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April 20, 2010

As Tears Go By

As much as I had wanted to liveblog the Palmer Cortlandt/James Mitchell memorial on All My Children today, I am self-aware to know that said liveblog would quickly devolve into "Hold on one second, I need to get tissues" and "SOB!" and then it would just be radio silence on my end because I'd be crying too hard to even see my laptop. Even just typing this has taken me an absurd amount of time, what with the sniffling.


It's exceedingly rare to be able to say "Kudos, AMC" without a trace of sarcasm, but they really put together a beautiful episode and I have to urge you all to watch it for yourselves if you haven't already, because it was just that good. So many flashbacks! And you could tell throughout all of the scenes that it wasn't just the characters mourning Palmer; the cast was clearly honoring James Mitchell and it was just so, so nicely done.


Was it perfect? No. There were several things that were glaring in their badness, namely: who is this show kidding, not bringing Daniel Kennedy back for a couple of scenes as Petey? I am trying to understand how it's possible to have a Palmer memorial episode without Palmer's child. Trying and FAILING and thinking of (and then immediately rejecting on account of their lameness) 4/20 jokes to explain this dumb move!

Another glaring absence, though at least one that can be easily explained, was Cliff's. I know, right? It's totally surprising that I'm upset about a lack of Peter Bergman, as if it's not a dream of mine to have him appear on every channel, every day. But I do wish that a deal had been made with CBS to bring him back for a visit to say goodbye to Palmer all dreamily.

And where was JR?!

My biggest issues with the episode, though: Krystal. I know I'm a broken record with my Carey hate, but seriously. Why on earth did that skank get so much airtime today?

The highlights of the episode, though, far outnumbered those quibbles: Opal, Opal and Daisy, Daisy and Nina, Erica, Adam, Brooke, Adam and Brooke (!), Brooke telling Palmer to say hello to Phoebe, Erica thinking about Palmer, Myrtle and Mona...just lovely.

While I managed to daintily wipe away my tears for the bulk of the episode, I have to tell you that when Dixie and her unfortunate hair appeared, I lost it in a completely hideous way.


It was so surprising, and so pitch-perfect, and now I'm left wondering how far in the opposite direction tomorrow's show will go...


I was so damn tempted to watch this last night, but I had Kate Gosselin to watch, heavy step & stomp from the Dance Floor (and that I truly hate to give Soapnot a minute of my time. AMC hasn't been watch by this former viewer since Satin Slayer Meets Stipper Poles at Fusion. And anything Ryan.)

The reason I was tempted, was becuase as a young kid, like MILLIONS of others, my mom and thus, ME were ABC Daytime viewers, and I remember when AMC used to be really good. Palmer was a huge reason for that greatness.

Again, I should have watched out of respect for Mr. Mitchell, but AMC isn't something I give a two minute thought of anymore.

Thanks for the quick recap honoring a great character and actor.

(Cady McCain's hair -- the follicle equivelant to Heidi Pratts new face! BAAAH!)

I loved the episode, and I agree with you, what happened to Petey? Opal said something about him being on his way from Paris and that was it. And no Amanda? Or JR? What was Jake doing there? Although I had Cady Mclain's hair, I loved the end of the episode. And Brooke mentioning her Aunt Phoebe.

I just watched this episode on Hulu. Having finished a light crying spell, I can say that this was a wonderful tribute to a historic character. I would tentatively like to give AMC the "tribute episodes that inspire tears and admiration" crown, because between this one and Myrtle's, good sweet LORD. I start to forget what a crushing disappointment AMC can be.

One minor thing to criticize: I know budgets are tight and production time equally so, but couldn't they have done something to edit out/minimize the sound of Opal's Jangling Bracelets? I couldn't focus on Jill Larson's words anytime she moved her wrists in a scene.

i have not watch AMC in years but I had to tune in to see the memorial for James Mitchell ("Palmer"). It was wonderful love Gillian Spencer and Taylor Miller (Daisy and Nina). That was good stuff when Nina discovered Daisy was her mother --Palmer tricking Nina into thinking she was going blind-- great soap stuff. James MItchell always seemed to be a gentleman. Nice to see AMC pay tribute to him .....

Ahh...this was when AMC and all of ABC Daytime was must-see TV. Now, I'm just embarrassed for the network. Kudos to AMC for taking us down memory lane. RIP James Mitchell.

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