because the game today was exciting AND Joshua "Rizzo" Sacco got to do his famous speech for the US hockey team last week! Adorbs x 10), possibly incestuous ice dancing routines, tear-jerking feel good stories, curling in general, and tall, hot Norwegian skiers. What's not to love?!

So maybe I am not the best person to judge the emotion in JR's scenes from Friday's All My Children because I am already prone to crying, but...I totally teared up.

Adam: I mean that I tried to keep you from knowing that he wasn't actually coming. But i wanted you to be positive. We have a lot to look forward to: A.J. Growing up and Chandler Enterprises expanding. I'll tell you what. When you get out of here, I'm gonna throw the biggest birthday party in the history of mankind for A.J., And I'm gonna see about getting you back into Chandler Enterprises.

J.R.: Dad?

Adam: Yeah?

J.R.: It's time to be realistic.

I feel like the writers have mishandled this cancer story, all things considered. Not so much what we're seeing now, but the beginning, which was poorly paced and not given the attention it should have been. I know,  I know, Charles Pratt mishandling something and ignoring things in favor of Ryan Lavery are truly shocking developments. I'll give you a moment to compose yourselves.

Anyway, no matter what complaints I have had about the story in general, Jacob Young's performance has been utterly flawless. I remember reading in Soap Opera Digest a while back that he has family members who have battled cancer and, because of that, he wants to make his performance as authentic as possible, and it shows. He's just been so good! He's fantastic with David Canary and Julia Barr, and he makes Brittany Allen look like a professional actress and he was so good that when JR said this to Tad

J.R.: Would've been something if you and I were really related. But sometimes life just doesn't work out the way that you want.

I only shuddered and made a sound that was a cross between a groan and an "Oh, he did not", which is a big step above the full-on rant complete with flinging a remote control that usually happens when JR effusively praises Tad. If that doesn't speak volumes about this great performance, I don't know what does.

And then there were the other lines in Friday's episode that made me cry. Cry in anguish at their stupidity

Natalia: Hayward has broken a million laws, and he always gets away with it. If I help bust him, this could be my ticket to detective.

You know, I was all set to make a series of cutting jokes about how ridiculous--nay, ridonkulous--it is for Natalia, who has been a police officer for all of eight minutes, to think that she will be able to be detective if she solves a case, but then I remembered that if she puts David away, it would make Ryan happy and since Ryan considers himself the boss of Pine Valley, he could very well make her a detective, so never mind.

Jake: Greenlee needs to be saved. David's dangerous. He hurts people. He blackmails people. He poisons people. Do you know that he blackmailed my father out of the job of chief of staff, and then he tried to blackmail Angie to get the job back? Do I have to tell you what he did to my wife?

WE FUCKING GET IT, JAKE. Seriously. First of all, we all saw what David did the first time he did all of it, and then we sat through weeks of you recapping every single bad act David committed, even during moments where it was completely out of context. So, uh, we all know what he did to you and your family and your wife and even those among us with the most profound inability to comprehend simple facts, like Ryan, do not need you to continue to explain the reasons why David is terrible.

Greenlee: It's our wedding night. Make love to me.

Becca doesn't even watch AMC and yet she still shuddered at the use of her least favorite phrase!

I have to say, the more Greenlee and David are together, the more obvious the chemistry between Vincent Irizarry and Rebecca Budig is and the more I hope that the writers resist the impulse to put Ryan and Greenlee back together and instead try their hand at a slow-burn Greenlee/David (I am sure that they have ten different couple names already) romance. I know that I am setting myself up for disappointment here, but it's possible that the writers will decide to do one thing that I want. I mean, the odds are slim to none but it IS possible, right?

Erica: No, no, no, no. Kendall's off with her family. She needs that time. I can squash Greenlee without her help.

Okay, this actually wasn't dumb, it was optimistic: hearing about Kendall being with her family is a good thing, right? Especially in light of the news that Alicia Minshew and Thorsten Kaye will be back for a brief visit (the former starts April 9th and the latter April 13th)...if they are all in familial bonding mode, that makes it likely that they will be in a good place when they are back in Pine Valley, right? And it's highly unlikely that the writers will partake in the "Let's watch Zach and Kendall implode!" game that they enjoy so much, right? Tell me that I'm right, people!


You're right. I have no love for Kendall and Zach, but I have no desire to see the show be eaten by their Godforsaken "romance" so I wishing on that same star right along with you. Besides, their return is just long enough for them to prop Ryan/Greenlee's "romance."

I think Zach and Kendall are only coming back to get Greenlee and Ryan back together. I can actually stomach Greenlee and Ryan when they're apart but together they seem to forget the history of AMC. Leo and Jillian must be turning over in their graves.

Right now, Annie is the best character on AMC and I hope they don't sacrafice her again for Greens. Keep her with the Chandlers.

I'm just enjoying the ride for David. It seems that the more people hate him (and for such stupid reasons...well, most of them anyway. Adam has a real reason to hate him) I more I enjoy watching him. They'd be stupid to put Rylee back together...which means it's going to happen. If nothing else, the writers never cease to disappoint in doing just that (disappointing that is). Did I state before just how much I hate Ryan and Jake (who has some serious letting go issues)?

However, I am not disappointed that Team Canada's men's curling team won gold because they deserve it (John Morris, if you are reading this...call me. I know that gold medal will get you a lot of ladies but I can still hope) and because Norway's silver medal matches so well with their awesome checkered pants (they brought sexy back, you know).

Also, Canada won the men's hockey game. A nice ending to a good Olympics.

I feel so guilty because I think my giddiness about David and Greenlee may rival my giddiness for Greenlee and Leo back in the day. It would be so soapy for Leo to come back to find the love of his life and his brother together (but only if it's Josh Duhamel - since that's next to impossible, I don't need to worry about being so conflicted). Only reason to watch the show now + Adam/Brooke.

Oh apparently those two ice-dancing routines pictured in your link are nothing. I heard that NBC refused to air one of the routines by the Israeli bro-sis team that has been characterized as "dirty dancing to the soundtrack of Schindler's List." There are just SO many things wrong with that.

I strongly suspect that Zendall will just be there to prop up the unholy Rylee. So you should be able to breathe throughout their return.

Oh and you must also blame David Canary for making those scenes emotional. It's pretty much a guarantee that if Adam cries or gets emotional, I will too.

Well I'm no longer watching period. So I was glad to hear the positive comments about Zach & Kendall, because I am waiting for the day they return to watch again. I cannot find any interest in any of these other lame-o characters at.all. I am sure, however, that JY is doing an outstanding job with this story, even tho' I'm not watching it, simply because I know what a hugely talented actor he is & I know he can rock it. Hopefully I will soon have my reason to watch it again, even if only for a few days.

Couple name for Greenlee & David? "Dalee" is the only one that makes sense, right? I mean "Greeda" has a ring to it, but not so positive, heh, heh. Though probably more fitting in this case...

Zach and Kendall who? Haven't thought about them since they left. Don't care if they ever come back!! Although, please I have a question.... Back during the Dr Madden storyline, there was a question if Spike was one of Dr Madden's progeny or if his father was Ryan. My recollection is that Kendall and Ryan had a DNA test run, but they decided not to open the envelope - and Ryan has always been considered Spike's father. Am I dreaming - or did this really happen.

Nice dialogue) thanks for sharing!

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