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April 20, 2010

David Hasselhoff Fan(s?): Rejoice!

David Hasselhoff and Snapper Foster are headed back to Genoa City!

EW.com has learned that David Hasselhoff will briefly reprise his role as Dr. William "Snapper" Foster, Jr. on "The Young and the Restless." He'll return to the show's Los Angeles set in May for an arc that will start airing in mid-June.

I had three reactions at once, which kind of gave me a headache:

1. 16k9ml2

2. I guess this is one way to compete with General Hospital's stunt-casting...

3. I cannot even wait for Joel McHale's take. He will have material for The Soup all summer!


Has anybody else been watching Y&R long enough to remember when David Kimble wanted to get plastic surgery to look like Hasselhoff and he carved KILLER into his forehead instead. I think that was the first time I ever remember watching "that show that was on after 'The Price is Right'"

It would be so much more often if the Hoff was playing David Kimble -- though if that happened, we'd probably just end up with his heretofore unmentioned kids throwing Nina and Chloe into a cage at a zoo or something.

OMG. Mike I do remember that story! I couldn't remember Skipper or Hasselholf even being on the show, but that story brought it back. Thanks!

Mike I started watching Y&R during that storyline and LOVED it! I think your idea would so clearly rock like no tomorrow! So obviously that so not's what's going to happen as the Soap Gods love to never give me what I want ever!!!

Reaction number 3= love!

I just hope his stay is as "brief" as they promise it will be. Ok, briefer.

I remember the David Kimble storyline. Was Hasselhoff on then or did he just want to look like him? I can't ever remember seeing him on the show.

What if David isn't returning as Snapper, but as Adam who's gone to South America and paid Dr. Montoya a visit to have his face redone so that he can return to Genoa City and seduce Nikki in an attempt to get back at his father?


Oh, like Maria Arena Bell hasn't already thought of it...

Was that the storyline where the guy had written on his forehead backwards cuz he'd been using a mirror?

Sue: Yes...and then he wound up in a trash compactor after trying to kill Nina. Bill Bell was a genius.

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