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April 11, 2010

Literally Without Speech

I can usually be counted on for a lengthy, wordy discussion of, oh...anything, ever. So why am I left with "What in the...how is that...WHY?" when faced with the end of Friday's The Young and the Restless?




I mean, Lauren came face to face with the smirking Evil Lauren Lookalike, which marks the SECOND evil lookalike story currently happening on the show right now and the, like, FIFTH OR SIXTH lookalike in Genoa City in the past few years (right? Lauren/Evil Lauren, Patty/Emily, Will Bardwell/Jeff Bardwell, Sheila/Phyllis, Katherine/Marge, Carmen Mesta/Whats-Her-Face, WHAT THE HELL?) and is just so relentlessly stupid that you'd think I'd have HUNDREDS of things to say, with all sorts of four-letter words and hysterical run-on tangents and a self-righteous call for the firing of the executive who greenlit this disaster, and a list of things less ridiculous than this offensively stupid thing (such as the advice and anecdotes detailed in Jennifer Love Hewitt's book The Day I Shot Cupid: Hello My Name Is Jennifer Love Hewitt and I am A Love-Aholic",Nicolas Cage's hair, the sudden resurgence of rompers) and yet...all I am left with is "What in the...how is that...WHY?" And tears. Lots of tears.


I too would've been replete with the WTF's, but after a week in which an explosion occurred at the end of one episode and then put itself out by the start of the next (and we learned that the GCAC apparently does not have sprinklers since no one was wet); Ashley, Jack and Billy went downstairs to room 542 -- my weekly recap has the screencap to prove it; a charcoal briquet was identifiable only as male; Paul totally abandoned his watch over Lauren to take never-seen-any-more Gina to the hospital and then instead of searching for her to make up for his gaffe, instead picks up Nina from the airport; and the Y&R continuity department fell sleep yet again as Sharon wore her coat on when Chance told her Adam was dead at the end of one episode and then reshot it with her out of it at the start of the next, this jaw droppingly awful moment only seemed like icing on the moldy cake.

And lo, there was weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth.


I feel sorry for you Mallory..you have to watch this stuff! I can fast forward thru the most idiotic parts! (which somedays means I can watch a 1 hour episode in 6 1/2 minutes!)

This evil twin/doppleganger device is more overused than Donald Trump's hairspray. And Y&R is a HUGE offender. I've always liked Lauren in a nonpassionate fan kind of way. Which means I didn't loathe her from day one like some characters, Carly GH! Nor do I adore her no matter how horribly she is written or treated like Alexis GH. I just like Lauren. But now I hate seeing her, this stupid storyline has been torturing me for way too long already and I just don't give a damn about any of this. Instead of watching Y&R maybe I'll lock myself in a box in an abandoned creepy park.

Y&R and OLTL were on such rolls for a while, now they are racing down to the depths to catch up w/ GH & AMC.

So sad. My Soaps Suck ;-(

I'm trying to hang tough with this. After all, Summer is almost here, too many rays of sun tend to fry my brain a bit- - WHAT'S A LITTLE MORE!?

As god as my witness if Lauren 2.0/MAMA BEAR (who, I read is actually Sheila's Never Before Mentioned Sister)takes over Sheila 1.0's life and Mikey Baldwin pulls a Jack Abbott and can't figure it out, I'll murder someone (take THAT threat Chance Chancellor ya big Virgin Dufus!!)

Lauren Baldwin is (IMO) such a great character. Normal. Non Slutty. Great Marriage.....WHY MUST THEY ANNOY ME with this stuff!?

I'd like to think that in the End, Daisy and her Teeth will be murdered and hung like a Scarcrow out in Village Idiot Square...This ENTIRE STORYLINE BLOWS CHUNKS!


Dirk, your comments are TOOOOO FUNNY!!

I really need to turn my 'DRAMA' into "COMEDY' for a while. That way, I may probably still be around by the time this storyline is over.

Truly. I'll save the Writers the Trouble. Adam killed the guy from the Burger Joint down off Route 666. Clearly, from Adam's 'Limping' around that week, he donated Marrow to this guy or something, THUS this is why DNA was a match. DUH, DUH, DUH! One month ago when we learned of 'Adam's Demise' and met this total stranger, I said "he'll be the body in the morgue"

I like Adam - anything/one that drives the Newmans Crazy is okay in my book. Now, the "Writers" can bring him back every 2-4 to stalk and torture ALA Sheila Carter.


You forgot about John and Alistair. Twice the orange.

Even the dopplegangers are more believable to me than the continued "romance" of Billy and Victoria, where a 40 year old woman pretends she's a teenager. They can't write for the actual teenage daughter Victor has...since they are aging her 15 years overnight.

Ok, I didn't see this coming. Not the evil look-a-like thing (YnR sure does like the doppelganger theme) but I didn't expect them to copy Lauren's face. I KNEW THEY WOULD FIND A WAY TO STILL MAKE LAUREN GLOSSY EVEN WHILE IN CAPTIVITY.

Also...and with my lack of kidnapping and doppelganger experience, I realize I may be off base here.... I don't understand why Lauren/Sarah pretended to be the actual Lauren with Jana, then revealed herself as Lauren 2.0, and THEN moved Jana and Actual Lauren into the same cell. Are they that stupid. Jana was fine in the box. Now the two of them will ABSOLUTELY ESCAPE and Michael will be all confused about who to shoot.

Also, on another note, raise your hand if you thought Phyllis was SUPER EXCITED at the prospect that Nick was the one who killed Adam. Her face was priceless. When she asked him if he killed Adam, if he had said, "Yes I did", I would have expected Phyllis to have a spontaneous orgasm.

Yup, this whole second set of lookalikes is just dumb. REALLY DUMB!
But why am I the only one commenting on how bad Tracy Bregman's acting is??????
And just as we know that actresses who "ugly it up" get Oscars, soap actresses who "evil twin it up" get nominated for daytime Emmys!!

I want to see how long Lauren continues to look classy behind bars...lol.

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