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March 11, 2010

How to Sink a Precarious Ship in a Few Easy Steps (or, Rip Out My Heart and Step On It, Why Don't You?)

I imagine this is hardly news to anyone who keeps up with soap press, but we One Life to Live fans have been dealt the following blows in the last couple of weeks:

Daphnee duplaix 

1. Daphnee Duplaix (Rachel) was let go.

Amanda setton

2. Amanda Setton (Kim) put in her notice.

Scott clifton

3. Scott Clifton (Schuyler) was let go.

Fish and kyle

4. Scott Evans (Fish) and Brett Claywell (Kyle) are being let go, or at least their storyline is being written off the show (some reports indicate that Evans will be kept around for an occasional appearance in police-related storylines).

My reaction to News #1 was confusion and sadness -- this is a legacy character with ties to tons of the canvas and the daughter of Nora Buchanan!  I don't get it.  If they felt like her love story had flopped, why get rid of her and not him?

My reaction to News #2 was a little messier because there was no confusion, just despair.  Kim has been one of the most refreshing and hilarious characters we've had since we met Roxy, and I found the chemistry between Kim and Clint to be surprisingly awesome.  This was the decision of the actress, though, and I don't think this is an appropriate case for a recast.  But I will miss that stripper bitch, and I hate having to watch Clint get let down yet again to accommodate her departure!

When we got to News #3, I was pretty exhausted.  And quite frankly, they'd written Schuyler into such a corner.  We can't really be rooting for him right now because we know that kid isn't his (even though obviously from what everyone knows right now, I have no idea why Gigi should get custody over, you know, the kid's living parent).  They'd done a lot of damage to what was initially an incredibly compelling character, and it didn't look like they were making too many efforts to pull him out of that damage.  I'm sad because I can't help but feel this just means more Rex and Gigi, and that is never, ever, ever a good thing.  And I'm sad because I like Scott Clifton, despite his recent devolution into many the same acting tics as his most common scene partners (I don't need to name names, do I?  I hear some of those scene partners have been doing a lot of their own self-incrimination lately anyway!), but I still do think he's a strong actor.

I... I don't know how to talk about News #4.  I've been watching the same soaps for over 25 years and I've had some heartbreak for sure, but this one... it's a mix of rage and sadness and fear and loss and confusion and then more rage.  Why?  WHY?  Sweet mercy, why the sweet motherfuck would they get rid of what is far and away the best thing about this show?  Why?  Why?  Because we need more Todd?  Rex and Gigi?  John?  I DON'T MOTHERFUCKING THINK SO.  My heart hurts.  It aches.  And that's a big deal, just ask my ex-boyfriends -- I don't have much of a heart.  But what I do have?  Is full of Kish.  Full.  Full of Oliver and Kyle, full of Kyle and Roxy, full of Oliver/Cristian/Layla.  And it hurts so bad.  I might need to start a support group.  If Brett and Scott would like to attend, that might help.  I'm not too far from their... former place of employment.  

Honestly, the characters and storylines I hate on this show don't bother me as much as they do on, say, that other program that comes on right after it.  I am convinced this has a lot to do with the sheer size of the cast and the fact that it's pretty rare for anyone to be on five days a week -- don't like Rex and Gigi?  Look, it's Bo and Nora!  Don't like John?  Look, it's Roxy and Kyle!  Don't like Todd and... Todd?  Look, it's Rachel and Schuyler!  If there were three major storylines I hated on any of my other soaps, there would possibly be relief for 15 minutes a week at best.  Not so here.  Until, apparently, next month.

In the meantime, I'm going to try to hang on tight and focus hard on the good stuff: Bo, Nora, Roxy, Blair, Cristian, Layla, Marty, Clint, Jessica, Viki, Natalie, Dorian, Charlie.  There's potential with some other folks, too.  If I close my eyes real hard and just focus, it'll all be okay, right?  Right?

Oh!  So there's still a show going on.  I am so overwhelmed by the news that I can barely concentrate.  I have some shallow thoughts, like I think Gigi looks better, but I will never think she looks as good as she did with the dark hair. 

I wish they had given Rachel and Greg more story; the breakup didn't pack much wallop.  I guess I was feeling kind of meta about it, since her total bafflement about Greg breaking up with her just sounded like Daphnee Duplaix saying, "Wait, you're writing Rachel off the show?  You're letting me go?  I mean... huh?" 

I like having Kelly back on board -- she is sort of cold and awful but still human, and I enjoy the love/hate relationship she has with Blair.  And this is biased since Blair is one of my all-time favorites, but I love when Blair gets these clear opportunities to be a warmer, bigger person. 

As for Jessica, I admit I'm having a blast with her corny high school story, but she's definitely acting more 13 than 17.  I love that it gets Cristian more screentime.  I love that Kim's trepidation about giving up all other men forever gets Cristian and Eli more shirtless screentime.  It's the little things, people.

The stripper bridesmaids fawning all over Kevin was pretty stellar, but the wedding made me sad because it should've been awesome.  Uh-oh, I'm hurting again...

One thing that always makes me feel better.  Dorian in a Dorian hat!


Sigh.... looks like it's time for a glass of wine.  Or twelve.

Destiny Out!


I will miss Kish too and I believe there is the potential for more groundbreaking story-telling with these two. They could show little Sierra Rose grow up with two daddies and how the rest of Llanview reacts to it.

As far as Schulyer and Rachael: they both need better stories.

I hope they recast Kim, if only to see her stick it to Rex and Gigi. Gigi and Rex are both boring and hypocritical. I only wish that Adriana takes Rex back so that he can become exciting again.

A big hug from me to you Louise. I feel your pain.

Scott Clifton was the only reason I was still watching. Once Jared was killed off, I was done with Natalie. The rest of the characters, outside of Viki and Charlie, hold no interest for me and they just aren't enough to keep me tuned in. So, once again OLTL moves into the "off again" category for me. Just like AMC and GH, it can be removed from the recorder.

Looks like Days is all I have left. Sigh. Maybe one days OLTL will pull me back in, but not until some of the current "lead" characters are gone.

Destiny out, indeed!

I'd been a GH watcher for 25 years and only started watching OLTL for Kish -- their scenes are some of the most truthful and heartfelt writing and acting that I've seen on a soap in years. And Brett Claywell is such an amazing actor. Surprised myself at how emotionally invested in them I became in such a short time. OLTL has now lost a viewer they could have kept for a long time.

I'm so sad that all these people are leaving because I don't have that much to hold onto anymore. Blair's writing sucks. Destiny is rarely ever on and when she is, she loses out to Dani. Jess at 17 in love with Cris most likely means she's done with Brody (and I adore Jody so much). There's not too much that interests me anymore.

And you know what really sucks about Kish getting fired??? They didn't even know. Scot Evans said on his twitter that getting fired was news to him. How low is that???

Oh wow... so I haven't kept up with the soap press.. I knew about Rachel and Kim... but coming here and reading about Schuyler,Fish and Kyle.... this is bad...just so so very bad! :(

I'm also enjoying Jessica's "I'm 17 again" storyline...probably cuz I always liked Jess and Cris back in the day...and secretly always wanted them together even though I do love Brody :)

WHAT THE WHAT!? i stop watching my soap and following soap news for maybe a week and this happens! I am almost debating on maintaining my regular viewership status of OLTL...Why did they bring back all these other characters just to let these go if it was not in the budget? Rachel I guess I could live without...Kim was funny but I could let her go...Scott Clifton I really like as an actor and I thought the character had a real opportunity for development until they wrote him into a corner as you stated...BUT KISH TOO!!!!?? No words...no words I think I will miss Kyle and Roxy's relationship almost as much as well! Sad day *tear*

I was an occasional OLTL viewer but started spending more time with this show because of Kyle and Fish. Granted, they have basically been supporting players but I've enjoyed their relationship. Seeing them written off takes away the draw I had to the show.

Yes, I like Kelly, and OLTL does like to flaunt the male eye candy but the rest - Blair seems stuck in an uninteresting rut; I have yet to get the appeal of Todd, who comes off as a narcissistic bump on a log 24/7; Rex and Gigi seem to be in a constant contest of "who can make the most over the top facial expressions while badly over-acting" and somehow roped Schuyler into it (who was an entertaining character at one point).

The cuts they made are removing some of the more entertaining side growth if you will, while leaving the some of the rot in the center. Odd choices.

My 2 fave couples were Kish (that BC was so good when Kyle pined over Fish, I almost forgot I was watching a fictional program) and Brody/Jess. Heck, Kyle/Roxy is probably my absolute favorite duo. All of the (voluntary)changes above are real head-scratchers. Are fans really clamoring for more Gigi/Rex & Natalie/John/Marty? To let G-Rex raise the baby?

Devastated, sickened, and horrified doesn't even cover it. I was so so about some of the recent exits for reasons already eloquently stated by previous posters, but the firing of Scott and Brett is beyond comprehension. I have been a longtime on again off again viewer. I came back full time for Susan Haskell but stayed because of KISH. So beautifully written and acted. Protests are being made and there is a postcard campaign to let the show and ABC know just how upset everyone is over the end of KISH.

Thanks for all the commiseration, everyone!

By the way, there's a petition to save Fish and Kyle: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/savekish/

And a major campaign ("Don't Put Kish in the Closet" -- love it!) : http://dontputkishinthecloset.blogspot.com/

I cynically doubt it'll do a lick of good, but it makes my heart hurt just a little less to try!

Oh, Louise! It's been quite a week, hasn't it? And I hear this isn't the end!

I'm glad the weekend is here; I really need a break from the obsessive forum/comment thread writing I've been doing the past few days, alternating commiserating, cursing Brian Frons, and defending RC from those charges I think are unfair (though there are some that are).

I, too, am filled with angst over all these good actors getting canned, when it's the crappy Mitch story that I want to see go. Roscoe Born is hot, but GOD! The OTT-ness! Why don't they fire HIM? Better yet, why don't they fire Frons?

Damn ABC!

What I hate is that they tried to blame gays, someone went to Nelson Branco and tried to blame one of the actors for too much partying -- it's so crass.

Here's a video that explains it all: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=antkwVg6w5c

It seems like more blood has been shed on OLTL. Rumors about another actress being fought over between Ron/Frank vs. ABCD are cropping up all over the net.

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